Chapter 2

Neither man seems to realise what was happening as we enter the specialist unit. But his mother’s suddenly hopeful expression tells me she does.

Ps, I still don’t like her since she hasn’t said anything to me. At least her husband admitted he was a idiot.

The receptionist looked surprised to see my companions but directed me in the right direction.

The security waited outside while his parents looked hesitant to enter.

“You can come in,” I tell them. “I haven’t got anything to hide.

The doctor is also surprised to she my guests but didnt say anything.

But did give me a look as if to ask, ‘He’s the dad?’ I just nod and climb on the table and pull up my shirt a little to relieve my small bump.

They guys seem to realise what is going on.

“You’re pregnant?” Jared asked in shock watching as the doctor prepared to scan my tummy.

“Yep. Twenty-one weeks. Apparently my medication cancels the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill, something my old doctor failed to mention.”

His eyes and his parents were on the screen as the tiny banana sized baby appeared on the screen.

The doctor did all her measurements as they watched.

I think his parents were happy I invited them in.

I did it for Jared, not for them.

Jared was staring at the screen in awe.

“Your little girl is growing perfectly.”

Jared was glowing, he seemed to look ten years younger. “I’m going to be a father…” He didn’t question the parentage. Not that he sure. But I had expected his parents to but nothing.

They actually reminded pretty quiet.

“You aren’t angry?”

He looked from the screen to me. “Angry? No! I know it wasn’t planned. But we were going to start going bareback when we marry soon anyway.”

I am surprised to hear this. We never discussed anything like that.

“Can I have pictures?” He asks and the doctor agrees.

We had laughed watching the baby hitting the wand and roll away. She hitted being poked.

Before we left the doctor took a blood and urine sample.

“It is routine, I promise you,” The doctor had to assure Jared and his parents.

They care now because the baby. I tried to hide that it hurt me.

We left short time later.

I wanted to leave first, to not only collect my things but also avoid the people waiting.

“I want everyone to know my true fiancee.”

“I’m not really dressed for it.” It was an excuse. I was in a black game hoody and jeans.

“You’re not leaving me.”

“No. I just don’t want to be on camera.”

“You are beautiful,” He told me not really giving me a choice.

Exiting the building, the security -hosiptal and personal – move around us, holding the crowd back. Jared and his parents stop at just outside the entrance. With Jared hugging me to his side. Members of the press were all called out questions, but when Jared’s father held his hand up to silence them.

“I would like to thank everyone for your support and assistant. I have some work, but I am very on my way to recovering thanks to everyones support. I cannot go into too much details for legal reasons but Cassidy Rays are not and have never been engage. This…” He indicated to me. I wish the world would swallow me up. “This is my real fiancee, Cindy Smith.”

They all looked to me and I looked to Jared for help.
“We thank you all, but would please ask for privacy during this time.”

Without another word the security made a path for us and we were met by a chauffeur driven town car with black out windows.

“I can have someone drive your car home if you drove here?” His father offered.
I shook my head, “Thank you, but I can’t drive. I took the bus.”

I look to Jared. “I need to head back to my place. You go home and rest. I will take the bus.”

“No!” He and his parents all say. I force myself not to roll my eyes.

“I’ll be fine just, drop me around the corner, please.” I knew already I had lost the battle.
What daddy wants, daddy gets. His parents seemed just as stubborn.

“Fine,” I sigh before he has a chance to protest. “But I need to head back to my place.”

Knowing my routine he quickly agreed. “We can drop you off home first,” Jared suggested to his parents but they said no.

I am internally smiling knowing their reaction already when we get there.

You see I work at the diner and live at a apartment at the back. It’s tiny, but it’s a affordable and a roof over my head.

But that wasn’t the only part I knew they wouldn’t like.

We arrive outside the diner a while later.
The parking lot is basically a dirt field with at least a dozen large trucks and a few smaller ones, cars and even several motorbikes. His mother said she would wait in the car.

“You should come in, the food is delicious and the people are really nice,” I tried hard to be kind despite my feelings and was plenty surprised when she actually agreed.

“We have to go through the diner to get to the apartment,” I tell them.

Entering the diner, the place looked more like a biker bar than a diner.

Everyone we really kind and polite, surprising the older couple. With them distracted talking to locals we managed to slip away.

My boss wasn’t surprised to learn who my baby daddy was since I spoke so highly of him.

“I thought there had to be a misunderstanding since she was always say how amazing you were.” I blush at their words.

“You’re moving back?”

“Yes,” Jared answered for me.
“I want to thank you for helping her while I was unable to. But she will now be handing in her notice effective immediately.”

“Jared!” I exclaim. “I can-“

He cuts me off pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. “You need to relax.” I was about to argue, but then realise he’s going to be on his stick and struggling for a while.

He turned back to my boss who looks more amused than angry. “Could we have…” He placed an order of food and drink to go. Enough for his parents too.

“I’ll have it all ready for when your done.”

Paying in advance, we go through to the back. Jared was clearly destressed as we even my box apartment.

It was small with only the basics. But it was clean.

“I was going to originally send to money you gave me back. But when I discovered I was pregnant. I knew I couldn’t stay here. I was saving to a deposit to rent a bigger place,” I explain don’t wanting him to think I was going to raise our baby here.

“It’s a good job daddy is here then, to look after both his princesses.” He picked me up as he sat on the bed.

I tried to stop him and failed.

“You shouldn’t do that. You’re still not well.”

He smiled. “Nonsense. I just need to work on strengthening my muscles. I’ll be fine in no time.”

He kissed me before lifting my hoodie and pulling out my swollen breasts.

“I’ve missed you, princess.” He began suckling my nipple.

We didn’t have sex, but he made sure to give me an orgasm as he emptied my breasts.

Breast pumps are good. But nothing beats a real person emptying them.

“You’ll have to start sharing in a few months,” I tell him as I redress.

“I have no problem sharing. My angel can have one breast and daddy can have the second.”

I could actually see that happening.

It only took a couple of minutes to pack my stuff since I didn’t have much.

“Would you have told me?” He asked me.

“About the baby?” He nods his head.

“I actually mailed you a letter. But wasn’t sure if you would get it. If I didn’t hear by my due week and I knew you were awake, I planned on calling your business line.” He smiles happy at the answer.

“Oh, that reminds me.” I tell him about the phone call the night he didn’t come home and the woman.

“I was already in hospital by that point. But I have no doubts it was Cassidy.”

The security cameras on the street he was hit were conveniently pointed the wrong way or broken.

They later – after finding the car – found out the heiress herself had paid them to delete the footage.

They were changed with obstruction of justice and some other things. Where as some really were just pointed the wrong way.

The best part is that when they went to arrest her she tried to pay the police off. Another charge to the list.

Then she applied for bail. But was denied, the judge stating she was a fight risk since she had access to a private yacht and plane.

She is being held until trail which likely won’t be until next year. Now it only May.

We left we the food a little while later and went to the house.

“Did you let Cassidy in my house?” Jared asked as we were drive home.

“Cassidy wanted to move in but I told her she’d have to wait until you woke up,” His mother told him.

“So she didn’t go in my house?”

“Only once and I was with her,” She answered looking guilty.

“Did she touch anything?” He wasn’t happy.

She assured him she didn’t and a little while later we return home. Despite his earlier statement, the press still stood outside the gate to the house.

With security’s help we got inside and moved inside the house. It was like coming home.

Despite the size, it was very homely.

We all sat down and ate. It was delicious but his parents were now asking us questions.

“What’s your parents do?”

Jared give them a warning look but I ignored it. “They have a farm. I never liked it. I worked at my local diner the first chance I could. My plan was to save to go to college. But I managed to get a scholarship. My parents tried to reject it without me knowing.”

They all wore shocked questioning expressions. Jared knows I don’t speak to my parents but not why.

“Thankfully, the school spoke to me about it and I assured them I was going. Long story short, my parents tried to demand I didn’t got because I had to run the farm. I told them no. And they have refused to speak to me since.”

It was clear by their expressions they thought it was ridiculous.

“It was ridiculous and I told them they had years left. They aren’t even forty. They told me I had to run it so they can retire early.” I laugh despite everything.

“They are very entitled, they always have been. I didn’t realise how bad it was though until I was older.”

I look to Jared. “Questioning your choice?”

He smiled and shook his head. “I’m marrying you not your parents. And I know you aren’t like that.”

“You’re at college?” His father, Simon asked.

“I was but I had to drop out sadly.”

“What?” Jared asked knowing how important it was to me.

“I’ve hard really bad insomnia on and off. I either can’t sleep for days or I am falling asleep all the time. I can’t concentrate.”

“I was the same when I was parents with Jared,” His mother said.

“I was going to tried and go back when the baby was older,” I explain. I don’t want to tell them that it was also depression which kept me awake and off college.

We had moved into the front room and Jared won’t stop hugging me.

I had no idea he loved me so much. I feel so happy despite everything.

“Maybe you could do classes online,” His father suggests.

I nodded but knew I wouldn’t have money for a while.


We quickly fall back into a routine. Only this time his parents, mainly his mother, was around a lot of the time.

His father was busy a lot mayor and city business. His wife was involved in charities and different stuff. But has since given taken a break to help us.

Personally though, I felt she mostly wanted to watch I wasn’t stealing from her son.

I didn’t tell Jared because he seemed so happy we were getting along.

He hated me running around after him but he really struggled walking around sometimes.

He’s getting stronger but he still isn’t a hundred percent.

My belly is growing fast and it was one of those days when his legs and back were acting up. He’d been working out but pushed himself too hard. I was running around the house making his food, bring him files and so on, much to his annoyance.

He has a couple of people who come around for a couple of hours a day to clean the house. They also work at his parents. Since both are very clean, not much usually needs doing, so two hours is more than enough.

He has security on the gate – more so since the accident – and a gardener.

But no maid or anything like that.

But has been talking about getting one. At least until he is back to full health.

“Shh, Jared. I am fine. I can look after you. I don’t need help.”
He was calling me to come and rest, that he would ask his mother to come over.

Whereas she had been polite, I still wasn’t sure about her. It was like because my parents are choosing beggars and extremely entitled that she expected me to be the same.

No way. I spend eighteen years painfully ashamed of my family.
I have heard a lot of stories about women being entitled, but my father was just as bad as my mother.

We lived in a small town, the whole town pretty much relied on them for milk, eggs and meat. The whole got some stuff from out of town but my parents provided a lot of that stuff.

The town relied on them and would be in trouble without them and they knew it. For that reason they acted like jerks and were always demanding things.

The moment I was old enough to realise what they were doing was wrong, I tried and failed to change them. They called me stuck up and other nasty things.

I have since told Jared everything about my parents. He wants to meet them, I don’t really want to see them. Last time I saw them I was being yelled at for being so ungrateful and abandoning my family in their time in need.

I am not sure if his mother thinks I’m exaggerating, but she keep speaks about inviting my parents over for a short break. I always came up with a excuse but she had an answer for it.

Jared and his father was really good about it, telling her to stop pestering me about it. So she just waited until we were alone.

“Thank you, princess. I love you so much,” Jared kissed me after taking the tray of food I had brought for him. “You work way too hard.” I already knew he was making calls to agencies to get help. I didn’t say anything because I knew he’d do it anyway.

He still hadn’t offically asked me to marry him, but I don’t mind. I hate attention. But anyway, we are already planning the wedding for August. We had decided on a small private ceremony, family and close friends only. I’m still unsure how I felt about inviting my parents, but had decided not to have my father walk me down the aisle.

Instead, I am getting in contact with my old high school teacher who helped me get a scholarship and asking him. He is an amazing man and much more of a father than my own ever was.

I had just sat down and began eatting with Jared in his office when a knock echoed from the front door. We choose to ignore it. The gate is locked and the only people who come without warning is Jared’s parents. Normally they knock and then walk in a few seconds later. But not this time.

More knocking, I sighed annoyed.

Jared begins to move but I stop him. “No, I’ll go.”

He tries to protest but I cut him off. “Please, daddy, rest. We need you healed and strong for when this little monkey arrives.” He smiles and reluctantly agreed.
“But come back quick and finish you dinner.”

Nodding my head, I slowly hobble out of the door to the impatient knocking.

Opening the door, my mouth dropped open. It was the last people I expected to see.


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