Chapter 8 – I Hate Laura

Kassy’s pov

I glance behind us to see all three of the guys readjusted their pants.
They are all hard. I like that, a lot.

“Me too,” Kerry said quietly as if reading my mind.
I’m not sure how we both do it, we just know a lot of the time what the other is thinking.
It’s not magic or anything daft like that. I think it’s just a twin thing.
After all, we did come from one egg, we are basically one person – two halves of one person even.

“Continue being a good girl and I may let you have a treat.”
That got me excited. I love her treats.

“Will you pee on me?” I ask a little too excited.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. Not in my mouth, mind. But a golden shower… I don’t know, it just does something to me.

“Perhaps,” She said giving nothing away.

“Oh, please? You haven’t done that for so long,” I beg.
“Maybe daddy and Uncle Oz could all do it…” My mind wanders and I feel myself getting wetter.

“You’ll have to be good and we’ll see, won’t we.”

“Daddy and Oz, what?” I hear daddy ask and we pause in the hall.

“Wait and see,” Kerry said with a wink and turned back, carrying on walking, holding my hand.

I giggled. I love when she teases. I just love every ounce of her.

Walking into the kitchen, both me and Kerr frown seeing Macy on a stool leaning on her elbows, with her head in her hands and crying.

She didn’t notice us as we walked over and moved either side of her. She was back in her dress.

“Don’t cry,” Kerr whispered placing a kiss on her exposed cheek.
“We don’t like seeing you cry,” I placed a kiss on her other cheek.

She looked up puffy eyed.

“I’m sorry,” She sniffled.

I heard the guys enter, but they didn’t approach us, just stood and watched.

“Don’t be,” Kerr rubbed her damp cheek.

“You’re scared.”

“But you shouldn’t be,” We took it in turns talking. Both of us touching her cheek. She is a beautiful girl, like a little doll.

“You are our best friend and we love you.”

“We’d never do anything to hurt you”

“But I… My Dad…” Macy sobbed looking at her lap.

“Macy, look at me!” Kerr ordered, but Macy shook her head. “Look at me Macy or the next time your dad will be fucking your sweet little ass instead.”

Her head snapped up wide eyed and my twin smirked. “Good girl.” She stroked our friend’s cheek. “Now, listen carefully and don’t interrupt because I’m only saying this once because I’ve missed my daddy and uncle.”

Macy sniffles a little, but no new tears appear. Her eyes are glued to my twin, as are everyones.

More than a few girls at school have tried to seduce her over the years but she always rejected them.

“I have been sexually involved with Kas for years and recently we became sexually involved with my Daddy and Uncle Oz. These are their babies, hence why they aren’t angry.”

If possible Macy’s eyes widened even more and she glanced to the new and then between us.

“So you see, reporting you both would be hypocritical. Now…” She placed a kiss on Macy’s forehead. “Wash your pretty little face and come and sit in the front room,” She ordered. “I want to hear everything.”

Kerry give her a wink before turning and leading me by the hand into the other room.

“This is going better than expected,” I heard Ian mumble before saying to Macy. “Go on, Beauty, everything will be alright.” I could tell he truly loved her – is in love with her.

Kerry and I shared a smile, both obviously thinking the same thing – how cute they are together.

Neither of us had to turn to know Daddy and Uncle Oz were following. We had just entered the room when I feel a arm around my waist. I let out a squeal as I was lifted off my feet and sat on someones lap.

“Shh, Kas…” I turned my head to see I was now sat on Uncle Oz’s lap and beside me, Kerry on Daddy’s. “I would be holding both of you on my lap, but I don’t think your dad would be happy,” He half joked. Daddy shook his head, “Just be happy I’m letting you hold Kas,” He said with a smile and brushed one of his hands over my small stomach.
“I seriously can still not believe I’m going to be a dad, a real one…” Uncle Oz was looking at mine and Kerry’s matching stomachs and touching them both. He wore a expression of awe and happiness.

He had always been like a second father to us and made no secret he wished for children of his own one day. He adores children and is great with them, as is Daddy. Many of our friends at school when we were younger were jealous of us because how playful and fun they are.
Now girls are just jealous because they are so hot.

“You’ve always been our second daddy, Uncle Oz,” Kerry said what we were both thinking.
“Yeah, Daddy Oz,” Daddy said, giving him a cheeky smile.

“Mmm,” Uncle Oz hummed placing a kiss on my neck. “I like the sound of that.”
“Daddy Oz,” I test out the name and hear him groan and his hard friend twitch beneath me.

I wiggle my bottom, hoping to somehow make it slip inside me.

“Not until you’ve seen the doctor,” He said as though reading my mind.

“No sex,” Daddy explains to my confused looking twin.

“But Daddy…” She began but shook his head.

“It’s only until we make sure everything is alright with these little guys,” He and Uncle Oz rubbed our bumps. “Then we’ll love you raw.”

She looked like she wanted to argue but sighed and nodded. “Okay, Daddy.”

I was more than a little surprised, she looked almost like she was submitting to him.

“Come on, Beauty, don’t be nervous.”

A moment later Macy came in looking shyly at us sat on our dad’s lap.

“Come on, Macy, let’s chat.”


We finished explaining how we ended up with Daddy and Uncle Oz. Macy had hung on every word. Her father seemed pretty interested too.

She blushed at times, clearly feeling aroused by it.

Great fun. I’m sat smiling.

“How about you?” I asked Macy. “How did you two get together?”

She glanced at her father – who she was sat beside, holding hands. He nodded.

“Remember Emma Leighs?”

Macy’s pov

“You mean the girl you have a killer grudge against?”

I nod my head.


My mother’s death was sudden, she didn’t know she had cancer until it was too late. She died when I was only ten.

“Take care of your father, Macy. He acts strong, but he needs you,” My mother had told me before she died.

It was just me and dad for years.
We each had friends, but he never dated.

Then last year a new girl, Emma Leighs started at school.

Rumours were she had to leave her old school after sleeping with the principal’s husband. Apparently he wasn’t the only man. It was too absurd too believe, I thought.

She was a nice girl, she wouldn’t do that.

Both then seventeen, we became fast friends. So much so that I Invited her to stay over at my house.

That night I woke up with her gone. I went to find her and found her sat on the couch with my dad.

Seeing them from behind, they looked a little close but seeing me she stood up and made an excuse that she couldn’t sleep.

We returned to my room. But my dad wouldn’t look at me. He didn’t kiss or hug me as he normally would. He wouldn’t even stand.

I felt upset, but hid it well. He wasn’t only my dad, he is my best friend.

A beautiful man inside and out.

But it was all explained the following morning.

Running out of milk, I offered to go to the store.

Stepping in the house I was met by moaning.

I knew instantly what was happening. I had made a mistake trusting her.

Walking into the front room, I find them on the couch again.

Only this time she had her dress off and was riding my dad.

“You fucking slut!” I throw the bottle at her head, knocking her to the floor.

I maybe short but I’m not a whimp.

My dad watched in shock as I climbed on top of the girl and rained down punch after punch. A condom still hanging off his cock.

Snapping out of his daze, he pulled me off.

“Macy, don’t!”

“Don’t you fucking say a word!” I push him away and glare. He looks more hurt than angry.

“And you…” I look back at Laura who was acting the innocent. “They were right. You are nothing but a little slut.”

“Macy, it-” I cut him off and stop him from helping her up.

“I said shut up! I hate you right now! You fell for the little whore.”

Quickly grabbing her things, I throw them in the hall. Returning to the front room I find her hugging my dad.

Grabbing her hair, I pull her back. He tries to stop me.

But he doesn’t, dragging her and her bag out of the house, I throw her out and lock her out with the front gate.

A elderly neighbour man was watching.

“You’re welcome to her. She’s a little slut. She’ll fuck anyone,” I call to him before leaving her outside.

“Macy, I know your upset about me -“

I cut him off again. “I hate you. You fell for the little sluts games,” I glare at him.

“Did she tell you she was kicked out of her old school for fucking every male teacher and husband in sight?”

That surprised him.

“You’ve probably got God knows what now,” I shivered in disgust.

“You can do what you want just give me ten minutes to pack and I’ll go to Kerry and Kassy’s until gran can pick me up.”

I went move what his arms circled my waist, holding me against him.

“Don’t leave me, Macy,” His voice had me frozen. He sounded heartbroken, like he might cry.

“I can’t live without you.”

“You seem to be doing fine just now,” I say defiantly crossing my arms across my chest.

“She… She came on to me. I was weak, I knew I couldn’t have who I really wanted, so I used her,” He admitted. “I’m sorry, Macy.”

Reluctantly I decided to stay. But I was still angry.

He became clingy. Hugging me, following me around. It was strange, almost like he was scared he’d disappear.

Back at school I was pleased to see Emma looked beaten and bruised.

She never approached me. She actually looked scared. Rumours flew around. My favourite, an angry wife beat her.

Returning home that afternoon I found the couch gone and a new one in its place.

“It’s a start,” I say sitting back.

“Forgive me…” He moved his hands to my sides. One moment he was tickling me and we were play fighting. The next he was thrusting inside me.

“This is why I slept with her.” I was confused. “I’m in love with you.”


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