Chapter 10

“Mama and daddy are together again now,” Vicky said with tears in her eyes, she held the empty urn to her chest, and her men stood either side of her as they looked into the water of the lake.?

“Can we go home now?” She rested her head on Theo’s arm. “I’m a little chilly now.”

“Alright, baby. We’ll just put the things back in the basket, and we’ll leave.”

A couple of minutes later and Theo was on one horse, holding the basket from their picnic and Vicky was sat on the second horse in front of Kraven. His arms were around her holding the reins.

“I really enjoyed our date. And thank you again for letting me put mama and daddy together. I know it’s not the normal type of date activity. I hope it hasn’t put you off of me.”

“Never!” Both men said agreeing. “You are stuck with us, baby. You’re not getting rid of us.”

“Listen to him,” Kraven whispered to her as the horses trotted along.

“You are ours, little one, forever if I have anything to do with it.”

“But we haven’t known each other a short time?” She said in almost in question.

“Maybe so. But you feel the connection, I know you do, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Do you want to stay with us?” Theo asked with hope in his eyes.

“Yes. I want to see where this goes. But…”

“But?” He tried to hide his worry.

“I want us to take some vacations every now and then so I can still see the country.”

Both men relaxed and smiled. “That is fine, Vicky. We have plenty of money saved. We can take you where you want.”

She frowned, “No. I will pay. I have tons of money and nothing to do with it.”

“That maybe so, but we are not with you for money. And we are your men so we will pay for what you need,” Kraven stated in a tone that warned her not to argue.

“Fine. Then I will find something around the ranch to spend some money on,” She told then and then quickly added more before they could say anything. “It is legally my business so you can’t argue about me spending money,” She grinned, pleased with herself.

“Fine, but we would like you to inform us about the work that you will be doing so the horses won’t be affected. We will also tell you if it is necessary so you aren’t wasting your cash. Agreed?”


They arrived back at the ranch only a short time later.

“Theo,” Eli, one of the ranch hands called when they entered the stable.

“Yes?” He asked helping Vicky dismount the horse.

It was around the time in the evening when the ranch hands were just about to leave for the day.

“Devon Hogan and a group of people are waiting to see you.”

Kraven glared at the man, and Theo growled in frustration.

“I told them you were out and wouldn’t want to see them tonight, but they said they’d wait.”

“Wait?! Where?” Theo all but yelled.

The man flinched obviously scared. “I never let them inside. They are in their cars.”

“How long?” Was all Kraven asked? It was clear neither he nor Theo were pleased.

“A while,” Eli answered cryptically.

“How long have they been here, Eli?!”

“Over an hour. I thought they would leave,” He sounded worried.

“Sort our horses before you and Jock leave,” Kraven ordered as Jock already led one of the horses away.

“We will get rid of our unwanted visitors.”

Eli nodded and turned to leave, but Theo’s voice stopped him.

“He asked for me? Not Vicky?” He asked confused.

“Yes, sir. He wanted to see you.”

This only confused him more.

Kraven nodded, telling the man to return to work.

“Why would he want to see me and not you too?” He thought out loud as they slowly exited the building, heading to the back door of the house so they could avoid the cars out front and see who was there.

“I don’t know. But if he’s brought his grandparents…” Kraven wasn’t happy. Their date hadn’t ended yet. They still had more plans.

Placing the basket in the kitchen, Ozzie followed them inside.

“Maybe, we could get Ozzie to bite them?” Vicky suggested innocently.

“Ha, I like the way you think, baby.” Theo pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“They are technically trespassing, we could…” Kraven thought out loud making Theo laugh more.

“Let’s look out the window and you can tell whoever it is to piss off.”

They walked to the front of the house, Kraven glanced out the window to see a large, top of the range Toyota Land Cruiser SVU. There were a couple men stood outside the vehicle, but they couldn’t see their faces to see who it was. There was also people inside the truck, but again they didn’t know who.

Without another word he walked to the door and opened it up.

“If you’ve brought your fucking grandparents here, Devon, I’ll break your God damn neck!”

“Kraven,” Devon exclaimed turning around. He was one of the men outside the car.

“Go home. We’re busy.” Not bothering to looking at the other people exiting the truck he closed the door.

He heard cursing from outside and what sounded like Devon say “I told you this would happen.”

“You’re answering next time,” Kraven told Theo guessing the men wouldn’t give up.

He had just joined them in the kitchen where Vicky was seeking out the ingredients for homemade hot chocolate when loud knocks sounded at the front door.

“Fine. Fine. I’m coming,” Theo grumbled, Kraven took his place beside Vicky and slapped his backside. “Go get them, sexy,” He said with a wink.

Theo rolled his eyes. “I’m taking your ass tonight.”

“Ha, you wish.” Kraven was top only, Theo was a switch, but rarely if ever was allowed on top.

“We’ll see…” Not staying to hear anything else he stormed to the front door where the loud banging continued.

“Knock on the door one more time and I swear…” His words trailed off when he saw the man on the other side.

Both stared at each other, Theo wide eyed. The man was the spitting image of him, except unlike Theo the man had no visible tattoos, was clean shaven, shorter slicked back hair and an expensive looking suit.

“Who…” He mumbled.

“Who are you? And why the hell do you look like me?”

The man smiled at him. Theo couldn’t help but think the smile looked odd, kind of like he didn’t do it much.

“I am your brother,” He answered, his voice had an accent.

“But… I don’t have a brother,” Theo mumbled confusedly.

“Mon fils!” A pretty, well dressed, sixty-something woman exclaimed, ran over and pulled Theo into her arms mumbling things.

“Mon bébé. Je t’aime, Theodore.” He wasn’t sure what she was saying, but he knew it was French.

He stood stiff and confused.

More people approached, including Devon, a woman in her twenties and two identical looking men who looked a similar age to the older woman holding him.

The men said something to the woman, but he wasn’t listening because he heard footsteps approaching behind him.

Turning his head to the side, he saw Kraven approach who stopped when he saw what was happening. “What’s going on?” He asked curiously and looking slightly amused.

“Not sure…” He said honestly. “But it appears I have a brother…”

“So I guess we can’t tell them to piss off?”

“Since when has that sort of thing stopped you?” Said Theo with a scoff.

“Invite them in if you want but if they annoy me…”

“Yeah, yeah. Warn Vicky. Don’t want her freaking out.”

Kraven nodded and disappeared back into the back of the house.

“Right…” Theo mumbled turning back to the group who were mostly looking at him. He was thankful the older men had managed to talk the woman into letting him go.

“Come inside and you can explain to me what the hell is happening.”

They walked inside. “Devon, show them into the living room. I’m going to check on Vicky.”

Not giving him time to answer he walked off in the direction of the kitchen.

In the kitchen he wasn’t surprised to find Kraven kissing Vicky, holding her against himself.

“Hello, my sexy darlings.” He came up behind her, drawing his arms around her and sandwiching her between the two men.

“I want my kisses too.” Again not waiting, he moved around to her side – still holding her – and pressed his face between theirs forcing them both to kiss him. Kraven growled playfully, and Vicky giggled. But both continued to cover him in kisses. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

“Mmm,” He was in bliss. This was what he needed to relax after whatever was happening.

“I love you two, so much,” He hadn’t intended to say it this soon, the words came out without him even thinking.

“You do?” A tiny shy voice asked, and he noticed all the kissing had stopped.

Opening his eyes, he saw both looking at him expectantly.

“You’re not just saying it?” She added.

He looked into her eyes, and all he felt was pure love, it was then he realized.

“Yes. You and Kraven both, I really, truly love you. Too soon or not-“

She jumped at him drawing her arms around his neck, holding him tightly.

“I guess that means you’re happy?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Yes,” She pulled back enough to look in his face but kept hold. “I thought I was weird, but I’m glad you feel the same,” Her eyes sparkling with happy tears. They all knew it was her way of saying she loved them.

“I…” They both looked to Kraven. He was staring at the ground, shuffling his feet like a nervous school boy. Vicky looked concerned, but Theo grinned, he knew his friend all too well.

“I…” He tried again but failed, that is when Theo decided to take pity on his friend.

“He loves you too,” He tells her. “He’s just not good at confessing his feelings because he’s worried we’ll leave him. It took him years to be able to say it to me.” It was sad but true.

Theo blamed their poor childhood where they would see hundreds of children and adults alike leaving them for some reason or another.

Her arms slipped from his neck, but not before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

She walked the short distance to Kraven, and her tiny arms circled his waist.

“If you want me, I’ll stay with you forever,” She told him with her head on his chest.

She heard his heart speed up before his arms lifted her up and heard her against him, nodding his head. “Yes, you’ll stay.” He clung to her as though she might disappear.

Theo smiled, happily and walked up beside them, placing a kiss on Kraven’s and then Vicky’s cheek.

“I love you both too,” Vicky whispered, but they heard her.

They had hugged for a while longer before the sound of voices in the other room made them remember they had guests.

“You have a brother?” Vicky asked unsurely.

He nodded. “I’m confused too.”

“How are you sure he isn’t lying?” Kraven asked seriously, still holding them both – not that they minded.

“Oh, Kray…” Theo smirked. “Remember that fantasy you have about having two of me…”

The other man nodded, and his eyes widened in shock.

“No way, really?” Vicky listened unsurely.

“Yes, I have a twin…” Her eyes widened now. “A posh, suit wearing French one, but still…”

They said nothing, but they didn’t have too.

“Will you both join me while I speak to the… people?” He asked them both.

“You don’t need to ask,” Kraven told him. Vicky looked more nervous but nodded.

“Don’t worry, baby, you don’t have to say anything to anyone. I just need my girl with me.”

She smiled and nodded. “Shouldn’t we offer them a drink or something?” She asked politely.

“We’ll ask them, baby.” They walked out of the kitchen and towards the room where all the talking was coming from. He could tell Vicky was scared, but she was strong for him. This only made him love her more. “Remember, you can stay quiet and if anything, just whisper to one of us.”

Devon stepped out of the room. “I was just going to find you, they are a little impatient.”

“Do any of them want drinks?” He knew Devon would have offered even though it wasn’t his house.

“I gave them some scotch.” Theo nodded but said nothing about it.

“You got anything to tell me about what’s happening?”

“All I’m willing to say is that my fiancée’s family came for dinner – the one I told you about.” Theo nodded in understanding. “I’ve never met them before, so imagine my surprise when your double turns up. My brother mention the lookalike to them, and they demanded I bring them here,” Devon explained. “They will explain the rest.”

“Are you alright, Victoria?” He asked his cousin concerned. “You look a bit peaky.”

“I..I’m okay,” She said in a small voice.

“Nervous?” He guessed, and she nodded her head.

“Do not worry, little cousin. They are nice people, just excited find Theo.”

He looked to Theo, “I could go sit with her in the kitchen while you chat?” He suggested, but Theo shook his head.

“No. I need my family with me.” Theo unconsciously moved closer to his lovers.

“Alright, but if she has to leave…”

“If she does, I’ll take her myself,” Kraven told him.

Devon nodded, “Okay. Are you ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”


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