Chapter 47

“I think I would like to have a male or female mate.”

I don’t know who is more surprised, me or Korl.

It is not something I ever expected to hear from Daviya.

“Anyone to have you as a mate will be lucky and-”

A buzz rang in the room and the door opens, revealing a beautiful but stern looking Poyun woman. She looks in her early twenties, so she is, at least, forty.

“Sir,” She looked from the captain to me curiously and maybe a little annoyed.

“Why was I not informed of the guests arrival?” I thought the Poyun were kind? What crawled up her backside and died?

“The destined queen does not need to announce her arrival to anyone, especially not you,” Korl snaps while the other man sent her a warning look.

Her mouth falls open, but then closes and it clenches as she says, “Sorry, Madam, I did not know.”

I don’t believe the apology but nod and reply, “Alright,” Anyway.

“That’s Tal’ee. She is my Commander, my second and a good one, which is the only reason I have not shot her self-important and opinionated self into space.” Ha, that makes me smile.

“That and the fact that she is Lenime’s childhood friend and Daviya’s sister – not blood, obviously,” He says the last part smiling at me.

“Probably a good thing,” I whisper to my huge friend making him smile.

But it doesn’t appear that she heard me if the dreamy look on her face is anything to go by.

“I cannot wait to see him again. We can finally take the-”

“Lenime has joined,” Daviya cut in before she can finish her sentence but I’m pretty sure I know what she was going to say.

“But he cannot have. There are no Poyun other than his crew.”

Wow, she’s starts to remind me a little of a nurse I know.

“That’s because he isn’t joined with a Poyun. He is mated with me.”

She looks confused. “You are Phe’s mate.”

“Yes and Lenime’s.”

A look of relief passes her face. She looks ready to say something but stops herself seeing the men’s expressions.

“You don’t have to believe me because at the end of the day I am the one who is having their child,” I say smugly, before turning my back to her and facing Korl.

I didn’t hear anything else because the baby began to whimper. All it took is me sitting further back and laying him on my belly and he stopped and clung to my bump.

I can’t help but chuckle. I really want him to be my child’s mate, I know he completely loves him/her already. He is so beautiful sleeping holding my dress.

Pushing his hood back, I brushed my fingers through his fluffy blue locks. I would love to have a child with that colour hair, but I know it will never happen.

But maybe my grandchildren… I giggle to myself. I sound like an old woman.

“Mmm,” I don’t know how long I am in my own little world humming and then singing one of my favourite tunes to Marmite.

What can I say? I like singing.

But I stop when I feel eyes burning into me.

I look up and my eyes widened.

Where the hell…?

Literally a dozen people are stood watching me and that is not including the three who were already in here. Then I remember they have never heard singing before, only instrumental music.

I am so embarrassed, I wish the ground would open up and swallow me or, at least, I could teleport.

But no. Whatever is controlling that part of me wants me to stay right here, dying of embarrassment.

“That was magnificent,” Korl says in awe.

“It’s nothing. Just a vocal version of music.” Do I sound arrogant? I didn’t intend to.

Oh well, too late now.

Even the moody woman looks impressed though she tries to hide it.

Beep beep beep

An alarm rang. It reminds me of an alarm clock.

Everyone snaps to attention and run back to their station.

Korl and the woman follow them out.

With Daviya’s help standing up, we follow too.

I want to know what is happening.

“E.E. Pod 1 is demanding to dock,” One of the men call out.

“Vtyi signal.”

“What is Vtyi?” I ask my huge friend in a whisper.

“It is the family name of our Royals.”


So Phe and Lenime’s last name is Vtyi. Hmm, good to know.

I didn’t hear Korl’s reply, but from all the rushing around that is going on I guess they are letting the shuttle dock.

“Wait…” It clicks. “Does that mean Phe and Lenime are here?”

Daviya smiles. “Yes.” He holds out his hand for me to take. “I will escort you to meet them.”

I smile in return and resting the baby higher on my chest, I take his hand in my free one.

Before we can exit the bridge, it became clear both Korl and Tal’ee intend to come along.

Well, at least, Korl is polite enough to tell me, Tal’ee remains silent and emotionless.

“Your youngling is growing large,” The captain looks to my bump. We are now stood in the lift.

“It will need inco very soon, yes?” He puts his hand on my middle back, not that I mind. I know there is nothing but chaste feelings in the mind.

“No,” I shake my head. “Human women carry to term.” They look confused. “It will live and feed on me until it is ready to be born.”

Wow, I make it sound like a parasite. Good job I’m not a teacher.

“But… How does it come out?”

“The normal way.” Even Poyun birth between their legs. The door opens and we exit the lift.

“How does it fit?” Korl sounds fascinated. But Tal’ee… The look on her face is priceless.

“It stretches.” I should known the power of its stretching after being mated to two very sexual Poyun for around a week – give a day or two.

“That is disgusting.”

“Tal’ee, you are walking on very thin ground,” Korl grabs her by the throat. She looks terrified. But she deserves it.

“One more word or disrespect and I will have your head.”


He releases her neck and turns back to me with an apologetic expression.

“I am sorry about her.”

I say nothing. Instead, I openly glare at the woman, hoping that by some chance I may be able to make her combust into flames.

“I assure you I will deal with it personally if you wish for me to punish her now?”

My lips turn into a smile seeing her fear.

I stop walking and release Daviya hand.

“Can you hold Marmite a second?” He looks tiny in Korl’s arms and thankfully Marmite stayed asleep though he whimpered a little. Korl is a natural.

I have never before done this, but I have too, she is making me so mad.

Clenching my fist, I walked the few steps over to her. Being the arrogant bitch she is she doesn’t back off. She actually looks a little amused now, but she hid it well.

I can hardly believe it worked. But a moment later I drew back my fist before propelling it full force into her face. It lost a little strength because I had to reach a little. But it is surprisingly still enough to knock her on her arse. I swear I heard a crack, but that is probably wishful thinking.

The guys gasp. And I turn to see them staring at us.

“That was impressive, little Amber,” Korl comments and the other man agrees.

“Shall we continue?” I nod my head and say, “Yes.”

I make a move to take Marmite, but he is sprawled out in Korl’s arms, drooling.

“I will continue to hold him if you wish?” He says as though reading my mind.

“He weighs nothing and is a happy change to the sights I normally see.”

I think he might be getting a little broody.

“Yes. I think he likes you holding him.” His smile reminds me of one of Lenime’s.

Hearing Tal’ee stand, I again take Daviya’s hand and we continue on our way.

It is clear to see where we are going. A group of security have formed near one of the hatches.

“They will-” Korl doesn’t get a chance to say anything else. The doors open and faster than I have ever seen before, both Phe and Lenime have plucked me from between the other two men and have me sandwiched between them.

Lenime’s mouth moves to mine, my eyes closed. He kisses me with such a fiery passion that it makes my legs weak. Thankfully both my mates hold me up.

Phe licks my face moving closer to my lips, before finally taking them. It is as though they are mentally connected the way Lenime moves his lips aside just before his brother took over.

“Never ever do that again, Amber,” Lenime whispers desperately. His hands move down my body, both his and Phe’s lingering on my bump before the younger brother’s hand wandered further south.


“Alright, my love.” Before I know what is happening I am carried back to the shuttle. They go into a small room and lock the door.

“We are alone now,” Lenime says proudly.

“What about the others? Your uncle, Marmite?” I ask pulling back with a laugh.

“Aaron, Lance, Lula, and father are here too. They will look after them while we look after you.”

Before I have a chance to say anything, he picks me up, places me on a table and removes my panties.

“Ready to scream for me, Amber?” Lenime smirks kneeling between my legs. Not giving me a chance to answer, his mouth is on my core in an instant.

“LENIME!” I didn’t mean to scream, but it is hard not to with such skilled tongues in play.

I swear to all that he or Phe only have to touch me to hear me whimpering and begging for more. I have never before felt such a lust until I met them.

“That’s right, love,” Phe naked over me now and erect.

“Scream for us…” Lenime stands up licking his lips and takes a step back, Phe takes his place.

“Are you ready for me, Amber?”


Boneless and sated, I know I won’t be capable of standing on my own two feet.

Thank the lord I have two sexy, hunky mates who love to carry me around as though I am a child.

“Are you hungry, my love?”

“We shall collect you some food and drink on our way to the bridge,” Phe answers for me.

I just hum with my eyes closed and head rested on Lenime’s shoulder, Phe is walking impossibly close with his hand on my leg, I am surprised he isn’t tripping his brother.

“Oh my Lord,” I hear Aaron indicating we have arrived on the bridge. “You have sexed my sister to death.” I hear his mates laugh. “But don’t worry about sex. I’ll happily fill in for her.”

“You are such a slut,” I say opening my eyes and he laughs.

“But you still love me.” I roll my eyes and watch as Phe blanks everyone as he walks over to gather some food and drink.

Lenime walks along greeting old familiar faces he hasn’t seen in years.

“Uncle Korl, it is great to see you,” He greets him with a large smile.

“Lenime,” The older man says walking over with his older brother by his side. He and Kiy looks so much alike it is crazy. “You have grown so much since the last time I saw you,” He says fondly.

He hugs him just after Kiy picks me from his son’s arms and hugs me. “You have to stop disappearing like that.” Phe reappears with food, placed food on one of the empty sides and picks me from his father’s arms before her and Lenime begins to feed me. We are now all sat in Korl’s office – my brother, his mates, Marmite, Kiy and Korl included.

“Phe, still as pleasant as ever,” Korl says teasingly.

“Oh, uncle. Good to see you. I did not notice you there,” My mate says not stopping feeding me.

The door beep and a moment later it slides open.

“Lenime!” The cow enters with green bruises around her swallow eyes and a swallow nose with some kind of plastic-type strips covering it.

“Tal’ee?” My mate stops and looks at her smiling, but then his smile disappear.

“What happened to your face? Why haven’t you had medical heal it?”

“She has to heal naturally, as punishment,” Korl tells him. “She is lucky that is all she got.”

“What did you do?” No friendly greeting, his smile has gone. It is almost as though he knew.

“Is it true you have found your mate?”

“Answer me!” Lenime growls annoyed that she had ignored his question.

“She disrespected your mate and child.”

“I…” I doesn’t hear anything else she said because… I don’t know exactly why or what happened, but a haze covers my mind and for a moment it is as though we are all inside each other’s minds. Then everything is normal, I am placed in Aaron’s arms and my two mates stop in front of Tal’ee.

“Tal’ee,” Lenime says with a blank expression. Phe stands a foot behind him with a cold expression that I have learned is his normal expression.

“Lenime, I miss you so much.”

Seemingly ignoring her words he curls his fingers into her hair and tightens his fist around it. She winces. “One last time, Tal’ee,” He says lowly. “What did you do to warrant your injuries?”

I know he already knew the answers but wants her to tell him herself.

She mumble something so quietly that even with my new advanced hearing I couldn’t hear her.

“Speak clearly, Tal’ee!”

“You were meant to be mine.”

He doesn’t react.

“Poyun for Poyun, Casiu for Casiu, Trenks for Trenks and so on… Hybrids are wrong! They are against everything natural. First my father brought that thing into our lives, now – if what I heard is true – you and Phe have mated and bred an Alien together and tainted the whole of the Poyun bloodline. Your grandparents will be-”

My eyes widened and I scream as her head is quite literally twisted off her shoulder.

Then blackness.


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