Chapter 7 – Caught In The Act

Kerry’s pov

After dinner, we set out to a location which had a phone signal. We offered to do the dishes, but Ian said most were done and the others he would put in the dishwasher. We also asked if they wanted to walk with us, but again they said ‘no’ and we needed time with our dad and uncle. I was actually kind of happy they said no, it gave us time to be a couple without worrying about being caught.

But only feet from the cottage I felt ready for a nap. Kas wasn’t much better. The food plus pregnancy made me tired. That seemed to happen a lot recently.

Thankfully, Daddy had his car keys and so he ended up driving us until I get enough bars to make the call. Being in an area with a small community, I was easy able to make an appointment for the following day. To say daddy and Oz were excited was a complete understatement.

The drive there and back took only twenty minutes instead of the hour or longer long walk we normally made.

“Let’s head inside and I’ll show you to the rooms you two can use.”

“I wish we could share with you,” Daddy pouted. So cute. I never thought I’d ever see that.

“We will join you in bed, they don’t have to know,” Oz told us as we came to the door which was unlocked. The nearest neighbor was miles away, so they only locked up at night or if the cottage was empty.

Entering the house in relative silence, I looked to Kas then our two men with furrowed brows when I heard the strangest noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded a bit like a dolphin, but then again not.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to see what that noise was. Kas had the same idea as me while Daddy and Oz followed silently behind us.

Soon we follow our way to the kitchen and what I saw inside… I swear, I almost dropped my baby there and then. To say I was in shock was an understatement. The pair didn’t notice us and continued to do what they were doing.

“Whitwoo.” My mouth drops open. The pair in front of me freeze. I quickly turn to Kas who is grinning, Oz is fighting back a grin and shaking his head and Daddy has the same shocked expression as me.

“That is-” I cut her off by placing my hand over her mouth.

“Sorry for interrupting you,” I say to the couple backing up with my arm around Kas’s waist and my hand still over mouth. “Go back to what you were doing.” My face turned a deep red. “We’re just going to show them to their rooms…” Quickly I turned and dragged my sister along with me. I heard Daddy say, “Sorry,” And he and Oz follow us too.

They took their bags from the hall and followed us to the stairs. Only instead of leading them to separate rooms I led them to mine and Kas’s. Finally I let go of Kas and as soon as she began giggling, Oz chuckled and Daddy mumbled, “That was unexpected.” We all agree.


Macy Hart, eighteen. A red hair which she inherited from her mother or so I’m told and hazel eyes from her father. She had a tiny and firm body and looked almost like a doll at only five foot two inches.

Ian Hart, thirty-five. Father of Macy and widower of Mary.

Salt and pepper hair, Hazel eyes, muscular and tall at six foot three. But shorter than Daddy six foot four and Oz, six foot five.

Perched on the edge of a chair on her knees was Macy. She was bent over the back of the chair completely naked whaling like a banshee as her equally naked father pounded into her from behind.

End of flashback.

“At least we can share a room now,” Oz said as he and daddy set their bags on the floor near the wardrobe.

“That’s right,” Daddy exclaimed realizing and gave us a handsome smile as me and my sister sat on the edge of the bed. “We will be able to do all the stuff we want to without worrying about being caught.” Both daddy and Oz looked like they want to eat us. Their intense look made my panties instantly wet.

I have missed them, we both have. We had each other to satisfy our growing sexual appetite, but their touch was different, rough, and deep.

Lord, what I… what we both wouldn’t do for or to them.

They looked ready to pounce, but before they got a chance I knock sounded at our ajar door.

“Yes?” I called already knowing who it was.

“Can I come in and speak to you all for a moment?” Ian’s voice came through the crack.

“It’s your house, Ian, you can do and go where ever you want,” Oz replied with a smirk but hid it when the door was pushed completely open.

Ian, who I have to admit, is actually has a really hot body under his clothes – But not as hot as daddy and Oz – was now dressed. But in haste by the looks of it. His shirt and shorts creased and he was barefoot. His hair stood in every which direction as if he had been running his hand through it in stress.

Worry and stress lines marred his normal wrinkle free face and his eyes took one quick look at our blank expressions before looking to the carpeted floor.

“About what you saw…” He began to say not looking away from what seemed to be the most interesting carpet in the world.

“You can’t say it was your first time together. I bet you were at it every day when we left the house,” Kas interrupted him. I know she was only teasing, but it was not the time.

I sent her a look which said ‘Be quiet or I’ll punish you!’ She quietened down and apologized.

She liked punishment a little too much before. But since finding out we were pregnant I have stopped the spankings and started using orgasm denial as punishment. Sometimes I teased her in the morning and off and on throughout the day before giving her what she wanted.

“You have no reason to apologize,” He didn’t notice the look I gave her because his eyes stayed downwards. “What I did is wrong in the eyes of the law but-“

“Ian,” Daddy cut him off this time. “Look at me a moment. I hate speaking to you like this.” He looked up, but all the worry was still visible.

“First of all, we are not going to report you.”

“You’re not?” Ian looked unsure but surprised.

Daddy glanced at me as if send me a silent message. “No,” He replied, as me and Kas stood up and moved in front of him and Oz. “It would make me a hypocrite.”

Ian looked completely lost. “Both me and Oz are the fathers of the girls babies.”

Macy’s father gaped like a fish and looked at us all.

“It happened the day before we came with you here. The day we came to your house we saw our mother and them and… Well, we jumped to conclusions…” I wanted to say more, but I didn’t want to overwhelm him any more than he already was.

“Can I watch you next time?”

“Kas!” I scolded. She may be a submissive, but she sometimes has a problem with her mouth.

“Twenty-four hours.” She whimpered and looked at me through her lashes. “Corner!” I order her. She frowned, but nodded and walked to the corner of the room, her back facing us.

I watched her and smiled, before turning back to the others who were watching us curiously.

“Don’t worry about her. She likes being punished,” I tell them, mainly Oz and Daddy who look like they want to go over and comfort her. They didn’t seem convinced.

“Kas, tell them what you think of my punishments.”

Without moving from her spot, she turned to us with a huge grin. She is a naughty girl.

“I love when she spanks me, but she won’t now we pregnant. She said it might hurt the baby. But she still sits on my face and tenses me. I even love when she brings me to the brink but then stops. I like being tied up too, but she doesn’t do that much now either. I like punishment.”

“A little too much,” I mumble and she sends a wink. I rolled my eyes and pointed to the corner. She glanced down and nodded before doing what she was told.

“As you can see, Kas is a very dirty girl.”

“That I can’t wait to see,” Daddy said lowly, looking over her body.

“So, you going to report us?” I asked, returning to looking to Ian.

I felt Daddy push his front against my back, his arms around my front and began rubbing the top of my bump close to my breasts. Oz held his hand over Daddy’s but kept glancing at Kas as if wanting her to come and join us.

“No,” Ian said. “I’m surprised you’d even ask. We are not that different…” He paused before continuing. “Let’s go downstairs and speak. Macy will be going frantic.”

“Alright.” I glanced back at my sister. “Come here, Kas.”

Without time to share she quickly hobbled over to me and stopped in front of me. I moved out of Daddy’s arms and let go of Oz’s hand.

Her punishment wasn’t finished, but I wouldn’t make her stay in the corner anymore.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Such a good girl,” I said stroking the side of her face. I leaned in, closed my eyes and pressed lips to hers.

My fingers on one of my hands thread through her hair, her arms wrap around my waist and pulls me in closer. She kisses my back eagerly, moans in my mouth. Our bumps pressed together, I reach my second hand around our stomachs and move my hand beneath her skirt.

“Shit!” I heard Ian curse lowly.

I pushed my thumb against her swollen, sensitive nub. Still kissing her, our tongues dancing, I rub her, taking her to the edge. I have been with her enough time to know the signs.

I knew for a fact she was extra turned on because Daddy and Oz were here and not to mention Ian watching. I was turned on too. If we didn’t have to speak to Macy, I would be sat on Kas’s face right now.

Seconds before she could reach her peak, I stopped and took a step back.

Kas whimpered at the loss, her lips were slightly swollen and her eyes needy.

I hold out my hand for her and she places her hand in mine. “Good girl. Let’s go find Macy.” We start walking out of the room, past an excited looking Ian and I knew without looking back Daddy and Oz were the same, probably worse.

“I’m sorry, guys, but that was hot as fuck,” Ian said behind us.

“That’s our princesses. Hot and perfect.”

“I am so horny right now,” Oz mumbled and Kas and I paused.

“Are you coming?”

“I think I did.”

“Me too, Oz, me too.”


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