Authors Warning:

These are works of fiction, everything in these books comes from my imagination and is meant to be fantasy only, not real life.
I do not condone rape or abuse of any kind. Anyone who commits these sort of crimes should be reported to the police and be punished to the full extent of the law.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, roleplaying, bondage, other interpersonal dynamics, and it is performed between consenting adults.

Chance For A Cheater

Chris is caught having sex with his long term girlfriends sister. Leaving her heartbroken. Only all is not what is seems.

Drama, Romance.

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Chance For A Bad Boy

Prequel to ‘Chance For A Cheater.’ The story of how Chris and Kim first got together.

Romance, Teen.

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Bakery Boys

This is the story of Justin, an abused teen coming to terms with his sexuality, life changing events and finding love.

Drama, Romance, LGBT, Abuse warning.

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The Dragon King’s Secret

A thousand years of searching for his mate and the shifter king finds her in the last place he is expecting.
Warning : taboo and sexual content, reverse Harem, dragons, wolves bears and murder.

Animal shapeshifter, Romance, Drama, Smut, Reverse Harem, Taboo.

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The Family Plan

Years of waiting and knowing and two brothers are finally able to be with their mate, their sister. But things are never that simple.
Sometimes more is better.

Animal shapeshifter, Romance, Drama, Smut, Polygamous, Taboo, LGBT.

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Heaven Sent Me Two

Eric is the older brother of Arabella and cousin to Micheal. Together the men run a successful million dollar business together. When the siblings parents die in a car accident Eric becomes her guardian.
What happens when Bella tells her brother about her father secretly trying to force her into an arrange marriage to Wesley, her father creepy childhood friend?
That plus the many of lies their parents had told them both, what will happen?
Read to find out more.

Menage, Romance, Drama, Smut, Taboo, LGBT.

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Daddy Doesn’t Need You!

Daddy doesn’t need Mummy when he has his two darling twin girls.


Mummy and Daddy have been divorced since we were young. She left with one of her fancy men, leaving us alone with Daddy. But he didn’t mind or care too much. He has always told us the only good thing that came out of their relationship was us – Kerry and Kassie, his twin girls. In our teens, we were only now starting to realize what an awesome, handsome man he is. He works and lives only for us. The very rare times that he does go out on dates he is always back before ten and alone. Daddy is only young, becoming a father at only sixteen, he was still a child forced to grow up. But we decided Daddy needs to let loose, be young. He needs women who would make his every desire come true. He needs us!

Romance, Drama, Smut, Taboo, LGBT.

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Feeding Daddy

Going off to college, Cindy decided to start selling her breast milk online after a medication had a unexpected side effect.
It didn’t take long to find a man who wanted to buy all she could make.
After sometime they meet in person and he invites her to live with him. His only request, he wants to drink directly from the breast.
It doesn’t take long for feelings to develop.
Everything is great and they are planning a life together until the unexpected happens.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Lactation.

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Chastising Love

After being raped by a lifelong friend Hayley is dumped by her boyfriend of six years.
Left alone and depressed she get’s help, a chance for revenge on her ex and a possible future with the people she most loves, all these from the most unexpected source.
But why does she have to become involved in a BDSM club to do this?
Sometimes love is blind.

Romance, BTSM, Drama, Smut, Rape Warning, LGBT, Polygamous.

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Love At First Sight

Chloe Jax didn’t have a good home life and her school life wasn’t much better.
Intelligent but quite, she hasn’t many friends but loves those she does.
Other than school, volunteering at a local clinic is her only escape from her father.
But everything changes after one of her teachers volunteers her to tutor a stuck up cheerleader.
Swapping contact details, it was agreed they would meet at the cheerleaders home later that evening.
Only arriving at the house no one is home but her divorced father.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Taboo.

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Amber One

Amber wakes up in a cryogenic stasis unit,
On a space ship with an group of aliens,
God only knows where, sometime in the future…
Can she figure out where she is and how it happened?
They say love is alien to some people,
but Amber took it literally…..
Will Amber find love with a handsome alien or is she to be forever alone…..
And what is this thing about mates?

Sci-fi, Menage, Romance, Smut.

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Cats Are For “After” Life

To say Bee has had a hard life would be an understatement.
But after recently inheriting a cottage in a town she never heard of, she decides to move and make a new start.
But then there is Oliver, he is dead and haunts a cottage. Not just any cottage, but the one that Bee now owns.
The one that the whole town avoids because of the ghost of a so-called murderer who was hanged more than a hundred and fifty years previous. The ghost who can supposedly control cats.
Can Bee prove these rumors false or will she be run out of the house by an antisocial spirit?
Welcome to Bee’s ghost love story.

Romance, Supernatural, Drama, Smut.

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Twin Bad Boys Meow

Phoenix is a quiet girl, the invisible one who was never in trouble. Until now.
Blamed and kicked out of class for something she didn’t do, she lost it and snapped at her teacher, the man who is also vise principal. On the way home she bumps into the school bad boys, twins – Axl and Nico.
It is instant lust, on all counts.
After spending a fun filled morning together the twins discover a connection with the girl that they nor she had never expected. But that isn’t the only family secret.
All secrets will be revealed and hearts broken.
Phoenix is a good girl in trouble for something she didn’t. Axl and Nico are the bad boy twins who take her to their shared bed. A taboo romance.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Taboo.

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Vestal Victoria’s Kinship

Victoria is a twenty-five-year-old loner who suffers from both a debilitating anxiety disorder and depression. After losing her only living family and friend, her mother. She decides to leave her comfort zone and go on a road trip around the country.
One of her first stop, the stud farm she inherited from her grandparents when they passed years before.
Kraven and Theo – thirty-four-year-olds – are hermits and lifelong friends who earn a living breeding and selling horses on a privately-owned stud farm they run for the mysterious Ms Willingham – their deceased employers beneficiary. The pair only ever goes into town when really necessary because they hate interacting with people. And they are completely aware of the town’s people’s nickname for them, the mountain men despite the fact that they do not live in or near the mountains.
Both men are happy to be left to run the farm themselves, only hearing from their employer when she wants to discuss funds or they do.
But that all changes on a strangely stormy August evening.

Romance, Drama, Smut.

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His New Girlfriend

A famous restaurateur/ chef and playboy meets the girl of his dreams at a house party.
One night of pleasure and he is hooked. But she isn’t there when he wakes up.
Months of searching and they are finally reunited. But shocks and secrets are revealed.

Romance, Drama, Smut, LGBT, Taboo.

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What The Daughter Heard

She heard daddy say something she wasn’t meant to…

Romance, Drama, Smut, Taboo.

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Win A Date With The Rock Queen

Major news, the competition of a lifetime has begun. How would you like to go on an all expenses trip to New York to be wined and dined by the world biggest Rockstar? Well, now is your chance.
A competition brings Spectra the woman of her dreams.

Romance, Drama, Smut, LGBT.

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Ignored Girl

This is the story of Zelda, a eighteen year old vampire, bullied by her twin sister, ignored by her peers and all her family but her fathers.
Stuck in the body of a eight year old, she was used to being treated differently. But she had a secret she never told anyone. She is telepathic.
But she wasn’t only one with a secret.
“Your sister will be awake soon.” Up earlier than normal Zelda was just outside the kitchen door when she heard her mother speaking. “Drink the AB negative quickly.”
She listened in shock. “Don’t forget the synth.” Synth blood is for the full grown only, it is illegal to give to young vampires.
Flashes of memories, not her own, ran through her head. Memories of her mother’s from when she was a child.
Despite openly favoring her sister, she always thought her mother loved her until that moment. Rushing to her fathers she tried to tell them but tired, they accused her of telling tales.
They instantly regret it but it was too late. She rushed from the house.
Rabid, she went on a two week rampage. Little did she know it would change her life forever.
More secrets, growth, truth revealed, hidden abuse, love and more.

Romance, Vampire, Polyandry, Drama, Smut, LGBT, Taboo.

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SS Atlas

It started as a race against time to save Earth. But something went wrong and Cass found herself somewhere she never expected, lost in space. Equipment down and pulled into a nearby planet’s orbit, her shuttle crashes. She expects death but fate has other plans.
She is found by a race of male only red aliens in search of a mate.
It’s funny how things work. One day you struggle to find one man, the next five come out of nowhere to sweep you off your feet.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Sci-Fi, LGBT.

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All My Husbands

The year is 1965.
Now imagine being the only woman a small town of men had ever seen. Well, that is what happened to Winnie. Always a loner, Winnie went on a road trip alone to discover herself. But did that and more.
She ended up falling in love and married to multiple men. But can she keep them all when a group of women come to town?
Based in the 1960s.
This is an instalove story.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Reverse Harem, LGBT.

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Makutu Academy – Secret Admirer

Growing up in what was the equivalent of a retirement village as the only child and person of magic Kat thought she was saved from attending a magical school.
That was until she received an invitation to the country’s most elite Makutu Academy out of the blue.
To please her parents she agreed to attend.
Magic, pompous rich kids, insane fan clubs, magical familiars, bad guys and love letters from a secret admirer.
Learning his identity reveals many unexpected secrets, lifelong secrets, deaths, rebirths and more.

Romance, Drama, Smut, Reverse Harem, Supernatural.

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Mortenson’s Lust

Marie is a vampire but has no idea how she was turned. Whilst looking for answers and a feed she comes across a nightclub called ‘Mortensons Lust.’ Will she finally find what she was looking for or will it find her?
Whilst there she comes across a man called Dario, her ‘beloved’ soul mate.
“I am glad I can give you pleasure, even if I can’t be your first. I would like to be your one and only from now until forever… ” He paused and kisses my lips.
“Marie, my beautiful girl. Do you accept me as your beloved one and only?” He stops moving his hands waiting for my answers.

Romance, Smut, Vampire, Horror.

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The Space Station Rubus

An anthology series based in Delta sector of space on the space station Rubus. Home to many and welcoming all.
Humans of Earth are under the control of the strict xenophobic government of Earth. Genetically engineering soldiers, controlling breeding and off planet communication, only allowing their soldiers off planet. No one on Earth knew the truth of what was happening. That the Mars colonisation wasn’t a failure. That the planet and all off planet Human had joined the Coalition, a large group made up of at least a dozen different worlds.
This is the stories of how Earth was freed and the truth was revealed and love is found alone the way.

Romance, Smut, Sci-fi, LGBT.

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Erotic Shorts

A collection of short erotic stories and one shots.
Requests accepted.

Romance, Smut, Drama, LGBT.

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