Chapter 4 – Daddy Doesn’t Need Us

Kerry pov

Waking up in the morning, it was a tangle of arms and legs. Daddy was behind me, his morning glory settled between my butt cheeks, Kassy on my other and Oscar behind her with the same problem. “Morning Kerr,” She was waking watching me and smiling. “Morning Baby,” I kissed her lips not bothered about morning breath.

“I’ll take care of Daddy and you, Oz.” She nods grinning and we both pried ourselves from the guy’s grips they both stirred but didn’t wake up. Well, at least not fully.

“Princess, come back,” Daddy mumbled still half asleep.

“I am.” I climb over him so we were in the 69 position. Kassy did the same with Oscar.

She gave me a grin and I gave her a wink before we settled our pussies on their faces and taking their members in our mouths.

“Mmm,” Oscar hummed nuzzling Kassy’s pussy. “Are you smelling me?” She asked making me laugh.

“Mmhmm.” His nose nuzzling her folds.

“Fuck me!” Daddy said in a deep voice and he starts lapping from my pussy to my backside.

His hips thrusted upwards, but I had him pinned down. His tongue circled my anus.

“Smells so good,” Oscar mumbled still sniffing her, but now tongue fucking her.

“How are you so good at that?” Daddy asked rubbing one of his fingers over my anus.

“I’ve been blowing the male teachers at school,” I joke. I go to an all-girls school – the Kemen Girls School – that way there isn’t any teenage boys around.

He pushes her finger into my tight hole. “Don’t even think about,” He put different finger in my other hole. “You are mine and Oscar’s. You both are. No one else can have you.”

He made me a whimpering mess on top of him. “Now cum on my face lover,” He tongued my clit.

I love the feeling of him being in both holes. It wasn’t long before I was doing just as he asked.

Moaning on his member, still in my mouth, I let him pumping his hips.

“Get ready, Princess,” He warned and several seconds later he was releasing ropes of cum into my mouth.

“Taste so good,” I hum as drinking his seed and sucking him.

“As do you, Princess.”

I moved off of him and leaned down to kiss his lips. Neither of us bothered about tasting ourselves.

“Let’s help them.” I look to Kassy and Oscar still in the same position as before, except his fingers were now in her pussy.

He nods and we both crawl over to the pair. I spread Oscar’s legs and playing with his balls with my mouth and Daddy works Oscar’s shaft with Kassy.

Their tongues and mouths kept turning almost as if kissing.

“Fucking hell!” Oscar twitched beneath us and came all over our faces.

Taking his member in her mouth, Kassy licked it clean while we licked her face. Once done Daddy lapped at my face.

“I love seeing you suck cock, Daddy.” He smirked, “I love doing it.” He winked. “He tastes great doesn’t he?” He asked as I started licking his face.

“Yes, yes!” Kassy exclaimed pushing her pussy against him harder.

She bit down on his hip, something she often did with me when cumming, but not too hard.

“I could get used to waking up like this.”

“So could I.”


After getting washed and dressed, we all went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

“What are you girls doing today while we are at work?” Oscar asked eating his plate of egg and pancakes.

“Not sure. Properly the same as yesterday. Maybe go see Macy before she goes away with her dad to the cabin.”

She had asked us to go, but we didn’t like leaving Daddy and Oscar so long. They would be gone almost the whole three months of summer.

Her father was loaded so he didn’t have to worry about work.

“Well, if you do don’t be out too late because we are going to finish work early and take you out to dinner.”

“Like a date?”

Daddy chuckles and leans over to peck Kassy’s lips, “Exactly like a date, Princess.”

“We’ll need to go shopping then.”

The rest of breakfast we spent with Kassy tell us about shopping.

That girl has a serious addiction. Though if it weren’t for her I probably would be wearing holey jeans and a sweatshirt. She chooses and buys all my clothes and I only follow her around like a little puppy.

Daddy had set us up a joint bank account that he had put a bunch of money in ‘just in case something happened.’ And instead of giving us pocket money puts a few hundred on the account every week. I told him he gives us too much, but he never listens. He just says ‘Princesses get everything they want.’

Not long after breakfast Daddy and Oscar gave us both kisses and left for work.

As you can guess Kassy dragged me out shopping.

After I had driven us to the mall, she dragged me to half a dozen stores before finally finding us the perfect outfits.

Did I mention I hate shopping?

Then was a time for the more fun part. The lingerie shop. She always tried in on and modeled for me. I swear I always end up getting carried away and having to buy the soiled clothing. Not that I mind. It means she has lots of sexy outfits to tease me in at home.

We always got more attention than most, but that was because were big breasted and twins.

It’s every man’s dream to do twins, right?

In the cubicle, I had Kassy’s back pressed against the mirrored wall as I was on my knees harshly eating her pussy.

She was always a good girl when shopping. Not making a noise, she bit her lips and rolled back her eyes after I indicate with a signal we worked out previously to tell her to cum.

“Mmm,” She moaned but quietly.

“Such a good girl,” I lick her clean, making sure to get every drop of her sweetness.

“Let’s get you changed and we’ll buy these things,” I smirk and strip her of her clothing. Just as she is was putting on her dress a knocking sound at the door.

I growl and mumble obscenities under my breath.

Opening the door slightly, enough so I could see out but the person couldn’t see in, I see the store security.

He is tall, skinny man in his twenties. He looked like if you hit him he might break.

How the f*ck did he get a job like this?

“Sorry, Miss, we had a report people were having sex in this cubicle,” He didn’t sound sorry in the slightest bit.

Looking behind me I see Kassy is now dressed and picking up the stuff we wanted to buy. We had already put the other bags in the car.

“Yes, because me and my sister are always having sex,” I say taking a step back to reveal Kassy.

He did a double take seeing her and gold-fished a few times before saying how sorry he was a rushing away.

I would have been pissed if it weren’t so funny.

After making the purchase we take another trip to our car.

It was coming up to midday and we were both a little hungry.

“Let’s go to the gym and surprise them,” Kassy suggested. I quickly agreed and letting Kassy drive. We drove to the beach front gym.

We walked to the back entrance with the help of the key-card our Daddy had given us. That way we didn’t have to pass many or any people to get to their office.

Walking through the corridors to the office we came to the first door. Once through the main door, there were two more doors located at the end of the corridor to get to their office. Both need key-cards, because ‘there is important stuff inside.’ Only us, them and a couple of other people have the access.

“Remember not to say a word. I want to surprise them,” I tell her as we enter the office door one.

Softly closing the door behind us, we walk towards the main door. But stop when we hear noises. The noises were muffled by the thick walls, door and glass so we couldn’t hear what was being said.

There was a small window that looked into the office. Looking through the window my heart stopped.

“No. It’s got to be a misunderstanding,” Kassy whispers desperately to me.

The person inside glanced at us with a smirk, but Daddy and Oscar didn’t seem to notice us.

Then it happened the moment that broke mine and Kassy heart into a million pieces.

Quickly getting out of the building we didn’t bother speaking to them. We saw it with our own eyes.

“My heart hurts,” Kassy lay with her head on my lap as I drove. Where? Home and then to Macy’s.

It was hard to see with tears blurring my vision, but I was managing.

“Kas, we are going to take some time away.”


Oscar’s pov

We were just leaving the office and Oliver was pissed because of a certain woman’s appearance.

“Sir,” Richard, one of our trainers stopped us in the corridor before we left. “What?!” Oliver snapped just wanting to get home to our Princesses.

“Sorry, Sir, I just wanted to make sure the twins were alright.” We looked at him confused. They were no stranger to this place, but it wasn’t normal for the staff to ask about them.

“I saw them run out of the building and drive away crying.”

“They were here? When?”

“Yes, about forty minutes ago.”

Oliver and I run from the building both realizing.

Getting to the car, we sped out of there.

“God. You think they saw? They must have,” I worried.

“We need to tell them. We need to explain.”

We tried calling their phones, but they went straight to voice mail.
We were a mess by the time we got home.

“Their car isn’t here.”

“Let’s check inside quickly.”

Rushing around the house and garden we found it empty.

‘They will be here, they will be here. Maybe visiting a friend. They wouldn’t have left us. They are our Princesses. They love us and we love them,’ I told myself as we searched.

“They can’t have gone! Where would they go?” I panicked. Oliver was just as bad.

“Hang on… There’s a note.”

He rushed to the table and opened it up. It was in Kerry’s handwriting.

‘To Daddy and Oscar.
We went to visit you at the gym but saw you busy with… Her, so we left. We need some time alone, away from you. I know we shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up and think after one night of fun we would all live happily ever after, but I did. We both did. More fool us, right?

We should have known.
Anyway that is why we went away. We need some time to come to terms with just being your daughters, your nieces again.

We will be home before school starts. We are safe so don’t worry. We are with Macy and her father.

We love you forever and always even if we can’t have you. Just be happy.

Forever yours,
The Princesses

A sob broke from his throat and he broke down in my arms.

“I can’t lose them Oscar, I need them. I love them so much. Please help me? Please don’t let her ruin us again.”

I wanted to cry too. My eyes brimmed with tears, but I somehow managed to hold them back.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find them. We’ll explain, fix things and we’ll have our perfect, beautiful, kind…” I spoke too soon I break down too.

Yes, even grown men cry.

“I miss them, Olli.”

He cupped my face and looked at me with his tear stained face.
“Let’s call them again and we’ll head to Macy’s. Hopefully, they haven’t left yet. If they have, we’ll find where they went and get our girls back.”


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