Chapter 8

“Open your eyes now, little one.” She was beyond nervous, opening her eyes made everything real and she was worried she’d not be capable of speaking to them again.

“So… aren’t a..angry at the kiss?” She asked quietly, opening her eyes enough to look up at him through her lashes.

“No. Not at all.” She could tell he wasn’t lying.

“Then?” He smiled at her confusion.

“Theo and I want to try dating a woman together and if everything works out we want to live as a threesome – ménage. We want to share a wife and children.”

“Oh,” Her eyes widened. “I.. I understand.”

“Do you? Do you really understand what I am saying?” He cupped her face to make sure she was looking at him. Theo was still silent and still with his arm around her.

“Yes. Well…” She paused and whispered, “I think.”

“Tell me what you think, little one?” He spoke so softly to her, he made her stomach flutter.

“Y.. You’re go..going to b..bring your girlfriend back an..and you w..want to warn me,” She stuttered a lot because she didn’t like what she was saying. She didn’t like the idea of another woman coming into their home.

She tried to look away but he stopped her. “No, little one, that’s not it at all.”


She looked up at him with glossy eyes and a hopeful look.

“It isn’t?”

He smiled and found him getting lost in her big Hazel eyes as he spoke. “We should have explained before Theo kissed you, but we want you to give us a chance. We want you to stay awhile, date us, and see how things go. We can take it as slow as you like. We want to have a future with you, not just one night.”

“Planning for forever,” The words came from Theo, his voice huskier than normal, causing her to shiver.

“Me?” She ignored the shiver.

“But I.. I’m… Short, fat, have wear glasses sometimes, I get mistaken for a teenager and I… I’m broken…” She looked so sad, tears welled in her eyes. “I c..can’t sp..speak to people.”

“You are our beautifully stunning Princess. We love how sweet you are. You look cute in your glasses. We don’t care if people mistake your age because we know the truth. We will be with you all the way to help with your anxiety. You can speak to people you want and ignore the rest, will always be by your side.” A small smile played on her lips.

“Here here!” Theo cheered in agreement making her giggle.

“And as for you being fat…” Kraven couldn’t help but look her down making her go bright red.

“There is no fat on you. You are all woman.” She opened her mouth to argue but he cut her off.

“If you don’t believe my words believe this…” He fisted his huge erection through his boxers.

“You do this to me and Theo both, from the moment you step out of your car my cock has barely had a rest. The time you caught us together… That was because of how much you turn us on without realizing.”

She didn’t say anything, looking a mixture of shocked, embarrassed and nervous.

“But we won’t force you into anything. We just-” The air knocked out of him. She moved so fast he didn’t even see it. Her lips were on his. Pressing kisses on his lips, showing her true inexperience.

He smiled drawing his arms around her and pulling her on top of him, a gasp leaving her mouth.

“Copy me and tell me to stop when you wish.” She nodded once and he initiated the kiss this time. Moving her lips over his, she mirrored his moves, deepening the kiss when he did.

She gasped as he nibbled her bottom lip, he took his chance and invaded her mouth with his tongue.


Before long her tongue was duelling his and without realizing she was dry humping his hardness, moaning in his mouth and making it impossible not to cum

“My turn.” Theo loved watching them make out but he needed to know she wanted him too. He was a little ashamed to admit it, but he was worried she didn’t want him like she wanted Kraven.

Hearing him, she pulled back from the kiss, with lust in her eyes.

She crawled across the bed to him and now more shyly, she leaned over and pressed her lips to his.

“If I haven’t put you both off, I’d like to date you both,” She whispered shyly.

“You are ours!” Theo had little control left. He wanted his tongue in her mouth.

“Let me kiss you.”

He rolled on top of her and kissed her for all he was worth.

He was the one dry humping this time and he must have been rubbing the right place because within minutes she was withering and moaning beneath him.

It was enough to make he released in his pants.

“Baby, that was so hot, you made me cum in my pants.”

“Me too,” Kraven added.

She blushed bright red. “I.. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to jump on you both,” She said quietly, avoiding eye contact. Theo was still on top of her.

He moved his head so she was looking at him. “Never be sorry. But remember you can say stop.” His head followed her when she tried to look away again.

“We care for you a lot and want to make you happy.”

Another move and he moved too.

“You’re following me,” She laughed out loud making both men grin.

“I like you looking at me. Plus I’m gorgeous, I like making your eyes happy.”

She continued to laugh, even more so when Kraven push Theo off her.

The pair bickered and Kraven told him he was too fat to lay on top of her.


The next day…

Each man took it in turns to have a shower so they wouldn’t have to leave her alone during the storm.

When it came to her time to shower it was a little more difficult.

They knew it was too soon for her to be naked with them, but she didn’t want to be alone. So then came the torturous act of them both sitting in the bathroom with their backs to her.

Later the evening in the kitchen as Kraven and Vicky prepared breakfast together.

“Have you got anything you’ll like to know, baby? Anything you wish to ask?” Theo asked standing close by. Kraven had already told him off for getting in the way.

“Hmm… I have a couple…”

“Yes, baby?”

“If we are dating, what does that actually mean?” She asked nervously. She had found it a lot easier to speak to them after the kiss.

“Are we… Hmm… Are we boyfriends and girlfriend now or is it too soon for that?”

Theo and Kraven shared a look and nodded at the same time. “You are definitely our girlfriend,” Kraven told her with a wink.

“And you know what that means?” Theo said cheekily, walking up behind her, leaning down and snaking his arms around her waist.

“I can hug you whenever I like and you’ll be staying with us.”

“Hopefully for a long time,” Kraven added.

“You hugged me anyway.”

“Yes, but…” Theo trailed off unsure what to say.

“I like your hugs. You are both like giant cuddly bears.”

“Hmm… I can deal with that. But I do have to say…” Theo turned her around to face him and picked her up off the ground, bring them face to face.

“I do love how I get to pick you up to kiss you.” He pressed his lips to hers.

“No, no, no.” Kraven walked over and picked her out of his arms.

“It’s time for breakfast.” He sat her on his side – almost like a child and began dishing up the food.

“Theo, are the drinks and cutlery ready?”

Theo grumbled and rushed about collecting the glasses and juice.

It was still stormy outside but it looked as though it was coming to the tale end.

Both men were thankful it was a mild storm and they weren’t forced to camp out in the cellar because God only knew how Vicky would have reacted.

“The storm is getting better, but we won’t be capable of driving and taking the animals out until tomorrow,” Kraven thought out loud and Theo agreed. They had lived through enough storms – some a lot worse than this – to know the duration.

Kraven sat down at the table with Vicky on his lap and began feeding her and himself.

“I can feed myself.”

Theo chuckle sat beside them as he watched his friend continue to feed her, ignoring her protests.

“No more. I’m full,” She told him covering her mouth.

“She is half the size of us, Kray. Don’t overfeed her or she’ll puke,” Theo warned, helping her.

Kraven reluctantly agreed and he and Theo finished up their food.

“Oh, I meant to ask you,” Kraven remembered the strange visit from Devon the other day.

“Did you mama even mention Devon Hogan?”

She thought for a minute before answering.

“Hmm. I think mama said I had a cousin called that. But she fell out with her family when her father tried to marry her off to one of his rich friends. They didn’t like my dad and it didn’t matter that they were already engaged and had been dating for years. Mama and dad moved away, got married and never spoke to any of her family again,” She repeated the story she was told. “Why do you ask?”

They were both stunned. They knew the Hogan’s and Willingham’s never got along, but they never understood why. The older Hogan family members were the worse, Devon and his brother were annoying, but not so bad. The pair had even helped out with the horses a few times and not for money because they don’t need it.

“Your mama was a Hogan?” She nodded.

“I know her parents tried to cause Nan and Grandpa trouble afterward and so I hate them too.”

“Devon called around the day you came to find out who our visitor was,” Theo explained. “We happened to mention your mother’s passing and it seemed to upset him. So we had just wondered the connection.”

“Oh… Mama always said he was the only one of the worth any time. She told me the rest were stuck up.”

“Ha. That’s right,” Both men agree. “Devon and his brother are annoying but the only ones who I would save from a burning building.”

“He has a brother? He must have been born after mama left.”

“Yes. His name is Archie’s about your age, I think.”

She nodded but said nothing.

“We can speak to them and arrange you to meet them both if you like?” Kraven only offered because they were technically her family.

Theo glared at him, but he ignored it.

“Only if you are both there and I don’t want to meet the rest.”

“That is not a problem, little princess. I’ll contact them and arrange it.”

“Thank you… Thank you both.” She hugged him. “Why are you both so sweet?”

Both men laugh. “I don’t think anyone else would agree with you.”

“Doesn’t matter what anyone else. I like you both. And you smell good too,” She whispered the last part with her head on Kraven’s shoulder.

“Are you sniffing me?” He asked amused.

“She is right, though,” Theo leaned in and licked up the other side of his neck.

“And you taste pretty good too,” He said with a wink, knowing how sensitive his neck is.

“Theo, he’s getting hard,” She whispered to him.

“I know,” He picked her off Kraven’s lap. “Let’s go to feed the horses and get you some fresh air.”

Theo made sure to squeeze Vicky’s backside for his friend to see. She gasped and slapped his chest.

“You will pay for this.”

“Got to catch me first.” Theo glanced back and winked with a grin.


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