Chapter 3 – The Princesses

Oscar’s pov

The girls were staring at us doe-eyed.
Fuck! Between their sexy asses and my hot brother I have serious trouble keeping it in my pants, hence why I slept around a lot. I didn’t want to sleep around, but I didn’t want to force any of them into something they didn’t want. If I had known before that Oliver still felt that way for me I would have taken him long ago.

As for the girls, my beautiful big breasted, kind-hearted Princesses, I can live and dream.

“You are Daddy’s boyfriend?” I almost choked on my food at Kassy’s question. “Is that why you and Daddy haven’t been dating cows recently?”

“Cows?” I laughed.

“Yes. We don’t like them,” Kerry said closing her arms, making her breast push up.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yes, we are partners.” I was surprised but happy at Oliver’s answer.

“Does that mean you two are gay now?”

I laughed and finished the last of my food. “Let us ask you a few questions and you can ask us too. There are no rules, deal?”

Oliver looked at me curiously but nodded as did the girls.

“Good. I’ll start. Are you two lesbians?” I ask a little too fast.

Oliver has always been honest and open, but I am the blunter of the two of us.

“We haven’t been with any other women or men, so I guess we could be,” I knew Kerry was teasing me. She was more like me, whereas Kassy was the shy twin.

“You are not allowed near any men either!” Oliver cut in seriously.

“We don’t want to, Daddy. Kas is mine forever. I want to continue to be with her.”

“Okay, Princess. I’m sorry. I just hate the idea of anyone touching my girls.”
“Possessive Daddy.” Kassy giggled sweetly.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. You and Uncle Oscar are our only men.”

Please be a double meaning…

Oliver must have been thinking the same as me, because I notice a swell in his tight Speedos.

“How long have you two been playing together?” He asked, his voice huskier than normal.

“We have always touched and been curious about one another. But we didn’t start properly until we were twelve. We were experimenting and one thing led to another…”

By this point, we had hard-ons.

“You don’t mind that me and Kassy are lovers as well as sisters then, Daddy?”

He shook his head, but no words came out. “It is alright, Princesses. We just need to keep it all a secret though. No one outside the four of us can know,” I tell her. I didn’t want the police finding out and arresting us.

“Alright. But how much did you see?” She then added, “I mean earlier, how long were you there?”

“Long enough to see you reach climax.” Wow, Oliver was feeling brave.

“Did you like it, Oz?” Kerry stood up and Kassy watched with a small grin.

Oliver’s pov

“Did you like seeing us finger fuck each other, Daddy?”

There was no doubt in my mind, my Princesses were flirting with us. The worst part, I loved it.

Kerry walked over to me and moved to sit on my lap. Not stopping her, I let her legs straddle my hips. Her dress had ridden up to reveal her naked, shaved mound which was pressed against the bulge in my pants.
“Fuck,” I groaned. Oscar leaned over and saw his eyes shown with lust.

I don’t know what came over me. Standing up her legs still around my waist, I swiped my arm across the table knocking all the empty dishes to the floor. Then sitting a surprised looking Kerry on the edge of the table, in one quick move I pulled my pants down and pushed myself inside her.

She let out a whimper as I torn through her virgin barrier.

I looked down to see tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Oliver! You are hurting her!” Oscar yelled sounding like he wanted to hit me.
“Shit! I am so sorry, Princess…” I began to say. “I didn’t-“

“It just hurts a little. The pain will go. Please love me, Daddy? I don’t want you to stop, you and Oscar are the only men we want. Kassy and I want you to be ours like you are each others.”

I notice Kassy laid back in her chair with her legs spread, her feet on the table as she playing with herself.

Oscar’s eyes were glued to her and but he pried them away and looked at me pleadingly.

I was still unmoving on top of Kerry.

“Her virginity is for you Uncle.” He looked to Kerry, laid beneath me. “It is?”

“Yes. We spoke about it a long time ago. But once you take it you have to make love to me after, as Daddy does with Kas. You will both be ours then forever.”

Kassy nodded and we looked to Kerry, no longer worried but amused and turned on.

“Is that so?” I tease pinning her hands above her head and slowly moving into her tight pussy.
My body felt like it was humming with pleasure.

“Yes, Daddy. You are all mine!”

“Oz, if you don’t take her virginity, I will. It feels better than I imagined,” I say before pressing my lips to hers in our first kiss not as father and daughter but lovers.
“You imagined us?” Kassy asks shyly.

“If you haven’t already worked it out, Princesses, we are both completely in love with you both. Which makes it more complicated is we love each other too.” Oscar walked over to Kassy and bent on his knees between her legs.

“Fuck me, please, Oz, you can eat or whatever later. I just need you inside me,” She begged him.

Kerry scraped her nails down my back and squeezed my backside. “Daddy, oh, Daddy. Fuck, yes,” She moaned as I now nibble her neck. “Daddy, you are so sexy. Make me yours, Daddy.”

I stopped mid-thrust making her whine. “Daddy…” I chuckled.
“Shh, Princess.” I sat her up long enough to pull off her dress, before laying her back down and pumping myself inside her.

“God. Our girls have perfect bodies, don’t you think?” I looked up to see Oscar with his dripping cock rubbing over Kassy’s slit. I don’t know when it happened, but she was also naked and now laying on the table.

“Like Goddesses,” I say back kneading Kerry’s breast with my hand.

“Are you sure you want this, Kassy?” Oscar asked positioning his member at her entrance. Her legs instantly wrapped around his waist. “Because if you want your Oliver first, I don’t mind waiting?”

I knew he loved her too. I couldn’t ask for a better man for my girls.

Obviously growing frustrated she pulled him forwards with her legs making him slam into her. A whimper like her twin’s sounded and Kerry took her hand.

“Kassy! Are you alright?” He asked worriedly. “I love you, Oz. Please move.”

He seemed reluctant. “She likes the pain. She will enjoy it,” Kerry tells him. Surprising us both. “Watch this.” I slowed my thrusts as she reached over and slapped Kassy breast. Her nipple became rock hard and she let out a soft moan.

“Another time you should try spanking her butt. She is a complete submissive.”

Without anymore needing to be said, Oscar slowly began to move inside her.

“That’s it! Yes…” Kassy purrs.
“Fuck, our Princesses like it dirty,” He said moving inside her as moaned loudly beneath him.
I hissed as I felt Kerry bite my chest, but it was a good pain.

“You were right, Olli. I’ve never felt anything like this.” His lips brushed against hers and she nibbled his bottom lip.

It was different, but Oscar was enjoying it and it was hella sexy to watch.

I have honestly never made a woman orgasm before. But I somehow managed to make Kerry without even trying.

Her pussy clamped down impossibly tight around me, her body tensed, her back arched into me and finally her body started to quiver before she exclaimed ‘Daddy.’

“I can’t hold it, I’m going too…” Before I finished my sentence, I felt my own release arrive.

“Kerry! Fuck!” My vision started to go fuzzy for a few seconds. I moved inside her for what seemed like a never-ending orgasm.

“Please can I cum?” I heard Kassy beg. God, between the twins and Oscar I will never have a boring love life again.

“Cum for me, Princess. Cum all over my wanting cock.”

Still inside Kerry but not moving, I saw Kassy came much like her sister. Expect she dug her fingers into his arms and yelled at him to go faster before finally screaming like a banshee.

“Yes, Princess. Take all my cum inside. My beautiful girl,” He panted out kissing her face. Thank the lord we lived a good distance from another house.

“I love you so much… Each of you.”

Oscar looked at me with a grin.
“I never thought when I was blowing you earlier or watching the girls that they would actually return our feelings.”

“Neither did I,” I said as my flaccid member came out of her.
I help her off the table and Oscar does the same with Kassy.

“Let’s get in the pool, Princesses, and Oz, and we can talk,” I suggest. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Daddy.” I look at her and then between her legs to see a mixture of my cum and her blood dripping down her leg.

“Shit, Princess! I’m sorry.” I know it was normal to bleed as of first time, but it didn’t make me feel any better.

“Let’s take the girls for a bath instead,” Oscar suggested walking over to us. Kerry moved out of my arms and Kassy took her place instantly wrapping her arms around me.

“I love you, Daddy, like really love,” She said shyly looking up at me. My heart filled with pride. I have never been so happy then this moment, knowing my girls and Oscar loved me. Life is perfect.

“I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.” My lips brushed against hers a few times before she decided she had enough and pulling me closer to her and giving me a hard, yet loving kiss.

“Princess, you need to be more patient,” I chuckle stroking her cheek. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Oscar and Kerry lovingly placing kisses on one another’s faces.

“We’ve been patient enough. Do you have any idea how hard it was just not to sit on your hard cocks while you slept?” Her eyes widen when she realized what she said and hides her face against my chest.
“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Her words muffled.

“Don’t be sorry, Princess. I want you to tell me everything.” I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist.
“Come on you two, let’s head in.”

Walking into the house they followed me and I felt a hand on my backside. Looking back Oscar winked at me. “I fucking love you,” He mouthed to me.
I grinned and mouthed it back.

“We’ll go the girl’s bathroom.” It was the biggest in the house, mainly because they share a bedroom, bathroom and bed.

That hinted to us that there was something else going on too.

“Yes. You two can join us,” Kerry said from beside Oscar, he was hugging her to his side as we walked.

“Can we?” He said sounding amused.
“You have to do what she tells you. Kerr is the Mistress,” Kassy said, resting her head against my chest, closed eyed.

“Let me get this straight…” Oscar paused to think. “Kassy, our sweet, shy Princess is a submissive who loves spanking, pain, biting people and being told what to do.”

“That’s right,” Kassy confirmed.

“And Kerry, our confident, protective Princess is a dominant who loves being in charge… What else? Tell me, I want to know everything.”

“I love waking up with Kas sat on my face.” We laughed at this, but it sounded hot.

“Being bitten is the best. I am not into pain like Kas, but a little pain is good. I love double penetration. There are lots of other things about us, but we can find that out as we go.”

“Sounds good.”

“I am very dominant, tell Kas what she can do, when she can cum, Spank her and tie her up. But I wouldn’t say we were like the real BDSM deal. We just like to play. I could never be like that all the time. A lot of the time we just make love soft and sweetly.”

“It is good to mix it up,” Oscar says and I nod in agreement.

We arrive in the bathroom seconds later. Moving from Oscar’s side, Kerry puts the plug in the huge bath and starts the water. She goes to put bubbles in back thankfully he stops her. “You should bathe in clean water, just for today.” She looked confused.

“You have just had sex for the first time, Princess, the bubbles may irritate you.”

Her eyes widen for a second and she nods in understanding, with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Aww, you are so cute when you blush,” He teases and pecked her nose. Then turning to me as Kassy climbed out of my arms and went over to hug her twin.

I missed the feeling. But Oscar had soon replaced her. One of his arms looped around me and pressed his lips and body to mine.

“I missed this,” He whispered and smelled my skin. “Still smell gorgeous.” He always used to love smelling.

“Did you ever think me and you would end not only together, but with your perfect daughters?” He whispers asked, I could feel his hardness rubbing against mine.

“Never.” I kiss the corner of his mouth. “I thought you would all end up and find someone, moving out and getting married,” I tell them honestly.

“Never going to happen,” He says pulling me over to the bath where the girls were now sat.
“The only people I would ever marry is in here,” He says thrusting his hips forward.
“He’s not a girl, Oz,” Kassy teased. “Unless you are going to bend him over.” She wiggled his eyebrows.

“We’ve never done that… His or mine.”

“I’m not really sure I would like anything up my ass,” I admitted.

“I agree.” He let go of my waist and we both stepped into the four-person Jacuzzi bath.

Kerry crawled from between Kassy’s legs and instead sat on Oscar’s lap.

Straddling him, she smirks, “Let’s not let your hard cock go to waste.”
His hands sat on her hips and he let out a groan as he entered her.

“I love your forwardness, Princess, you are so like your Daddy.”

“That’s a good job then because it means you’ll do as I say.” He looked at her in awe and nodded his head.

“I’ll do anything you want, Princess. I am yours.”

Teasingly she started rocking her painfully slow hips. “Promise you’ll be ours and only ours, you will never kiss or have sex with anyone outside this room?”

“I promise. Yes, I promise.” He was putty in her hands.

“We were planning to talk about it and ask you to be ours later,” I tell her.

“Now that we know you feel the same I know I want you both not to be my daughters, but my lovers.”

I gasped when I felt a mouth on the end of my own member.

“Who needs a Popsicle?” Kassy mumbled taking my member in and out of her mouth.

“We have lots of time for that later.” I stop her. “Get on your knees over the edge of the bath. Daddy is going to fuck you so hard…”

She did as I said straight away. Kerry was still teasing Oscar by going slow though he seemed blissfully happy with his head buried in her bosom every time he had a chance.

Kassy’s plump backside was stuck in the air taunting me. Moving on my knees in the water, I reach out and slap her backside. I was about to apologize but stopped when she started to moan.

“Please, Daddy, can I have some more?” I heard Oscar groan and mumble something about two twins always teasing him.

My member stood proudly in front of me, I haven’t cum so much in one day since before I was married.

I brought my hand sharply across her cheeks causing her to moan again and her tiny little pussy hole moved as if winking at me.

Moving my member to her entrance, I slammed myself into her. I knew I should have been gentle, but…
She let out a scream of pleasure.

“Does Daddy’s baby like that?” I continued to move inside her hard, but not too hard. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Yes, Daddy,” She said breathlessly. “Please don’t stop. I love your huge cock inside me.”

Kerry started to move slightly faster, Oscar moaned against her breasts.
“That’s it baby. Take my cock.”

I loved being with Kerry, but it felt different with Kassy. The same as it was different with Oscar, but all equally as good. I think today has only made me realize how much I love them all.


Oscar’s pov

Oliver was plowing into Kassy like a man possessed and she loved it.
Between that and the way my sweet little mistress was riding me, I knew I hadn’t long until I explode.

“I feel like a school boy. I can’t last much longer.”

“Cum with me then,” She told me and finally started to ride me faster.

I heard Kassy begging Oliver over and over for permission to cum.

“Kerry!” My balls buzzed as I exploded inside her. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up with her juicy breast in my mouth and her crying my name.

Oliver must have made Kassy cum and him too because he was sat smirking at me with Kassy sat between his legs.

“I’m pretty damn tired now,” I said yawning. We mainly did paper work at the office which was located in the first gym we opened. But we do have a few elite clients who we train.
So between that and the girls I was beaten.

“It’s getting late,” Oliver said looking at the clock on the wall of the bathroom. The girls asked us to put it in after they were late for school a few times because they were in the bath. But now I think about they probably was doing more than just bathing.

“Let’s wash and dry for bed and I’ll bring the bits from the garden in. I’ll wash them up tomorrow.”

“Daddy, will you and Oz sleep in our bed, please?” Kassy asked sweetly.
The girls were spoilt with a customer made bed. It is huge and could easy fit us all.

“Oh, Princess,” Oliver smirked groping her breast.
“We were planning on anyway,” I say finishing his sentence.

“Good, because now you are ours you won’t be sleeping anywhere else.”


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