Chapter 35

Ronnie & Yun

“I can confirm she does indeed have canine DNA, but also Human shifter too,” Tanya informed Ray, Ross and Ronnie only a hour later. She was able to do the testing herself thanks to the expensive, cutting edge equipment the pack hospital contained.

Yun had fallen asleep in Ronnie’s arms shortly after receiving some pain medication. Now, she peacefully laid with him in a hospital cot. Ronnie could barely look away for her, holding her as if she might disappear any moment.

“I know what you’re going to ask and the only way I can think is that one of her parents is a Wolfdog and the second a shifter – most likely the father, because shifter semen is very potent. Though…” She pause as if thinking. “It doesn’t explain how… Interspecies shouldn’t be possible.”

“Technically, Humans and shifters are different species but they can breed. Isn’t it only logical that a Wolfdog and a shifter would be capable too? After all they are branch off from similar animals, right?” Ross argued.

She nodded, “True, but I’ll have to do more research into it.”


“Going off her dog age – seventeen months – I’d say she was around fifteen or sixteen years old.”

“But if she’s aging so fast…” Ross began to say concerned.

She may have been that annoying little dog, but she was still family.

“No, it appears that her shifter genes are kicking in and she is showing signs of her aging slowing immensely,” Tanya explained. “With schooling, training and her mate’s help, I don’t see why she can’t live a normal shifter life.”

She left shortly after to continue her work. It was a busy night for her tonight.

“How did you arrive at the house so fast?” Ronnie asked realising. Even with the shouting it should have taken longer.

“Your mom called us.”

He felt sorry for his mother, such a kind loving and beautiful woman. But she was curse with an awful mate and daughter.

It hurt but knowing her mate and daughter were cheating she could deal with. But trying to harm their youngest, she had broken and called for help.

“Where is she?”

“She’s going to the cottage for a while.”

The cottage is a retreat meant to help broken wolves. The abused and emotionally broken are often sent there for help.

“It was her choice,” Ray added.

Ronnie sighed and nodded. It was for the best. He hated to say it, because true mates should never be broken apart. But he hoped she could move on and find another mate.

Despite are technically being of age Ray and Ross were adamant Ronnie and Yun wait to complete their mating until they could speak to Yun and make sure she understands what it means. But they did mark one another.

The morning came and Yun was chatting happily to Ross when Ronnie woke up.

She was sat on Ross’s lap. Ronnie was about to get jealous until he saw the bottle of fruit juice in Ross’s hand. He watched as for a few minutes as they spoke, she would open her mouth and ask for ‘more.’ It was so innocent. He was almost like a father feeding his child.

Ronnie couldn’t be angry. It was also then when he realized how innocent she was. He couldn’t complete mating in good mind until she knew what it meant. Ross and Ray were right.

She is a child in a young woman’s body.

Finally noticing he is awake, she jumped up, now dressed in a longed sleeved Christmas themed dress with white shorts beneath and her hair tied back in a red ribbon.

“Runny! Runny is wake!” She exclaimed excited running over and hugging him.
He wasn’t sure if she understood, but she knew she had to wait to mate completely.

She spoke excitedly, missing out a lot of words, but he understood.

But then stopped hearing a raised voice.

“Runny, we go!” She exclaimed. Not giving him a chance to react she bolted from the room.

Amy and her mates.

“In that case how is he pregnant?” Ray asked confused.

Before anyone could answer the door swung open and an adorable short girl with white hair and big violet eyes ran into the room grinning.

“Mumma, I’m here!” She ran at Amy hugged her.

Everyone looked confused.

Blaze moved closer and was sniffing the girl when Ronnie and the trios father rushed into the room.

“Yun?” ‘Yun?’ Blaze and Amy thought and said at the same time.

“What? How?” James and Bianca moved closer.

Lifting her face to look at her. Amy looked to her father and growled, “What happened to her face?” She was still bruised but they were fading.

“Amy…” Ray began at say but Ronnie spoke first.

“My dad tried to rape her.” Yun listened confused as the current alpha began growling and demanding questions, why he hadn’t been informed.

Tanya repeated all she knew about Yun from her blood work and Ray told him about Ronnie’s father being locked up and his mother at the cottage.

“I should have been informed!” James exclaimed burning with rage. He wanted to pull Knight limb from limb. And he likely would when he got his hands on the sexual predator.

“Mumma, Runny my and now I here,” Yun began to speak excited. Easily detracted she lay her head on Amy’s abdomen before looking up excited.

“Mumma, we having bibis?”

Amy couldn’t help but smile and hugs the girl back. She had a special bond with the small wolf dog since she first met her, now she understood why.

“Yes. You are going to have some siblings,” She told the girl who clearly saw her as her mother.

Her mates didn’t correct her. They had enough love to care for Yun too.

Yun began hugging and nuzzling Amy’s abdomen.

“Yes, we have to work on that,” Ray says awkwardly. “She is technically of age but mentally still has much growing. I will assist in her teaching.”

“Grandpa!” Yun ran over to Ross. “Hungy, hungy!”

Everyone watched amused as the energetic girl bounced around him. Amy was confused by the change, Yun used to hate her father. But she was happy.

“So Yun is a new type of hybrid and Ronnie’s mate?” They spoke as they made their way back to the main house.

With no more patients the doctor was finally able to go home and have a quick nap before she had to join everyone for dinner.

“Yes. We are running her, Kay and her sons DNA through Moas to see if we can find a genetic match or close family member.”

Moas stands for Missing or abducted shifters network. Network which links every Pack.

If any of their biological family is in a pack or have been in the recent past their DNA will be on file. Rogues who have never been a pack will not be in the system.

I could take a while but they should know in the next week. Why Kay wasn’t put in the system in the first place is unknown. But James assumed it was because the pack was being ran by Liam.

“Poppa!” Yun exclaimed the moment they entered the house and in a flash is off closely followed by her mate and Ross.

Amy and the others arrive in the room just in time to a very angry Holly lunge at Yun.

“Stop!” James says in his alpha voice forcing her to freeze.

“She is trying to steal my mate!” She spoke through gritted teeth.

“No, she isn’t. It is Yun. She’s my mate.”

By this point most of the rest of the house had gathered in the room. All very matching confused faces. “I have many questions,” Gemma asked appearing more confused than jealous of the tiny girl who has her legs around Tidus’s waist and nuzzling his neck.

Ronnie was jealous, but understood it wasn’t sexual.

“I don’t care who she is! Why is she doing that?” Holly asked angrily.

“She seems to see Amy and Tidus as her parents,” Grandpa Ray explained. She spoke a lot about her parents the previous night before they worked out who she was speaking about.

Holly didn’t appear much happier. ‘Don’t worry, beautiful. You know you and your sister are the only ones I want,’ Tidus mind links to her.

But he continued to smile hugging her. He does adore Yun, but she is like a baby sister.

“Poppa, you here!” She said pulling back slightly. Again anger as he noticed her bruise.

“Let’s sit down to breakfast and we’ll explain everything.”

“Is everyone here?”

“Tim is still out, but he’s on his way.”

“Alright. Call me when he’s back. I have something to do,” James says with a serious expression before turning to his mates and kissing each in turn. He left the house with his father and beta close behind.

His mates watched him leave and then turned back to see everyone looking at them now.

“Yes, James and Bianca are our mates,” Garrek announces. Everyone seemed to start asking questions at once.

“Yes. But Garrek is pregnant.”

“Amy, that’s not funny. You can’t distract us.” Their mum and everyone else wanted to know how they and everything. Including about Yun.

“It’s not a joke, he really is pregnant.”

Silence and all looked to Garrek who suddenly became shy and hid behind the Luna.

“It’s true and as James said just a moment ago, we will speak about everything over breakfast when everyone is back.”


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