Chapter 1 – Daddy Needs Us

Kerry’s pov

The summer holidays began only days ago.
With no school to go to and burning summer sun, me (Kerry) and my identical seventeen-year-old twin sister, Kassy decided to go hang out in our pool.

“Princesses? You here?” I heard our Dad call from inside the house.
“Outside, Daddy,” I called back.

Daddy owns a string of successful gyms with his fraternal twin brother, Oscar, Madden Health Inside And Out Gyms. I don’t like the name, but it does well.
He is only thirty-three. He was a sports star in school and got his first sexual girlfriend pregnant when he was fifteen. When he was sixteen, she had me and Kassy.

Their parents forced them to marry.

Our Mum, Pauline and Daddy lived with his parents until they were eighteen and when they graduated school they moved out together with us into a small house.
Their parents helped them out with bills, but Daddy also worked part time as a gym and went to college with his brother, they both were studying to get a Degree in Sports.

When they were twenty, he caught Mum in bed with some forty-year-old guy.

It turns out Mum had been cheating on Dad almost since the beginning of their marriage, with lots of different men. Daddy suspected it but had no proof.

Mum left with the man and they divorced a week later.

Instead of getting depressed or dumping us on his parents, he seemed to get happier.
Uncle Oscar moved in with us and everything was great.

Mum didn’t bother coming to see us, but we didn’t care. She was never that close to us. We have always been Daddy girls.

Once they finished college, they opened their own gym, within a couple of years they had two and another couple of years and another two.

Now we don’t need our grandparents help and Daddy and Uncle bought our current house between them.
It is large with six bedrooms, an office for the men and a pool in the back.

Daddy didn’t date much and when he did he was always back by ten and never brought them home.

Uncle Oscar dates, but never has a long-term girlfriend. He stays out sometimes, you can guess why… Though like Daddy, he never brought them home.
He did once a few months ago.


Kassy and I were sat on the couch in the front room, we were in our pyjamas and watching old television shows laughing.
Daddy was in his office going over some gym stuff.

Uncle Oscar was out on one of his dates when we heard the front door open.

Kassy and I got up to greet the person, knowing it was him arriving home.
“Oscar,” We call when we enter the hall, only to find him entering with a scantily clad woman hanging off his arm.

“Princesses,” He pried his arm from her and closed the distance to give us a hug.

He was always close to us. He is like a second Dad to us.

Like our Daddy, he has piercing blue eyes and tanned skin with a well-toned body. But had brown hair in a buzz cut, whereas Daddy had a lighter colour, a dark blond. It was in a longer combed back cut. But both men looked a lot alike and look younger than they are, meaning most our friends have crushes on them.

Kassy and I, on the other hand, have dark brown hair like our Mum, green eyes like Daddy’s Mum and a voluptuous body that makes most people think we are older than our seventeen almost eighteen years.

“Had a good evening?” He asked us forgetting about his guest.
“Yes. We were watching Angel.” He chuckled knowing it was probably our tenth time watching the episode.

A throat cleared and we looked back to see the women openly glaring at us.

“She wouldn’t take no for an answer. She just kind of followed me,” He whispered to us so she couldn’t hear.

This makes her look more annoyed. “Don’t worry, Princesses, I’ll get rid of her soon.” He pulled back and turned to the woman.

“Randy, this is Kerry and Kassy, the Princesses of this castle. Girls, this is Randy,” He introduced.

“His girlfriend.” She came over to cling to him again.

His eyes narrowed, “No,” He said firmly making her pout. She looked like a duck, so me and Kassy laughed and we all went into the room we had just left.

“What we doing in here? I thought we were going to have fun,” She whined trying to sound seductive. It only made her sound desperate and ugly which was a shame. Apart from the clothes and attitude she was a really attractive woman.

“No. I told you I was tired and wanted to go home.” He sighed and stood up from the chair where he only just sat.
“I’m just going to grab a beer. Be right back.” He sent us an apologetic look and left without asking Randy if she wanted anything.

Randy, ha-ha.

“Now he’s gone,” Randy said as soon as he was out of hearing distance.
“I don’t know what you are doing here with him, he is mine.”

“What?” Kassy looked to me confused. “You got it wrong, he’s ours-” Randy cut me off.

“No. Your wrong,” She stood up and walked towards us.
“You are not going to be the Princesses for long…” She started ranted, but I honestly stopped listening.

I sat beside Kassy, with her head on my lap as I playing with her hair and thought about what we would do tomorrow.

“Are you fucking listening to me?” She growled and pushed my shoulder.

“What the hell is going on here?” We all looked to the door to see Daddy standing there looking ready to kill Randy.

“Nothing. Randy was just telling us about her and Oscar,” I wasn’t a lying. But I didn’t want to cause an argument.

She strolled towards him and tipped her head to the side and said innocently, “Yes and they were just telling how they were moving out-“
My eyes widen. Wow, she really is that stupid.

“No, they are not!” Daddy yelled and Oscar entered the room with a beer in hand.

“What the fucking have you done now, Randy?” He said accusingly.


“Just get the hell out!” He yelled.


“No buts! I was stupid to let you follow me anyway.”

Daddy silently glaring at her walked over to us, sat beside me and kissed mine and Kassy’s cheek.

“It wasn’t me. It was them.” She frowned and tried to hang off him, but he pushed her away.

“My nieces are good girls. OUT!”

Her eyes widen realizing, “And he is…?”

“I am their Dad. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

She left moments later, Oscar locked the door after her and came to join us.

“I’m sorry, Oscar, she was pretty.”

He looked at us smiling and shook his head. “You girls are too sweet.” He leaned, kissed our foreheads and then sat down in the armchair.
“She was pretty, but she is also a clingy cow.”

“What did she say to you?” Daddy asked smiling at me and Kassy, still playing with her hair.

End of flashback.

“Ah, great minds think alike,” Daddy and Uncle enter the garden and pull off their shirts.
“How was work, Daddy?” Kassy asked pressed in between me and the side of the pool.

They never questioned our closeness we were always hugging each other.

We were both dressed in string bikinis, hers was a dark green and mine, blue, both with white polka dots.

“Tiring,” Daddy sighs and walks into the pool house. “It’s too damn hot to work,” Oscar said following him inside.

“Can I, please…?” Kassy asked quietly as soon as they were out of hearing range.
I am the older twin by ten minutes, so that means Kassy does as I tell her. Not that she minds.

“Can you what?” I asked already knowing and started kissing the side of her neck.

“Please let me cum,” She begged me as a continued to tease her slit.

Yes, Kassy and I were involved. She is so damn sexy, how can I not be?
Why do you think we were stood so close to the side in the pool?

I don’t know what Daddy or Uncle would say if they saw, but we don’t want to risk it. Well, at least not yet.

“Cum for me baby,” I whisper nibbling her ear and plunge my finger inside her virgin core. With my second hand, I rub her clit.

She bit her lip fighting back a moan. Almost straight away her body start to quiver in my arms and her core clench around my finger.

“Kerry!” She exclaimed a little too loud and quickly press my lips to hers to muffle her cries.

“I love you.” I pulled my fingers out and stop kissing her.

“I love you too,” She said back and pecked my lips. Neither of us had dated anyone and wasn’t interested in, not that we would allow too.

We pulled back just in time to see the guys exit the building.

“You alright, Princess Kas?” Daddy asked concerned. She was a little flushed. “Yes, Daddy,” She said a little breathless. That is hot.
“Kerry was tickling me.” It was a white lie.

They climbed into the water, both dressed in tight Speedos.

Fucking hell! You can see everything. They are both so hot. I knew without asking Kassy thought the same.
They don’t notice us looking.

“Told you I heard her yelling,” Oscar looked at us with a smirk.
Does he know? I asked myself. No, no, he can’t. Can he?

“She’s mean, she is always teasing me,” She said playing and I gasped.

“Go away then.” I push her playfully.
We end up splashing each other. Daddy swooped in and picked up Kassy. He was always playful.

“Aww, Daddy’s baby,” He cooed cradling her like a baby.

“You are all soft and squishy.” Kassy rested her head on his shoulder.

“Squishy?” He gasped and looked down at himself and looked to Oscar and then me.

“Don’t ask me. I’m just the other child,” I pout and look to Oscar. He gave me a smile and held out his arms.

“Come to me, Princess.” I smiled and went over to hug him.
“Don’t be like that, Princess. You are both my baby girls.”

“It’s alright.” Oscar drew his arms around me.

I closed my eyes and rested my head on his muscular chest. Daddy and Uncle are hot. I wonder what he would do if I stuck my hand down those tight pants.

God, I am a pervert.

“Arr,” I squealed when I felt more arms around me.

“Shh, Princess,” Daddy whispered and I noticed Kassy was now beside me. Oscar moved his arm to bring her into the hug too.
With Oscar in front of us and Daddy behind us, we were sandwich between to chests.

“My beautiful girls,” Daddy placed a single kiss on the side of each of our necks. I knew it was innocent, but God…

“I love our little family,” He told us.

“Uncle Oscar included?” I asked innocently. I received another kiss on my neck, as did Kassy. But this time from Oscar.

“Oscar included. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Thanks, man. I love being here. I love you and the girls most.”

They pull apart, but Kassy and I continue hugging.

“Want to have a BBQ for dinner?” Oscar asked us all.

Kassy looked to me hopeful and I look to Daddy. “Can we? Please, Daddy?”

“Alright, Princess,” He says smiling.

“Can we have chicken?” I asked Oscar.

He nods, “Sure thing.”
Oscar and Daddy always had steak, sausages and burgers, whereas we had chicken and seasoned sausages. Steak is good, but it gets stuck in our throats.

All served with a special homemade salad.

“Oscar and I will swim some laps and then we’ll start.”

“We’ll get the food out ready.” I pull Kassy with me out of the pool, pausing to grab our towels before going inside the house.

“Those girls get more and more beautiful every day,” We hear Oscar say to Daddy when they think we can’t hear them.

“I know. It’s getting really hard,” Daddy said cryptically.

After getting in the house and pulling the stuff out what we need for dinner, I pull Kassy in the front room knowing Daddy and Oscar will be at least half-an-hour.

They always are.
Slightly drier, but still damp, I pull the string on one side of my panties so it falls to the side and hangs off my leg to reveal my naked pussy.

“I made you cum, now it’s my turn,” I tell her perching myself on the edge of the sofa.
Without questioning she fell to her knees and placed her mouth between my legs.

“Kas, you are such a good pussy eater,” I purred.

She looks up at me with lust in her eyes, “I love your body so much.” She licked up my slit. “You taste so good,” She said rubbing my thighs.

“I love you so much, Kerr.” Her eyes now with a mixture of love and lust.
“I love you too, Kassy.” I pulled her up and pressed my lips to hers.

Before long we were both completely naked, I was on top of her and humping her hand and her, mine.

Her fingers were inside me and mine in hers and our mouths pressed together. “You are mine, Kas,” I said against her mouth.

The corners of her lips curled up. “Yours forever.” She looked like an Angel with her hair laid out on the pillow around her.

Her lips moved to my neck and she softly beginning nibbling my skin.

“God, Kas. You know what that does to me.”

“Yes, I do.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Two can play at that game.” I moved my mouth to copy her actions.

Her voice vibrated against my neck as she began to moan. Both our fingers started to move faster inside each other.

“That’s it, Baby. Make me cum,” I moan against her neck. Our nipples rubbed against one another, teasingly.
“Kerr, please can I cum too?” She begged. We had been doing this so long we knew just how to make the other release.

“Cum for me, baby.” Pressing my lips against hers, I bent my fingers inside her to hit her g-spot and she did the same.

Seconds later the familiar feeling buzzed through my body, my pussy clenched and I felt myself release.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I chanted and I familiar Kassy clench around my fingers. Her juices against my hand and she fought back a moan.
I pressed my lips to hers and she moaned into my mouth.

“Holy hell.” My eyes widen and I looked to Kassy, who wore the same look.

Still straddling her, I pulled back and without looking up I quickly reached for one of the large towels on the ground. Pulling Kassy up, with our chests pressed together I wrapped the towel around up cover us both.

“A bit late for that isn’t it?” I heard Oscar ask.

I looked up through my lashes just in time to see Daddy elbow his brother.

“Ouch,” He rubbed his side. “What happened to never tell a lie policy?”

“How long have you been there?” I asked shyly and they both looked back to us. Kassy hid her face in my neck.

“Probably longer than we should have,” Daddy mumbled with an unreadable expression. Looking to Oscar my cheeks heated up when I noticed he was trying and failing to hide his smirk.

“Is this the first time?” Daddy asked emotionless. I shook my head.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I felt my eyes well up with tears. “Please don’t hate us,” I begged.

I felt Kassy’s arms tighten around me and she kissed the side of my neck while rocking me.

I closed my eyes and started to cry into her shoulder.


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