Chapter 6 – Surprise

Oscar’s pov

“I hated Olli at the time for doing it, for leaving me. But the moment you were born,” I kiss their cheeks. “I fell in love with you. Not in a romantic sense. But it was like you were my children. I hated when he moved out, but I still got to see you all the time. Thankfully the divorce happened and I got back my brother and my Princesses.

“I always loved you, but then you got older and in recent years… I just love you. I love Kassy, I love Kerry and I love Oliver. You are mine, you can’t ever leave us again.”

“I’m sorry, we never read your messages. I should’ve known,” Kerry said sadly. “But why did Mother message me and tell us Daddy and her were getting back together? She knew that we had gone away and said when we returned you were marrying.”

“Fucking bitch,” I mumbled a lot of obscenities under my breath. I God damn hate Pauline.

“Your grandparents must have told her. But I don’t know what she is playing at, but her and I, are and will never get back together.” Oliver had told Pauline’s parents when they called to talk to the girls. He told them they went on holiday with friends.

“So, you are ours forever still?”

“Yes, Princess. Forever.”

The twins share a look as if silently communicating. I reached out to hold them, but they took a step back.

“Whats wrong?” Oliver sounded as worried as I felt.

“I thought we were alright now?”

“You promise no matter what you will stay with us forever?” Kerry asked as Kassy chewed her lip nervously.

A bad feeling settled in my stomach. “No matter what you are ours.” He paused and looked sad, “Did you sleep with another man?”

“What? How can you even ask that?! No, never, only ever you two.”

Oliver’s lips turned up into a smile and I felt a bit better, but I still had a bad feeling.

“Sorry, I just panicked. But I am glad to hear it.”

Slowly they smoothed their hands down their bodies until reaching a strange round mass on their normally flat abdomens.

My eyes widen when I realize what has happened.

“You are both…?” I trail off.

“We are both pregnant with your babies.” I stood still shocked and speechless. I turned my head quickly when I heard a clatter.

Oliver passed out. Cue internal eye roll. This was typical of him. He had a similar reaction when their so-called mother told him she was pregnant.

I gently pulled them into my arms and hugged them.

“What about Daddy?”

“Is he hurt?” They both worried for my idiot brother.

“He’s fine,” I say dismissively. I love him. But I had my girls back… My… Our pregnant girls. “He didn’t hit his head. He’ll wake up in a second or two,” I tell them kissing both their necks in turn and rubbing their small bumps.

“How are you both so big?” I drop to my knees, they shrugged their shoulders. “Hold up your dresses.” They did as I said and I placed kisses on their swollen abdomens.

“When did you find out?” I was in awe of their bumps. I never knew pregnant women could be so sexy. No lie, I was starting to get a painful erection at the sight.

“We did a home test and went to the doctors. He said we were twelve weeks and we will be able to have our first scan anytime.”

“You had a scan?” I asked slightly disappointed. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know if the children were mine or Oliver’s, they were both our children anyway.

We were a family nothing would change that.

“No,” Kassy shook her head. “We wanted to wait until we saw you. It would have been tricky if mother were back but… Yeah. We wanted you and Daddy to see your babies.”

I wanted to yell at the top of my voice, ‘I’m going to be a father!’ But couldn’t risk it with Ian and Macy in the same house.

A groan from behind us made me turn my head. Oliver sat up rubbing his head. “What the…” His eyes widened and welled up remembering. “You are both pregnant?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I am going to be a Daddy again?”

“What would you think if you were?”

He got to his knees and pushed himself up.

“I am…” His expression is unreadable as he walked over. I stood up between them. “Oscar, we are going to be daddies,” He exclaimed pulling us all into his arms and covering both girls faces in kisses only giving me a couple. Not that I minded I know how much he missed them.

“You should have rung us as soon as you found out. We love you both more than anything. Oscar and I haven’t been able to work, we’ve been walking around like zombies. We missed you so much. I can’t believe my little girls are pregnant,” He fell to his knees in front of Kassy and pulled up her dress to see her bump.

“Hiya baby. I am your daddy… Well, one of them. You are very lucky because you and your sibling – who is in your second mummy – have two daddies and mummies who love you both very much.” He indicated for Kerry to come closer and like with me, she held up her dress.

“I love you both.” He kissed both bumps while I stroked the tops of the surprisingly large bumps. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

My family is so perfect.

He looked up at me with sparkling eyes. “We are so lucky. You and I both get to be father’s to ours and the princesses babies.”

“I know. I never thought I’d be a real father. But I often…” I trail off embarrassed.

“Often what?” Kassy asked so sweetly that I couldn’t not tell them. She took my hand and kissed the back before placing it on our gestating child’s nest.

“I don’t want to sound like a pedo, because I did find you attractive back then but I wouldn’t…” They all watch my rant amused.

“I have always thought you were both beautiful. But in your teens I started to find you attractive in the way I shouldn’t. It started when I began having these dreams, you were fourteen at the time. Both your stomachs were round with not only mine, but also Olli’s children. But you were both looked older than fourteen in my dream and it always ended with us all getting married.”

“I would love if we could. But maybe we could just pretend we are for now?” Kerry suggested. I was surprised at their reaction. “But please just never cheat on us. We missed you so much. We wanted to go back to you every day. But we were scared. We knew that if we saw you with that woman we would break down and beg you-” Tears started falling down her face.

“Princess, Princess,” I picked her up off the ground and held her, her chest and bump pressing against my front and her feet hovering off the ground.

“Don’t cry, pretty girl.” I kissed her face. Oliver stood up and he and Kassy wrapped their arms around Kerry, joining us.

“I’m sorry, I’m an idiot. I didn’t mean to cry,” She sobbed, her head resting on my shoulder. It was heartbreaking. Oliver looked like he might cry. He was always the softer one.

“I just love you all so much. I don’t think I could live without any of you.”

“And you never have to, Princess.” I tighten my arms around her and close my eyes. “Hmmm. I love doing this.” I open my eyes and kiss both Oliver and Kassy on the lips.

“My three beautiful… I mean five,” I remember our children. “My five loves all with me.”

I don’t know how long we were stood just hugging, but the next thing we knew…

“Aww,” The eighteen-year-old red haired Macy’s voice made us pull apart. “See, I told you they wouldn’t be angry.” Macy was a pretty, sweet girl, maybe a little too chatty, but nothing compared to my princesses.

“We could never be angry at them,” Oliver said standing one side of the twin and I was on the other.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” She swooned. “They are to lucky to have you guys as dads… Dad and uncle, you know what I mean,” She rambled.

Macy was definitely our favorite one of the girls friends. One, because we knew her father. Two, because she was the only one not the flirt with us.

I mean serious, they have one male friend who goes to a neighboring school (the twins go to an all girls school) and even he has flirted with us. It’s pretty unsettling. Especially considering a lot of their friends are a couple of years younger than them. Once I asked them why they hung out with younger girls, Kerry told me because they look up to her and Kassy because they are older. Plus they tend to be less bitchy than the girls their own age. They always treat the twins like competition because they are more beautiful than them. Alright, she didn’t say because they were beautiful, but I know that’s why. They are little hotties, especially now they have own children in their wombs.

So fucking hot!

“Dinners just about done. My daddy is just dishing it up,” Macy said breaking me from my thought.

“Thank you. We’ll wash our hands and join you in a minute,” Kassy told her. The girl nodded and left the room, then Kerry leads us to a downstairs bathroom where we all took turns washing up.

“I want to arrange a scan for tomorrow,” I said thinking out loud. “I would have it today, but I doubt we’d get one.”

“I’ll call them after dinner, we’ll have to take a walk,” Kerry tells me and I remember the lack of a signal nearby. I nod and open my mouth to speak, but my brother cuts in first.

“A scan… I completely forgot about that, I was so excited… You haven’t had an ultrasound yet?” My handsome younger brother said hopefully. He is so sexy. It is no surprise the girls are so gorgeous with him for a father. They definitely didn’t get it from that whore of a mother of theirs.

The only thing they got from her is their beautiful dark brown hair. Though, Pauline (Their mother) bleached it within an inch of its life a long time ago. She has fake breasts brought by one of her many past lovers and brown eyes, but often wore blue contacts. In all honestly, she was actually kind of pretty when she had the twins, but soon she became more and vainer and whorish looking. Apart from her fake chest she had no curves, she is so skinny she looks sick.

“No. We were offered, but we wanted to wait for you and Oz. It’s only fair that you both get to see the little nuggets.”

“Nuggets?” I asked amused. Kerry is adorable.

“Yes, like nuggets of gold,” Kassy explains.

“That’s perfect. Thank you, girls,” Olli pecked both their lips. Just then, Kerry’s stomach made a loud growling noise.

“Let’s go feed our princesses before nugget one goes all alien on us,” I joke and together walk to what I guess is the dining room.

“Everything alright?” Ian asked the moment he saw us entered the room.

“It’s great. Daddy is getting back with Mother and Daddy and Oz are going to help us with the babies,” Kerry said excited.

A smile graced his face while at the same time as he and Macy sent the plates of food on the table. “That is great,” He genuinely sound happy.

He had always gotten on well with the girls.

“Thanks for looking after our girls,” Olli said sitting down at the table. Kassy beside him and Kerry and she, next to me.

“No problem. They are perfectly well behaved, as always,” Ian replied joining us, sitting on the opposite side of the large table, beside his daughter. I don’t know why, but I was surprised he didn’t sit at the head of the table. Isn’t that what rich guys do?

Well, I guess I haven’t room to speak. I mean, me and Olli are millionaires too. I know, surprising, right? No one’s reaction can be as shocked as mine and his. When we opened the gym, even though we started selling our own home made vitamins and supplements, we never expected it to be so popular. We are even thinking of buying out a small group of gyms which has gyms in several locations. The owner has money problems due to gambling debts and wants to sell up.

We are currently in talks over the price.

“Come on, eat up before it gets cold.”

With forkful of food in my mouth, I almost chocked when I felt Kerry’s hand slip under my waistband and take my quickly expanding erection in her hand.

“Are you alright?” Macy asked worriedly.

“Yes. A piece of chicken just went down the wrong hole,” I tried to keep my voice normal as I took a sip of water.

“He always eats too fast,” Olli made up knowing what was happening. I glanced at him and then to Kerry not to draw attention. She was eating perfectly well with one hand as if nothing was happening as if she wasn’t giving me a handjob under the table.

“You are going to be the death of me,” I lean in and whisper lowly while the others talk.

Not looking in my direction, I see her lips quirk into a smile and her hand pumps me faster.

“Be a good daddy, Oz, and cum in mummy’s hand, because I really fancy eating your cum with my dinner.” She spoke quietly, but you never know. I just hope we don’t get caught.

How in the hell would I explain it? Oh, yeah. It’s alright. I’m just feeding my niece my cum because she is pregnant with mine and her father’s child. You know pregnant women and their cravings…


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