Chapter 22

“You never told me you hired Mark Haycroft?”

Devon gave me a confused look.

“I told you I hired an intern called Mark.”

“But you never told me his surname!”

“I couldn’t remember at the time what it was and does it matter? Do you even know the surnames of half the people who work for you?”

“That’s not the point!” I argued.

“He wants my wife!”

He looked at me puzzled.

“Mark was my friend all my life, up until recently…” I didn’t fail notice Micheal’s arms tighten around her waist as she spoke.

“Long story short…” Bella trailed off but Micheal was there to finish.

“He was ass fucking their other friend, Tina, until he could get to use my Arrie’s pussy.” He was glaring a hole in the door. “I want him gone!”

I gave Devon a brief history.

“I understand, I really do. But you know as well as me we cannot dismiss him without a valid reason.”

A pause and then he quickly added looking at my husband, “And his past with Bella is not one.”

Micheal huffed and took a sip of his coffee. Bella was now sat on the couch next to him, munching on her scone without a care in the world.

“Fine. But first mistake…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’ll be out. I’ll even direct him your way,” Devon offered pleasing my cousin.

“Mmm, yum, yum, yum,” Bella hummed gaining all our attention.

She was completely in a world of her own, oblivious to the three of us watching her.

“So tasty… Nom, nom…” She finished off the last and licked her fingers clean.

I am certain she wasn’t aware how seductive it was. All I could think about was her sucking me like that.

Every previous thought in my head disappeared and my trousers felt two sizes too small as my arousal increased.

“Fuck! You are lucky I like you guys or…” Our friend said gaining her attention. “That was the sexist thing I’ve seen in forever.”

“I know,” Micheal agreed. “I’m never going to look at scones the same again.”

“Shut up,” Bella mumbled embarrassed, her cheeks a pretty pink and looking down shyly.

We just chuckle, though if Devon wasn’t here I know she’d be naked and… Well, you can guess the rest.

I opened my mouth to speak but just as I did the intercom buzzed.

“Sorry, sir. Cleeford is on hold for you,” Julia’s voice came through the small box.

“Oh…” I held the button and replied, “Thank you, Julia.”

I pick up the phone and click on the waiting line before handing it to Micheal who as now stood beside the desk.

I stood up and let him take my seat and I moved to his place in the couch as he spoke to the government official. He was in charge of that certain account so it was only right he speak to him. That is not saying I don’t have anything to do with it. But he does the majority of the work, planning.

We took it in turns working on the presentations for possible new clients. This time happens to be his turn.

Micheal’s pov

Devon, Eric and Arrie all left the office shortly after I got on the call.

Eric wanted to give her a brief tour of the offices and also finish telling her about the Cleeford – government contract.

The call only lasted a short time, mainly because neither of us like discussing business on the phone.

Instead we made plans to meet up for a business dinner tonight in a exclusive restaurant a couple of hours away.

One moment I laid on the couch, – partly out of habit – the next… Well, I must have fallen asleep because I was have the same recurring dream I have been having for the last several years.

In the dream was Arrie the same age as she is now.

That was only changing thing about my dream – her age.

I have never told anyone about the dream or my feelings towards her up until recently.

Mainly because I knew how it would sound. Let me make one thing clear, I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO CHILDREN! But Arrie… I felt so bad for being attracted to her. I have been in love with her as long as I can remember, but I never acted on it and never would have at such a young age. But I can’t help my dreams, right?

But in my defense she was always older in my dreams.

“Oh Arrie, yes!” I moaned as dream Arrie rubbed her sweet tight pussy over various parts of my body. I was tied down and restraint. It was one thing we hadn’t done yet but I wanted her and Eric too.

Yes, I even had several dreams of him over the years. Though I have had feelings for him for years, I never acted on it partly because I was in denial about my sexuality.

I am bi, but only for Eric. I have never been attracted to another man.

“Suck my cock.” I look up to see the devil above me. For some reason my restraints had disappeared and he held down my wrists.

Yes, I can suck myself but it is always good having your partner do it for you.

“Yes. Hold me down. I want you both to use me!” I exclaim.

“I want you both to fuck me, Eric and Arrie. Please.”

“You want me to fuck you, Micheal?” Eric’s disembodied voice came from the desk, but no one was there.

“Yes, I want you to breed my ass while I breed Arrie,” I sounded like a wanton whore.

I don’t even know why I said that, I have never wanted anyone touching my ass before. But now, this moment, in this dream, I want nothing more than to be contacted to the two people I love the most in the world.

Arrie touched my puckered hole, cum erupted from my erect length and I woke up with a jolt.

“What the hell…?!” I hadn’t physically cum during a dream in years… Okay, months.

“See told you I was the top.” I heard men’s laughter.

I opened my eyes to find Devon and my husband and wife staring at me.

“Hello, my husband.” Arrie’s lips pressed to mine. The moment her lips were on mine the rest of the world disappeared and it was only me and her.

Despite just erupting I was still rock hard and ready to go.

Wrapped my arms around her waist, I flipped her on her back. She gasped in surprise but didn’t push me away as my tongue invaded her mouth.

She was a little stiff at first but soon is enjoying it as much as me and arching her core, rubbing it against my erection. Obviously thinking the same as me, her hand moved to unbuckle and free my straining erection. At the same time I moved my hands to her sides to push up her dress to her waist, all the time while still kissing her. Pushing her panties aside in one quick thrust my dipping manhood inside her.

Her kisses were feverous and her hands under my shirt digging in my skin.

Mmm… Did I mention I like a bit of pain sometime?

Reaching between use, I rubbed her swollen nub making her all but scream in pleasure in my mouth. I love how receptive she is to my touch.

She was quivering beneath me, her nails dug in my back as her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock. Several more thrusts and I was joining her, emptying my seed into her, coating her womb.

Eventually my hips stopped and I just lay over her, my spent cock inside her and gently kissing her.

“I love you so much, Arrie. I’m never letting you go.”

“I’m never leaving. I love you too much.”

We kiss again, but were quickly interrupted by a cock pushing between our lips. We both look up to see Eric’s mischievous smile. “Suck me!” He demands thrusting his hips forwards.

Arrie and I shared a look before I wrapped my mouth around his length while she worked on his hanging balls.

“Oh fuck!” He moved to hold my head and hers but began literally fucking my face.

“You want me to do this to your virgin ass?” I knew he was speaking to me. But he didn’t let me answer. “Filling both Bella’s holes and yours with my cum…” He got faster if possible. I was struggling not to chock.

“Shit!” He growled shooting his load down my throat.

He patted and moved until finally pulling his spent cock from my mouth.

“You are a naughty little girl,” He leaned down, pulled on Arrie’s hair, pulling her head back and giving her a hard kiss. Pulled back, she grinned and he looked to me, kissing my lips.

“She bit my balls.” I looked at her surprised, she was normally pretty gentle.

“But he like it!” She stated. “He came, didn’t he?!”

“Speaking of naughty,” I looked around remembering Devon. “Where is he?”

“I kicked him out the moment you got on top of our wife,” He told me smiling.

We tidied up and when I exited the bathroom Eric was gently tidying Arrie’s hair with a comb from his desk. He maybe her husband, but he is still her big brother and I love watching both.

They are so beautiful together.

“I sent someone out for our lunch,” He said not stopping what he was doing. “Don’t want to bump into press before the official statement is out. Or even after really…” He mumbled the last part knowing it was impractical. Press aren’t really liked, but are sadly sometimes a means to a end.

“Oh, aren’t we speaking?” Our princess asked sounding surprised.

“No, after a lot of thought I decided it would be easier if we have our public relations department release a statement on our behalf. We will no doubt we will have to speak to them at some point. But the long I can hold that off the better.”

Thankfully, she seemed to understand and didn’t ask why.

“The general gist of the announcement is we are not siblings – They have been told the same story as Julia. Neither are you engaged to Wesley. He is simply a friend of your deceased parents.

“Micheal is your cousin, but that is not illegal. The three of us were married in a private ceremony aboard and the government are already preparing a statement.

“As well as a well known politician who has recently married a second woman, along with his existing wife.”

He took a deep breath before continuing. “So that should take a little heat – at least – off us.”

“Oh, that reminds me…”

I told them about the business dinner tonight.

“It’s not in the city, so we shouldn’t be harassed.”


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