Characters Published



The Black Horde : Liam’s pack name.
The Golden Dusk : James’s pack name.
Midnight Tribe : Claude’s pack.


Amy Anders (16): Garrek and Blaze’s sister. Wolf – Ash.

Garrrek Anders (19): Blaze and Amy’s brother. Wolf – Kray.

Blaze Anders (22): Garrek and Amy’s brother. Wolf – Tye.

Paula and Ross Anders (40s): Blaze, Garrek, Amy’s parents.

Yun (actual 17months/dog years 15/16): Amy’s little female wolfdog pup.

Nanna Lucy / Wolf – Linon and Grandpa Ray / Wolf – Bear (60s): Paula and James parents.

Kay (Aka Mama) (29): Tim and Tidus’s mother. Leon’s mate. Wolf – Lux.

Tim (18): Kay’s son and Tidus’s brother. Liam’s third. Wolf – Lake.

Tidus (Aka Das) (16) Dax: Tim’s brother, Amy’s best friend and Kay’s son. Holly and Gemma’s mate.

James Cullen (40) : Uncle of the trio, Bianca’s mate and Paula’s brother. Alpha. Wolf – Cahal.

Bianca (43): James mate and Luna. Wolf – Tal.

Leon (22): Third of James pack and head fighter. Kay’s mate.

Lucas (31): Beta of James pack. Kurczak’s mate.

Kurczak (26): Lucas Beta’s mate.

Robin (aka Hunter) (40’s): Ross’s lost older brother and Leon’s dad.

Tanya (40’s): Robin’s mate and Leon’s mom. Pack doctor.

Ronnie (16): Leon’s cousin on his mom’s side and animal rapist.

Jade (20): Leon’s cousin and Ronnie’s sister. Power hungry whore.

Gemma (19): Leon’s sister. Tidus and Holly’s mate.

Greg (18): Leon’s brother.

Holly (16): Leon’s Sister. Tidus and Gemma’s mate

Ed (14): Leon’s brother.

Cedric (16): COMING SOON. Unknown – Xenon.

Jake, Becca, Rose (6): Pack children and friends.

Vance (35): Giant pack warrior and Jake’s dad.

Knight (40s): Jade and Ronnie’s dad and Tanya’s sisters mate.

Dane (32): Male version of Jade. Power hungry.

Other Pack Characters:

Liam Paine (19): Alpha of The Black Horde and obsessed with Amy. Wolf – Graven.

Jane (18): Liam’s mate and daughter of alpha of neighboring pack to Liam’s.

Claude and Lorraine (40s): Jane’s parents and Alpha / Luna of Midnight Tribe.

Missy (20): One of Liam’s sex partners he killed.

Aunt Ruth: Woman Amy went to stay with the boys shifted the first time.

Other People:

Diana (17): human school. Ronnie’s girlfriend.

June (16), Otto (18), Trevor (17), Riley (18): human, Diana’s friends.

Two whore’s from the mall: the ginger plain one, with too much make up and too little clothes, sat on Blaze’s lap. A simliar dressed and made up bleached yellow haired with black roots sat on Garrek’s knee.


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1 year ago

Hii I was just curious if you will be finishing this book. I have waited forever

7 months ago
Reply to  Ash

I completely agree I started on wattpad.. so it’s been awhile

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