Chapter 1

It all started by accident. I started taking some medication, only it had an unforseen side effect.

I began lactating. Embarrassing at first. Mainly because the patches on my shirts. But soon I started to express and then pump to get rid of it, then donating it to the local hospital. They were glad for the help.

I enjoyed lactating. Looking up nursing online I discovered adult nursing fetish groups.

Joining a couple, I took a chance and offered to sell bags of milk. An unemployed college student living alone, the cash would help a lot.

Within minutes one guy brought all my bags I had stored,

His profile was set to private, so I couldn’t see anything. But he did get a local courier to pick it up.

I started my stock again, not really expecting to hear from him again.

I was about to start a much needed pump when a knock sounded at the door. Not expecting anyone. I went to the door expecting people spreading the word of God, they came at least once a week trying to convert me.

Opening the door my eyes widened. It wasn’t the religious folk.

It was the devil. Entrepreneur, the city’s most eligible bachelor and the mayor’s son, Jared Gately.

Sexy as sin, with jet black hair neatly slicked back and bright baby blue eyes, he towered over me, staring down at me.

“Yes? Hmmm… Can I help you?” I asked dumbly, unsure what to say to the wet dream stood in front of me.

“Cindy Smith?” He said my name. I thought I’d melt.


“Can I come in? I have something to talk to you about.”

“Yes,” I say a little too fast and step a side.

Leading him into the kitchen offer him a drink.

“Actually, that is why I am here.”

I looked at him confused now.

“I recently purchased some very special items from you.”

It took me a moment. “I’ve only sold…” My eyes widen. No way! Everyone’s wet dream, Jared Gately has my milk!

“Do you want your money back?” I asked worried. Truth was I didn’t have it. I used it to pay bills.

“No. I am here for more.”


“Yes, it’s gone. I need more.”

“But you only recieved it a couple of days ago. It should have lasted at least the week,” I say in shock.

“You are single, no children, correct?”

“Yes, but why do you wish to know?” I ask confused.

“I’m curious how you started lactating.”

I give him the quick version.

“I want to make you an offer.” He was sat beside me. So close I could smell his expensive cologne.

“Move in with me. You can continue college and I’ll take care of all your needs. Financial and otherwise.”


“You will nurse me.”

My mouth fell open and he looked down at my breasts.

“You’re leaking. Let me…” Before I knew what was happening, he had my breasts out and was suckling on my nipple.

“Oh my…” A moan escaped my mouth. Using one hand to massage my breast, he moved the second into my pants.

“Jared…” I moan his name as he slipped a finger between damp lips.

He didn’t stop stroking me to orgasm or suckling until he had emptied both breasts.

Pulling his fingers out and licker them clean. “I wonder if all of you tastes good.” A second later his mouth was on mine.

His tongue invaded my mouth, tasting me. I couldn’t believe how forward he was.

“You taste like honey, princess.”

Fuck, he was turning me on.

“Move in with me?”

“I…” I was so tempted to say yes. “But we know nothing about one another.” Well, I knew stuff but only what the media say.

“I know about you and what we don’t we’ll learn.”

“But-” He pressed hid finger to my lips, silencing me.

“Give me a week trial. If you wish to return home afterwards, you can.”

I can’t believe it but I agreed.

“We will have to make a schedule,” He told me as I packed a bag for the week.

“Can I ask a question, Mr Gately?”

“Call me Jared or daddy when we’re alone.”

I felt my cheeks heat up. “Daddy…” I blush. “Do you do this often? I mean, invite women to nurse and live with you.”

He smiled. We were in his car now and his driver was driving, but the privacy screen was up. “I was a sickly child. After some research my parents discovered breast milk had healing properties. They would buy bags for me. But even when I was well I found myself wanting it.” He looked at me amused.

“I guess you could say I was an addict. I’ve been drinking human milk for years and a couple of times from the breast. But no, I’ve never had someone live with me,” He admitted.

“But then I brought your milk. It was so good I had drank it within the first day. It is a bonus that you are beautiful and very sweet. I’m not going to lie, I will have sex with you. But I won’t force you.”

“You want have sex with me?” I say dumbly.

“Yes. I am extremely attracted to you.”

A short drive later and we pulled up in front of a beautiful modern mansion.

“Isn’t this your parents house?” I had seen it in a magazine article.

“No, but they live next door. We are a very close family.”

Walking me into the house, he showed me around the house before showing me my room.

“You’ll have your own room. But don’t be expecting to sleep in here much.” He lead me into the room across the hall.

“This is my room. You’ll be sleeping in here. That way I can suckle your breasts as you sleep.”

Wow, he’s obsessed.

“What if I get a boyfriend?”

His expression darkens. “You won’t date. While you are in this house you are mine and mine alone.”

He didn’t go into it properly. Instead he started to strip me and then himself.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” He stroked his huge veiny cock as he stated at me like a starving animal.

“I had sex once, a drunken mistake when I was sixteen.”

“That’s a shame,” He said moving closer and kissing my jar up to my mouth before carrying me to the bed.

“You want me too, don’t you, Princess?” He stroked his finger up my slit as he kissed down my body to my breasts.

“Yes, yes, I want it, Jared.”

He pinched my clit making my squeal.

“No, try again.”

I thought again what I said. “Daddy?” He smirked and latched on my nipple. “I want you, please.”

He know aim and slowly he entered me.

I winced and he stopped. “Do you want me to stop, princess?”

I shook my head. “No, you’re just much bigger than my first.” He slowly pulled his cock out and smiled.

“I see. He was so small he didn’t even break your sweet pussy in properly.” He show me the little blood on his shaft.

“This is perfect.” Slowly he rocked inside of me, drinking from me the whole time.

It drove me wild. Expressing always made me horny. But having a sexy man suckling me and fucking my pussy, I was screaming in orgasm twice before he came.


We quickly set the routine. Since he did most his business from home and had managers running his companies, we weren’t under many restrictions.

He’d drive and pick me up from college, then drive us to a deserted road where he would take me there and then.

We’d spent almost all their time together, minus the little time I spent at college. Even when he worked I would be with him doing my college work.

My clothes and personal items lived in her bedroom, I didn’t. I would sleep with him every night.

The trial week had long since passed and I had given up my apartment the first week.

I thought of him as my boyfriend. We were always kissing, hugging and having sex.
He was insatiable. Not too mention how caring he was with me.

He was always telling me how much he loved my body and attitude, everything about me. How I was special to him. I thought it meant he loved me.

“Sorry, princess, I have an important late business meeting,” He told me pulling on his smart but causal outfit.

“Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll only be a couple of hours. Back in time to see to my girl.” I smiled giddy at the comment.

He kissed me and a minute later he was gone.

One hour, then two and nothing.

I tried not to worry. He’d be back soon. He always keeps his word.

But I grew worried when two hours turned into four.

Maybe he would be a little late but not two hours late.

Unable to wait any longer, I called his phone. Several rings later and giggling.

“Hello?” I ask confused my heart beating ten to the dozen.

“Is d… Mr Gately there?” I ask correcting myself.

The woman giggled, “Stop it, Jared, I’m on the phone. Soon.”

My heart broke.

Maybe I had been reading too much into it.

“Mr Gately is busy.” Without another word she hung up.

I broke into tears.

I spent hours in my own room trying to sleep, waiting for him to come home. But nothing came.

I ended up watching television, a local channel. “Billionaire entrepreneur Jared Gately hospitalised after hit and run.”

I shot up and out of bed pulling on my clothes.

I don’t care what he did to me. I love him. I had to see he was alright.

Arriving at the hospital, I wasn’t surprised to find many press and fans hanging around outside.

He was a famous, very successful business man with many followers and fans.

I got as far as the reception desk at the emergency department when I was told, “Family only.”

“But I live with him!” I exclaim barely holding back the tears.

This seemed to get someone’s attention. “That’s her, the harlot who he cheated on me with!” I turn to see a leggy redhead glaring at me.

Two older people I recognise as his parents with her. I haven’t personally met them since they are always so busy, but I’ve seen their pictures.

“Excuse me?” I asked not really likely confrontation.

The redhead stood up and slapped me, hard. I heard gasps from the reception staff.

Mr and Mrs Gately stood beside her, both flaring at me as I held my cheek as tears fell down my cheeks.

“Come on, Cassiby. She isn’t worth it,” The man sneered.

“Jared told me all about you tonight before he asked me to marry him.” She flashed a very expensive looking ring.

“I forgave him.”

“What?” I ask confused.

She looked ready to hit me again.

“I’ll be at the house in a couple of hours. Be out.”

“And don’t take anything,” His mother said this time. “We know everything he has.”

“Oh and don’t think about coming back or speaking to anyone unless you want to be arrested,” His father added.

I left the hospital the back way. In a daze I packed my things, not really wanting to go. I thought about leaving him a note but knew he probably wouldn’t see it.

I leave what milk I had pumped in the freezer. Packing it deep so the redhead wouldn’t find it. Hopefully.

The only thing I took was one of his shirts.

I left unsure where to go. Ending up at a cheap motel just outside town. I had money Jared had paid me which I have never touched.

Pictures of the redhead at Jared’s bedside. I now know her name is Cassidy Rays, heiress, family friend and Jared’s fiancée.

“We had just become engaged when the car came and…” I had hear the woman cry on a television interview.

“But we are confident in his recovery and planning the wedding for shortly afterwards,” His parents and hers at her side.

She was rich, tall and beautiful. I am a average no-one. No wonder he asked her.

Days turned into weeks and no change. He was in a coma.

I dropped out of college unable to concentrate and got a job at a truckers diner not far from the motel.

Depression hit me hard. Sympathy for the poor newly engaged couple was all over the news. I stopped listening by the second month.

I was originally going to send the money back to his account but then something happened.

I went back to donating my milk to the hospital.

I’d go once a week on my day off.

It had been exactly five months and things were still hard.

I tried to tell myself everything was fine. But it wasn’t, especially with the special reminder he had left me.

It was my day off and my backpack was filled with packages of milk for the babies who’s mothers were struggling to but want to feed their infant breast milk.

Going to the hospital always makes me sad, especially since it was the one Jared was at.

Last I heard he had been moved to a private room at the hospital. But that was months ago. I don’t watch television much anymore, well, minus Netflix.

I have been at least a dozen times since he was admitted but haven’t tried to see him. I couldn’t take another rejection.

Arriving at the hospital I am surprised to find as many people as the first night waiting outside.

In the beginning there was a good few but then as time passed there was less. But now, they were back.

“Something must have happened,” I whisper to myself as I enter the building. Security was on the doors making sure anyone who didn’t need it didn’t come in.

They knew me by now since I was there every week.

Part of me wanted to go see what had happen to Jared to have the press come in such force.

But I knew I shouldn’t, plus I had an appointment.

Walking past all the store and cafe, I turn the corner to the lifts.

Pressing the call button, I only am waiting seconds when the door opens. I hear talking behind me as someone passes but I ignore them and walk into the lift, I press the button for the button for my fall. I look up and my eyes connect with those baby blues I’ve missed so much. He isn’t alone.

“Cindy!” He exclaims just as the doors close.

I feel happy he’s getting better, but it doesn’t change my feelings. I am hurt and depressed.

Not making a move to go back, I drop off the milk at the nurses station at the maternity unit before exiting to head to my next destination.

Passing the lifts I hear them open and the devil inside steps out. He is with both his parents and four guys who look like security.

The devil bitch was nowhere in sight.

“Cindy, please, don’t run again.” I turn to him and notice for the first he is using a crutch. It makes me sad but I hid it.

“I am glad you are getting better, Jared. I really am. But I have to go.”

“Please, Princess. Tell me why you left me?”

I laugh. “Me leave you?!” I exclaimed suddenly feeling very angry.

“I came to the hospital despite learning about your lying. I begged to see you,” I was in tears by this point. He tried to approach me but I backed away.

I notice his parents wouldn’t look at me and were trying to get their son to leave.

“I was hit by your fiancee and kicked out the house by her and your parents. Then threatened to have me arrested if I return.”

He looked a mixture of confused and angry, but not at me.

“Fiancée? I haven’t got a fiancée. You’re my only girl.”

His parents looked guilty.

“Cassidy Rays ring a bell? The same woman your parents were all over the news with saying how it was a dream and you’ve been in love since you were kids…”

He shot his parents a look of death. Then turned back to me, catching my hands in his.

“Haven’t you been watching the news, Princess?”

I shook my head failing to hide the tears, “I can’t, it hurts too much. I love you so much. I tried to hate you but I can’t.” He surprises me by catching my lips with his. Giving me the most intense kiss yet.

“She was a family friend,” He told me only inches from my face. “I hate her. But my parents,” He glared at them. “Was taken with her act.” His mother looked like she might cry.

I know it’s evil, but a part of me real wants her too.

He turns back to me. “She pester me and eventually we started hooking up and having hate sex occasionally.”

His parents don’t seem surprised to hear this. What happened to Cassidy being the Golden girl?

“But that stopped when I met you. It was love at first sight. I told her that. She is a bitch but she has good taste in jewellery.”

I look at him confused. “I had her meet me that night to choose a ring for you.”

“W.. What?” That wasn’t even in the list of things I was expecting to hear.

“I planned on asking you to marry me that night. Only she got jealous and stormed off. The next thing I knew I am waking up in the hospital with my princess nowhere in sight.”

He placed another kiss on my lips.

“It took a while to locate the key bit when they did they discovered Cassidy ran me down. She thought the hit would make me forget you and I’d be confused enough to marry her.”

I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s true.” His father finally spoke. “I am truly sorry for how we treated you. We both are,” He apologised but his wife said nothing. “We were too ashamed to tell you, son, that we had messed up and drove your love away.”

“But I told you about her all the time in the phone calls and emails!” Jared snapped now holding me against him.

“We were mislead and confused. I’m sorry, it is a bad excuse but you only ever called her princess. You also used to call Cassidy that.”

“Are you kidding me?! I called her a spoiled little princess. Never my princess!”

While they were speaking or arguing (not sure what to call it, Jared is angry, his dad looks worried)my phone rang.

Taking a few steps away I answer it.

“Miss Smith?” I knew who it was already.

“Sorry, I’m just by the lifts. I’ll just be one minute.”

She tells me it’s no problem and we hang up.

Jared is watching me. “You might want to come with me.”

“Where?” He looks confused now.

I take his free hand as he uses a crutch in the second again.

“You’ll see.”

He follows me keeping looking at me. “Does this mean you’ll come home?”

“Let’s go to this and then speak.”


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