Chapter 5 – Living Without Your Other Half

Kassy pov

Two and a half months, that’s how long it’s been and it isn’t getting any easier. Neither of us has read or listened to the many of messages they sent to our phones. But we did text them every day to tell them we are well.

But that was a lie. Every day is getting harder and harder.

Especially after the message we got from her.

Macy and her father noticed we were down, we just told them we were secretly seeing two guys. But we ended it because they are back with their exes, which wasn’t a complete lie.

We cry ourselves to sleep holding each other.

But we try and act happy around the others. We don’t want to ruin their holiday.

“You need to tell them. They’ll understand,” Macy’s father, Ian told us again. He had been trying to get us to call our worried ‘father and uncle’ for a few weeks now.

He knew our uncle was like a second father to us. Oscar always went to school meetings with Daddy, picked us up when Daddy couldn’t. In all, he did the job our mother was meant to do. But mother never did nothing good for us, except leave.

“We will soon,” Kerry says meaning the day we’ll leave we’ll call.

“Make sure you do or I will.” We thought this was an idle threat. Little did we know.


Oliver’s pov

We tried all sorts to find them but nothing. We weren’t working, we couldn’t think of anyone but them, we had someone covering for us and running the company for us instead. We called the girls hundreds, even thousands of times hoping they would answer but nothing.

The only reason that we haven’t completely lost it, is the one message the girls send us every day. Every time saying they love and miss us.

Thank God I had Oscar, we had each other. He was always there to hold me, like now. We had taken up sleeping in the girl’s room, but the smell was fading.

As was normal in recent weeks, we both kept out phones with us and on 24/7.

It was one morning at 10am when my phone started ringing and like many of times before I almost fell off the bed to answer it.

I was always hoping, wishing. But in the back of my mind I knew it wouldn’t be them, it never was.

I cleared the sleep from my throat and answered the call, trying not to sound too desperate in case it wasn’t them. “Hello?”

“Hello Oliver?” A familiar man’s voice asked.

“Yes, that’s me.” Oscar sat up and stroked my hair.

God, I love his touch.

“This is Ian Hart, Macy’s father.”

My eyes widen, “Mr. Hart,” I sounded a little too excited.

“Where are you? Are my daughters with you?” Oscar stopped and looked at me hopefully.

“They didn’t tell you?”

“No, they told us they were going with you,” I tell him quickly. “But they told us with a note and never said where.”

I heard him tut, “I am so sorry. I would have call much sooner if I knew.”

“It’s alright. You weren’t to know, you are calling now. Wait… Is something wrong? Has something happened to my Princesses?”

He chuckled at me worrying, “No, nothing has happened… Well, it has, but that is why I am calling.” He paused. “The girls have been really upset and worried about seeing you.” He paused again. It was starting to annoy me.

“If it isn’t a problem, I thought it might be good for the three of you to come here and talk to them.”

I was about to agree when I realized what he said. “Three?”

“Yes. You, your brother and your wife,” He said as if it was obvious.

“I am divorced. Their mother isn’t in the picture with me or the girls,” I told him hoping he would tell the girls. But it was the truth, I hated my ex-wife. Now more than ever.

“Really? But she messaged… Never mind. I think you will have to talk to your ex and the girls about that.”
Messaged? A million things were running through my head, but there was only one thing I really wanted to know.

“Where are you and we’ll come straight away?”

“I thought you might want too. We are in our cabin in a small town called Catherine.” I quickly jumped out of bed making Oscar fall on his side. I rushed to get a pen and paper and wrote down the instructions on how to get there.

“You are welcome to stay at the cabin. It has plenty of space.”

“Thank you. We will probably take you up on that offer.” I didn’t care about imposing I just wanted my girls back.

“We’ll leave shortly. We’ll see you later today.”

“That is great. I know the girls will be excited to hear. They have missed you both so much. You and Uncle Oz is all they talk about.”

I was pleased to hear it.

“Can you not tell them, I want to surprise them?”

After finishing on the phone, Oscar started asking me a million questions like an impatient child.

If anything, this time apart has made us realize we could never be without them.

He told me that when they were little he always thought of them as his own daughters, but then when they got older, it changed.

They weren’t our daughters anymore, they never would be again. They were our other half.

“Oscar, pack a case. We are going to get our girls.” I have never seemed him move so fast.

“Hurry up, Olli! The girls are waiting for us!”


The drive to the cabin was filled with chatter, from how we would explain to the girls, to what the hell was Pauline playing at.

By the time the cabin, which was more one of the biggest cabins I had ever seen.

I heard Oscar do a little cheer from beside me when we saw the girls car parked outside.

As if hearing our arrival, the front door opened and a large man in his mid-thirties I knew as Ian stepped out to greet us.

He was a millionaire businessman, who also happened to be one of our clients at the gym.

We had been his trainers for years, which is how we found out about the school we sent the girls to and how the girls first met Macy.

I wouldn’t say we were best friends or anything, we didn’t really hang out. But we did speak a lot during his workouts.

“Hey guys, I’m glad you came,” He told us. He held out his hand and we both shook it in turn.

“I wanted to call you ages ago, but you know Macy…” He was always telling us how bossy she was. If I didn’t know, sometimes, you would think she was his wife not his daughter the way he talks about her. He was a widow. His wife died of cancer several years ago. He hadn’t moved on with another woman, but he obviously he seemed happy it just being the two of them. Him and Macy.

“Plus you have to walk a good distance to get a cell signal. Can you believe this place doesn’t have land-lines?”

Our girls walked every day just to message us?

“Thank you so much for looking after my girls. We have missed them so much.”

“No problem. They are great girls. I can understand what you mean, Macy hasn’t been away from home for more than a night. We have enjoyed them being here. But I think between their break up, their mother’s claims and other things they aren’t very happy.”

“Break up?” Had they told him about us?

“I don’t know if you know, but I am only telling you now because you will find out soon anyway. Kassy and Kerry have been seeing two boys in secret.” I felt Oscar tense beside me. They haven’t moved on already have they?

“But they both cheated on them with their exes and left the girls heartbroken. That is why they came away with me and Macy.” Not moved on, us.

“Then their mother sent them some message about you and her remarrying and… Well, I think we both know they don’t like their mother much. But from what I have heard they have no reason too.”

My mind was whirling.

“Can we see the girls?” Oscar asked impatiently.

“Yeah. They are in the sun room. Grab your bags and you can leave them in the hall if you want to speak to them first.”

I don’t really take in the surrounds much. All I knew it there is a lot of trees.

Entering the house we drop the bags and Ian leads us to the back of the cabin, to the glass sun room where our Princesses were sat with Macy chatting.

“Macy,” Ian said getting his daughter and mine, attention. “Come help me make dinner.”

She looked to the twins but stood up. “You want kinky chicken and cheesy taters?” The twins eyes seemed to avoid us, but looked excited at the mention of food.

“Cucumber salad too?” Kassy asked Ian hopeful.

Fuck, she is cute.

“I already started it.”

“Thanks, Ian.”

“Call me if you need anything,” Macy said with a strange look to the girls.

“We’ll call you when it’s done.” She walked to her father, said hello to us and the pair left us alone with the twins.

Walking over and looking at the girls, they were both dressed in similar dresses which fanned out just below the chest.

“Daddy, please don’t marry mother,” Kerry said breaking down. Both she and Kassy got up and hugged me and Oscar together.

“Please, Daddy. We love you so much, we’ll do anything,” Kassy cried this time.

“Princesses, we are only yours, nothing has changed.”

“But mother… We saw…”


Oscar had been teasing me all morning, rubbing himself against me accidentally when were with clients.

When we go to our secure office, we were naked in no time and blowing each other.

But all too soon we were interrupted.

A knock at the glass window got our attention.

Looking inside with a smug smirk stood Pauline, my ex-wife, the twins so-called mother.

Too angry to bother putting my clothes back on (Stupid but true) I went to the door and unlocked it.

Our office was purposely blocked unless you have a keycard because of the safe in the office.

But somehow she had got through the first door to see through the window.

“Who the fuck let you in?” I growled.

“A handsome man called Derek let me in to see my husband.”

Why the fuck does she always try to make everything sound sexual?

“He is so fired,” Oscar mumbles.

“Get out, Pauline. You are not my wife anymore.”

Ignoring me, she walked past me and into the office.

“I said get out,” I yell walking over and letting the door fall closed. But from the inside it opened without a key-card.

“At least I know now why you only fucked me in the dark.” She was trying and successfully pissing me off.

“Just tell us what the fuck you wanted and get out,” Oscar snapped.

“Sure thing, Oz. At least I know why you’d never take me up on my offers.”

Yes, Pauline was and is a whore.

She was a flirt when I first got with her. But a virgin and after we had married she just turned into a whore.

I tried to make it work for our girls, but she never really bothered with them. She rarely changed their nappies or fed them. Never breastfed them, because ‘it’s gross,’ her words not mine. Then I finally saw with my own eyes she was cheating and we split up. I knew she was doing it but had no proof, except Oscar’s say so and her trying it on with him.

He had never liked her.

“I was going to ask to borrow money but now…” She smirked. “I want sex and quarter of a million if you don’t want me to report you to the police.” She was often around begging for money when her toy-boy, sugar daddy or family wouldn’t give her any.

I always sent her away empty handed, but she still tried.

I growled and pinned her up against the wall. Oscar stood beside me looking ready to kill her.

“I would rather go to jail than-” A smirk crossed her face as she looked at something behind me. Then in a quick move her lips were on mine. I let her go and took a step back ready to yell, but she, in one quick move dropped to her knees and took Oscar’s flaccid member in her mouth.

He instantly pushed her back.

“YOU FILTHY FUCKING WHORE! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME OR OLIVER! YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING!” He raged pulling on his shorts he grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the building. She was kicking and screaming she would get back to us. We fired Derek and let everyone know not to let her in the building full stop unless they wanted the same.

End of flashback.

“But she must not have called the cops because we haven’t heard anything from them or her since,” I finished explaining as their girls continued to cling to us like we might disappear.

“We told you were our only and I swear to all that is holy you are. We love you both so much. It has been a nightmare without you. I would rather stay celibate for the rest of my life than be without you by my side. I need you all. Please forgive us,” Oscar pleaded.

“Is that really what happened?” Kassy looked at me hopefully.

“Yes, Princess. It is all true. I hate your mother. The only reason I married her is because of you girls.” I cupped their cheeks. “But I honestly feel the best thing I ever did is get her pregnant because it gave me you both.”


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