Chapter 52

Amber’s pov

14 weeks pregnant.

To say I am nervous would be an understatement.

But Aaron and Kurt assured me everyone is looking forward to meeting me and the others.

Apparently Kurt and his wife have a house here. When they aren’t with their son, they are here.

Aaron and his mates were also held in stasis somewhere close by.

Climbing out of the shuttle I can see people already outside their houses.

“Wow, the Vanderveer gene is strong.” I stare at all the people approaching us. Most with different shades of blonde hair.

“Yes, our children were all born with near white hair. But biologically they are all three of ours,” Lance explains smiling happily at seeing his family again.

The oldest looks Kurt’s age, in their fifties, the youngest is babes in arms.

Imagine a town made up of Swedish models and you’ll be close.

They are all beautiful. None giants, the tallest of them are spouses, the people not blood related.

Does the enzyme affect their looks too?

Like an over excited child Aaron began calling. “Children, my beautiful children.” He holds his hands in the air. Despite his sexuality, he always planned to use a surrogate to have his child and his partners. He adores children and gets along with them perfectly. Likely because he has never completely grown up.

And I’m not going to lie, it was embarrassing, even Dallas is embarrassed. Where as his mates and Kurt are in hysterics.

“It’s good to have you all back, we’ve missed you,” Kurt tells Lula and Lance while Aaron is distracted by all the people coming his way.

Social anxiety engage!

Oh my goodness. I had no idea there were so many Vanderveers. And it appears neither did Dallas.

Hugging everyone in sight, Lula and Lance join in the embracing now. I can’t blame them. I would be in tears if I was being reunited with my children after so long.

It isn’t long before Aaron is introducing us all. “Amber one,” He indicates to me. “This is my baby, Amberly aka Amber the second.” A kind older woman, Kurt’s age. Kind but completely kooky like my brother. She herself has a dozen children and at least double that in grandchildren.

In short, it is a town of blonde beauties, a fair few a nutty like Aaron, others laid back like Lance or a strong mother figure like Lula. That being said there are other families in town all of which knew the Vanderveer secret.

“And you have a new brother and no doubt more in the future,” Aaron tells them proudly as we all sit under a large canopy. It is good since it protects the guys from the sun and keeps us cool.

Lula is staring mouth agape. I’m pretty sure it is news too her. But Lance agrees. I had to force myself not to laugh.

Lucky there is children around and so she doesn’t say anything. But I know they’d be speaking later.

Much like before, we give a zap to anyone who wants it.

The town is near the sea, so Aaron and Lance play in the sea with a group of the children.

I would have loved to go in the sea but my mates are being extra protective because it is a hot day, no cloud in the sky. I am certain I would be fine without the protect while in the sea. But don’t want to start a fight.

I am actually thinking about asking Kiy if I could fill one of the never used lock stock pools in the ship with water and using it as a pool. I love swimming and being submerged in water.

Instead of playing in the sea I end up getting roped into baking Lula and some of her grandchildren.

It’s crazy how many recipes have been lost over the years. The simplest of recipes.

Marmite even got to spend some time with babies his age. He may only be young, but he is a social butterfly and very advanced. He can roll and is already trying to crawl.

We made donuts filled with fruit compote, something I have been craving for days. They were very popular and one of the recipes they had lost. They had seen them in movies and people had tried to recreate the recipe by guessing ingredients and they had some good attempts but none matched a real donut.

I swear I almost came eating them. We ended up making tons, enough for everyone. And we left the recipe and a copy of the Earth data that was found with me – Movies, music and so on.

By the end of the visit I am having a great time. With a promise to visit the village again before we leave for Evalon.


Days moved fast.

Regular check ups show my pregnancy is indeed progressing one day to a week. Meaning I’ll only be pregnant for just over a month, that is if it continues at this rate.

Despite my rapid pregnancy I did my duties. Duties you ask?

All the Poyun on the battle armada ships were eager to meet their future leader and his mate.

Meaning a group of us, Phe, Lenime and me included all visited the ships and spent some time with the crews. It was strange. But in a really good way. Everyone is so kind, almost like a family, much like Kiy’s ship. None were anything like Tal’ee, Lenime’s childhood friend. Not even close.

I have never felt so at peace or welcome. On Earth I was always uncomfortable other than at home. It was a nightmare. I was a real recluse, I hated public events I was forced to attend. Everyone seemed to be judging you.

Unlike Humans, Poyun are not good liars or actors. They show their emotions openly. For that reason the Xenophobic groups usually keep underground, away from the governing planets.

I was learning a lot about their race. We even visited the areas on both the Human planets where the Poyun are setting up the protection platforms which will protect the planet.

More surprisingly is how much the Humans have advanced despite having to start over for near scratch.

I am so proud of them.

Despite what I was saying about judgemental Humans, most have been pretty friendly and welcoming. But of course there is always acceptions to the rules. My old boss’s granddaughter to be one. She is a cunt.

Everything was nonstop and only a week after our visit to the village the Trenks came.

I expected a fire fight, death and explosions. Only there wasn’t.

It went completely different to how I was expecting.

Instead Phe arranged a peace talk with the leader. Yes, the leader had come hearing how a Human had birthed a child after a Trenk mating.

I had been certain they came with unimaginable terrors in mind. But they were pleasant.

Cue confused face.

Even the Poyun seemed surprised at their reaction.

“You have no reason to believe me. But I come in peace.” Yes, the leader said it.

“Yes, don’t believe you,” Aaron says remembering all the movie villains saying that.

“What are you?” Kiy asks confused. “You are not like the Trenks I have met.”

Trenks are known to be rough and scary looking. But these people are kind of attractive. They have a calmness to them.

The leader is pale skinned as I heard Trenks are, with a sensitivity to sunlight. He has the long straight ridge going down both arms and legs with muscular upper body. But he is barely six foot. His teeth are mainly flat, with only his canines pointed and slightly protruding from his mouth.

Trenk are meant to be huge with all sharp teeth, with the canines protruding their mouth.

But his skin also has a pale purple tint, his iris holds no color, it is black. He has no visible body hair and his ears are flat against his head with ridges surrounding them. He has a wide nasal bridge with small tip.

There is other people, some darker skinned with no sign of Trenks ancestry.

In fact there doesn’t appear to be any pure Trenks.

“My name is Pika. I am a Hisk-Trenks hybrid.”

“Hisk? I haven’t heard of them.”

It was me, Lenime, Phe, Kiy, Korl, Dallas, Andre and Daviya. There are guards outside the meeting room.

Pika and several other people are on one side of the table and us on the other.

“Until recently we only had short distances shuttles.”

He tells us how the Hisk met the Trenks over a hundred years ago. It began much like how the Trenks visited the Marshall Providence. But then a couple of scout ships came and then a battle ship. Much more advanced than the peaceful Hisk race who specialise in botany and agricultural. For the next hundred years they lived as prisoners and slaves. Slave labour and rape was common.

“The Trenks aren’t what they seem. Females were always rare but when the last died out they began cloning.” We all listen in shock. “All the pure Trenks you meet today are clones, cloned dozens of times. Once one is close to death they transfer his mind to the new body. They are insane and very sickly. Each new clone is a copy of a copy and the DNA is degrading. That is how we finally managed to defeat them.

“But a battle ship escaped and several scout ships. We have been working hard to build our own ships and technology. But we had some of their equipment. We used it to monitor them. We overheard messages about a planet they were going to conquer. But then nothing until recently. We are a peaceful race. But I will not allow them to do what they did to us.

“We took our most powerful ships and tracked down two scout ships. There was a fire fight and they were destroyed. But I know there are more out there.”

“You came to protect the Humans?” Everyone is clearly surprised but both Korl and Kiy are very apologetic. They felt guilty. The Hisk are the type of people they normally protect.

“Will you allow us to search your ships to verify your story?” The man agrees without argument.

“You have a Trenk/Human Hybrid?”

“Yes. But he is my son. I will not be giving him to you,” Aaron says defensively.

“I understand. I am glad he has found a loving home. Could I perhaps meet him?”

“Let us search your ships and we’ll speak about it.”


More coming soon.


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Avry Kitchen
Avry Kitchen
1 year ago

I’ve always loved your books but but Amber one is 1 of the most creative and descriptive and descriptive unique Stories that I have read from you I just love Your books

Are you going to keep going

victoria rodgers
victoria rodgers
1 year ago

Can’t wait for more to come!!😍

1 year ago

I love this book I have loved it since I first read it on Wattpad I was so sad to see it go but I’m glad I found u again I can’t wait to read more

9 months ago

I’ve been with this book from the beginning and I hang onto every update, Can’t wait for more.

9 months ago

Hi I love Amber One it is by far my favorite boo , I just want to know are planning on pursuing this book?. Because, I have already read it and reread it since wattpad.

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