Chapter 2 – Not What I Expected

Kassy’s Pov

Kerry, my love, my sister cried against me.

She has always been the strong one, the one who protects me, my everything.

I rocked us back and forth. I looked up for the first time.

Daddy wore a blank expression. “I don’t hate you.” He walked out of the room.

Oscar looked torn, almost like he wanted to come over and comfort us. “I’m sorry, Princesses. Give us a minute.” He left the room to follow Daddy.

“He hates us,” She sobbed, looking at me heartbroken.

“He doesn’t. You heard him,” I told her even though I didn’t believe it myself.

Standing up with her in my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Let’s go get cleaned up.” I let the towel drop and leaving the other bikinis on the ground with the towels, I would tidy them up later.

She weighed nothing, she was easy to carry up the stairs. I heard Daddy and Oscar talking in the kitchen, but couldn’t hear what was being said.

I felt eyes on my naked back as I walked up the stairs, but I didn’t look back.

Once in our bathroom I sit her on the counter. Dampening a cloth and cleaned her face.

“All good,” I kiss her nose once I was done. No longer crying, she smiled for the first time.

“Thank you, baby. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“And I, you.” I grabbed the hairbrush and began tidying her hair. Once I finished, she the brush and did the same for me.

“Let’s get dressed. So we can speak to them.”

Oliver’s pov

I stood in the kitchen with Oscar.

“You shouldn’t have just walked out.” He snapped at me. “You need to let them you know you still love them. I know it’s a shock, but we both kind of already knew.”

It was true. Even though we had never seen them straight out doing it before, we had seen slight touches, kisses, the way they are always holding each other.

But it is still a shock.

“Plus it’s not like you never have … We never have …” He pressed his chest against mine and cupped my package. My breath hitched up.

“You know we always had the best fun.” We used to play together all the time in our teens, giving each other head and hand jobs. But when I married it stopped.

We had both openly admired each other and groped one another a few times but nothing else since we were teens. We were both only into women other than one another.

He was my only gay experience and me, his.

“But…” I paused when I heard footsteps. Walking to the doorway with Oscar following me.

I fought back a groan when I saw one of my naked Princesses carrying the other up the stairs. Their bodies pressed together. They didn’t look back as they disappeared upstairs.

“I am such a bad father,” I groan looking back to Oscar.

“You fucking kidding me? Those girls love you. You are a great father.”

I look down to the swell in my pants and his eyes follow mine.

“Oliver,” He pressed his body against mine and rubbed his equally hard package against mine. “Those girls are a wet dream come true. You can’t say this is the first time this has to happen while looking at them, because it isn’t mine,” He confessed.

“If they weren’t my nieces I would have started dating them a while ago and I know you would too. You told me before you find them attractive.”

I stayed silent for a few seconds.

“I do… I really fucking do. I love you and love them, but not in the way I should…” I paused. “I couldn’t stay in that room with them because all I wanted to do is to put my cock inside them both while you fuck my mouth… Maybe we would do that in turns.” I shake my head and cover my face.

“I don’t know when I started feeling like this. When they were young, they were just my babies, my Princesses. But then one day a few years ago I realized I found them attractive. It’s only been getting worse over the years.”

“You love me?” He cupped my face and looked into my eyes.

“I do. I always have. I always regretted finishing things when I married that witch. If it weren’t for the girls, I wouldn’t have stayed with her. But… I love them too. I wouldn’t change a thing, except keeping you as my lover.”

Without a word, he pressed his lips to mine and gave me the best kiss. “I love you so much, Oliver. You have no idea how many times I have had to stop myself from just throwing myself at you.

“And the twins… I swear I normally almost cum in my pants seeing those sneak kisses when they don’t think we’re looking but that… I am not ashamed to admit I came without touching myself.”

My cheeks heated up and I looked to the side. “Me too.”

“I mean fuck… I don’t know what you want to happen or not happen. But just know, I am completely in love with you and those beautiful daughters of yours. If you want to pretend none of this happened, I can do that, just let me keep the three of you in my life. If you wish a relationship with me then… I would be so happy. If you wish something else…” He paused and we stared a long loving look.

“What I’m trying to say, is I love you three and no matter what, I just want you to be happy.”

“But-” He pressed his lips against mine and his tongue invade my mouth.

“Mmm, I forgot how good it is to kiss you, Olli,” He mumbled and placed another kiss on my lips.

“Let’s start the BBQ, our Princesses need feeding. We will speak to them after then.” I nod and start fixing a salad just how the girls like it.

He was always my rock.

I jumped when I felt a hand in my Speedos. “Just let me spend tonight with you. If you don’t want to do anything tomorrow and want it to return to normal, so be it. Just one night.” He stroked my hard member. I am so worked up I know I am going to blow in only seconds.

“I want you in my bed, Oz. Not just tonight, but every night,” I confess. He presses his mouth to my neck, “I am going to make you so happy you’ll never change your mind. You’ll be mine forever.”

I moaned as I felt that a familiar feeling rise. In one quick movement, he turned me around, pulled down my pants enough to get my member out and stuck it in his mouth. I cum here and then and he drinks it all before cleaning me with his mouth.

“Now finish that salad. Girls will be down soon.” He left the kitchen grinning like him just won the lottery. I felt pretty good too. I haven’t had sex in years, despite the dates. I don’t like to sleep around. But I have had a few blow or hand jobs. But not for several months.

I know Oscar hasn’t done anything in the last several months either. Not since that cow he bought home happened. But he used to have regular sex with his dates before that, but always safe. He loved to tell me.

Finishing the salad, I walk outside and on the table on the deck.

“Why did you always tell me about your sexual partners and why stop?” I ask as soon as I saw him.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that,” I tell him a second later seeing his surprise.

“No. It’s okay. You deserve to know. I wanted to make you jealous. I was hoping one day you would return to me.”

Wow. Now I felt guilty.

“But then that woman happened and I realized I was hurting you, the girls and even myself by sleeping around with these women. I never liked them and I knew the girls could be hurt more if another woman came. I never got even half as much satisfaction fucking them as I did you blowing me or visa versa.”

“Thank you for telling me, Oz.”

“It’s only the truth.” He gave me that gorgeous smile of his and went back to grilling the things.

We were laughing and joking like normal, when we heard the girls exit the house.

Both now were dressed in floral sundresses, which did nothing to hide the perfect curves I knew they had. Their hair brushed and tied back in matching braids.

They paused for a second when they saw us looking. But continued walking over, holding one another’s hand.
They didn’t look at us other than that once.

“Sit down, Princesses, the food is almost ready,” Oscar told the girls as if nothing happened.

He had already given me a speech about me still being their father either way and I needed to show I didn’t hate them.
I knew he was right.

Silently they sat opposite me, still holding hands and not looking in my direction.

I am so bloody nasty. I should speak to them. I need to tell them I love them. Tell them I will be there for them no matter what.

I was so deep in thought I didn’t realize how long I was until Oscar placed a plate in front of me, giving me a disappointed frown.
“Here you go, my perfect Princesses.” He placed the chicken on the girl’s plates.

“Thank you, Oscar,” They both said sweetly at the same time.

He smiled and leaned down and went to kiss Kassy’s nose, but at the last second she looked up and he kissed her mouth.

“If you wanted to kiss me, Princess, you only had to ask,” He teased and instead of kissing Kerry’s nose went straight to her mouth.

“Sorry, I know I shouldn’t have, but you are just so cute. I want to eat you.” I knew his words had a double meaning. He sat in the free chair beside me, leaving the girls red-faced and me jealous.

“I really don’t hate you girls,” I finally said after minutes of eating in silence. They looked up to me with glossy eyes.

“Truly?” Kerry asked in a hopeful whisper.

“Truly.” I smiled at her cuteness. “I could never hate my beautiful Princesses.” I stood up and walked to the table.

But before I got there they both jumped up and threw themselves into my arms. “We love you, Daddy,” They say at the same time.

“I love you both too, so so much,” My arms tightened around them and I chuckled as they covered my face with kisses, everywhere but the one place I wanted it, my mouth.

We have never had your normal father-daughter relationship, we were always closer.

“I am so happy you aren’t crying anymore.” I moved both of my hands to hand my clinging pairs faces.

“Daddy loves you forever and always remember that, no matter what.” I couldn’t resist it, without a second thought I leaned down and place a lingering kiss on each of their mouths.

They blushed a bright red, much like they did when Oscar kissed them and they looked down shyly.

Oscar and I share a look. Do they feel something for us too or is it just an innocent response?

“Finish your dinner girls and we’ll talk more after,” I tell them and they nod before doing as I asked.
They look much happier now both sat with smiling happily.

“Don’t I get lots of sweet kisses too?” He asked still seated now wearing a pout.

“Fine,” I sigh dramatically and lean over beside me and going to peck his lips. But when I went to pull back he caught the back of my head and forced me to deepen the kiss.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it was now clear to the girls that their Uncle and I were closer than the normal brothers.

Pulling back I caught a look of surprise and something else I wasn’t sure of on the girls faces.

“That was hot, but I was actually talking about that cute little butterfly kisses the girls were giving you.”
I gave him a pointed look. This wasn’t how I wanted the girls to find out about us.

Looking back to the girls they looked shy and unsure. “I have something to confess.” I look to Oscar, who was smirking.

“Up until your mother and I married Oz and I were…” I tried to think of the right words. “We were together, sexually and recently we started again.” Their eyes widen in response. “So you see, Princesses, we are just like you. That is one of the many reasons why neither me nor your Uncle could never hate you.”


Oz = Oscar
Olli = Oliver/daddy
Kas = Kassy
Kerr =Kerry


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