Chapter 6

Theo was always capable of sleeping through the loudest thunderstorm. But Kraven was the opposite, the little noise woke him from his slumber.

But tonight it wasn’t the thunderstorm which woke him, but the cries.

Easing himself from the bed and out of his partner’s arms, he left his room, stopping in front of the one beside his.

It was late and dark, well after midnight and Victoria had not come down after her nap. They presumed she was sleeping too deeply to wake up and decided to let her sleep.

The whimpering and muffled cries continued as did the thunderstorm which often came before the big one storm.

Without knocking, he quietly opened the door. The light from the landing filled the room enough for him to make out a shivering lump under the blankets on the bed. He also saw the urn on the bedside table Theo had told him about earlier.

Another crack of thunder and another cry from the lump

Walking over to the bed, he rubbed his hand over the lump.

“Little one? Are you alright?” He pulled the sheet back and his heart clenched at the sight.

“Oh, Vicky…” He sat on the edge of the bed in only boxers and brushed her damp cheek with the back of his hand.

“I… I… I’m s.. So… Sorry,” She stutter badly due to her emotions.

He gave her a small smile. He felt bad but he loved the surprising sight of her huddled under the covers, cuddling his guard dog.

‘Stupid dog,’ He thought. He had turned into softy the moment he met the girl.

Another crack of thunder and she cried, squeezing her eyes shut.

He closed the door and without asking, he moved to the other side of the large bed and kicking off his slippers, he climbed in beside her.

“I’m here, little one,” He drew his arms around her, spooning her. “I’ll protect you and make sure nothing hurts you.”

She tensed as another strike hit, but he stroked her arm and her body relaxed a bit and her crushing grip loosened on the poor squashed dog.

They lay like that for a while before the dog jumped from the bed completely and she quickly turned to him, now half asleep and cuddled to his chest.

He smiled enjoying feeling her tiny, soft body in his arms.

“Sleep. I’m not leaving you.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and she finally began to relax. Before long, despite the storm, she was asleep and he was almost asleep when he heard the door open.

“Stupid dog!” He smiled hearing Theo grumbled quietly as the dog ran past him, out of the room.

“Kray?” He whispered and smiled seeing him.

Kraven held a finger to his lips and looked down at the girl in his arms, still clinging to him despite her sleep state.

“The thunder scared her,” He whispered so low he wasn’t sure he would hear him, but he did.

Theo looked down and much like him, he closed the door and climbed on the bed on her free side, sandwiching her between them. If possible, she seemed to relax further. “My baby,” He whispered and placed a kiss on her cheek and Kraven’s knuckles.

“I love you, Kray.”

“I love you too, Theo.”


So warm and safe.

She hadn’t felt this good waking up since before mama got sick.

Mama… Her heart hurt thinking about her and an involuntary whimper left her lips.

“Little princess?” A sleepy voice asked and her body tensed a little realizing why she was so comfortable. She opened her eyes to see a pair of blue ones staring back at her worried.

‘Sorry,’ She mouthed, not trusting her voice.

“You alright? The storm is quiet at the moment.” She remembered him coming into the room and comforting her in the night.

He stroked her cheek and she relaxed again. But looked down to see another set of arms around her.

“Theo doesn’t like sleeping alone,” Kraven answered seeing her look.


“Don’t be. I can’t normally sleep during storms and Theo tends to complain I am too warm. So you helped us both,” He said honestly.

“And you smell really good,” Theo mumbled in a gruff morning voice, nuzzling her hair.

“It is perfect. I get to sleep with my two favourite people and don’t get cooked by Kraven’s body heat.”

“I’m normally cold,” She thought out loud.

“See perfect,” Theo said happily. “You should sleep with us from now on.”

She opened her mouth to argue, say she would only be here a week tops but Kraven pressed a kiss to her lips making her forget everything.

All previous thoughts forgot, her hand moves to her lips.

Kraven watches her and his eyes widen realizing.

“Oh, crap. Did I just take your first kiss?”

Theo looked and sounded equally surprised.

“It can’t be, you must have dated lots of guys. You’re stunning.”

Her cheeks blush a dark red.

Shyly, she moved from the bed. “I… Am… G… G… Going … S.. Sh.. Sh…” She pointed to the bathroom and a moment later disappeared inside with a bag in hand.

“I can’t believe it.”

“Me neither. It has to be a communication problem. She surely can’t be that innocent. Right?”

Kraven said nothing in reply.

“Either way, you got the first kiss from her. Which is shocking because you’re an asshole.”

“You little shit,” Kraven punched his arm making his partner wince but laugh. “You’re no better.”

“Truer words had never been said,” Theo agreed. “But I want the next kiss from her.


She was still getting ready when Theo ran outside and taking advantage of the calm, checked on the horses before quickly returning inside.

“Theo, I swear to God if you don’t move from under my feet I’m going to kick you. You are worse than the damn dog!”

“I’m trying to help.”

“But you can’t cook and there is nothing to do. Hmm. Set the table.”

“Already done.”

“Then go check on Vicky. She’s taking along time.”

“Yes, sir.” Theo was thinking the same thing, but didn’t know if he was impatient and so waited for his partner to suggest it.

“Knock, knock,” He called seeing the door ajar. Pushing the door, he found the blonde haired woman now dressed in a red sweater with black leggings, a pair of thick, black socks and in hair pulled into a Haphazard bun. She was sat on the bed with her laptop on her legs and looking at him with those big eyes through a pair of glasses.

“I love how you’re so naturally beautiful without even trying,” He said with a smile, walking over to the side of the bed. “Flawless,” He leaned down and pressed a cheeky kiss on the corner of her mouth. Though he wanted more. He and Kraven promised to speak to her and find out if or isn’t she that innocent before they tried anything.

He was pleased by her reaction. Her shy smile and blush were enough to say she was at least attracted to them both.

“Are you cold, baby?” He asked with a frown after noticing the collar of a second shirt under the sweater.

She said nothing but nervously nodded. The storm had brought a cold chill to what should be a normal Sun August day.

“The winds are picking up because the storm is getting closer. I’ll switch the heating on.”

He didn’t fail to notice her tense at the mention of a storm. “Kray told me you didn’t like the thunder,” He perched on the side of the bed.

“If you get scared at all you can come and hug either of us or both. We’ll keep you safe.” He brushed his fingers across her cheek.

It can’t be healthy for him to like her this much in such a short time.

She was nervous and not speaking, but he knew it was just because she didn’t like stuttering. He just thanked the Lord she hadn’t noticed his or Kraven’s morning glories when they woke up.

A BJ in the shower and that dealt with quickly. He returned the favour and he was thankful when he heard Vicky name slip from Kraven’s lips when at his peak. His partner apologized at first. But actually seemed relieved when Theo admitted he was thinking the same thing during his turn.

A quick chat and it was clear they both wanted her. But neither had shared a woman before and wouldn’t force her into anything. They cared for her too much to do that.

“Th.. Th.. Thank you.”

“Anything for my baby girl.”

She blushed again and he noticed she had a writing program open on her screen.

“Bring that down with you, if you like. Kraven is cooking and breakfast is almost ready. He made it especially for you, you know?” She raised a brow in question. “He doesn’t often cook breakfast, but he did today because you said you didn’t like processed.”

She smiled and nodded, blushing slightly. She did that a lot.

“I’ll carry this and no arguments or I’ll punish you again,” He teased picking up the laptop from her lap.

She mock glared but then giggled and the pair of them walked down the stairs, stopping only to place the laptop in the front room.

Then walked into the kitchen, pausing near the door and turning the dial up.

“Are you cold, little princess?”

She nodded her head again.

“I’m sorry. Sit down and I’ll serve breakfast.” He brought a large stack of pancakes over.

“This will help warm you up. I hope you like pancakes.”

“Yes,” She said excitedly making him grin.

“Good. Now, you have a choice of things to go with them.”


“What are you writing, baby?” She couldn’t go online because the storm was messing with the signal. But luckily she didn’t need too.

The winds were becoming worst as the hour went on.


“As in book?” Kraven asked impressed and she nodded her head.

“Have you got any published yet?” Another nod.

“I would love to read them another time. What are they about?”

She avoided eye contact and her face flushed pink.

“My my,” Theo smirked. “Is our sweet little Vicky writing dirty stories?”

Her face turned a darker shade of red.

“You are!” He exclaimed and moved to look at her screen, but she closed it.

“Aw, meanie. I thought we were friends?”

She glanced up at him. “Friends?”

“Yes. Don’t you think?”

“I’ve never had a friend before,” She said quietly, but they heard and frowned.

“None?” Kraven asked.

“What about school or boyfriends?”

“I.. I was home schooled,” She whispered finding it easier to speak that way.

“Mama… S.. She was protective. But I only needed her.”

They started to understand her social anxiety a little.

“No friends?” This saddened both men. They had never had a friend other than each other but they had acquittances, something they doubt she did have.

She shook her head. “I.. In my memory only mama, nan and grandpa have ever h.. Hugged o.. Or kissed me,” She spoke I’m a whisper again.

They were both stunned and applauded at her mother.

“One of the nurse’s tried when… B.. But I panicked and she backed off.”

Glancing up she must have misinterpreted their expressions because she looked away in a panic.

“I.. I.. I.. I’m s.. Sorry.”

Moving together, Theo picked the laptop from her lap and Kraven picked her up making her squeal.

“Don’t be afraid, little princess.” Kraven held her on his lap, sitting on the couch and rubbing her back.

“You have Theo and me to hug and – if you ever want to – kiss.”

Theo joined them, sitting beside them and stroking her back. “We are your friends and more if you ever wish.”

“More?” She looked confused. Kraven glared at him. They were meant to be taking it slowly.

“Yes, baby.” He didn’t go into more detail and she didn’t ask. She was too polite to do that.

Ozzie scratching at the door drew their attention.

“I’ll take him out and check the horses again before it gets too bad,” Kraven said, placing Vicky on Theo’s lap.


He smiled happily to see she was worried about him.

“We’ll be fine, little one. Can’t let him out without a leash, he’ll go flying.”

She made a noise of disapproval.

“We won’t be long,” He leaned down and pressed a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

“Show her the house properly,” He told Theo as he left the house.


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