Chapter 12

“Explain what?” Theo asked impatiently.

“There is a reason why twins in our family have shared for generations,” Rene began to explain.

“We are not what you would call normal.”

“Well, I guessed that much by the fact that you share a woman. Do you fuck each other too?”

“No!” Both his fathers said at the same time while Gigi and her mother looked amused.

“We do not touch each other in that way.”

“Okie, then why share?”

“It is unknown why twins – specifically males – are born at least once to each married set in our family, but they are. Generations ago a pair of brothers were both courting a woman. They discovered later they both went after the same woman. Things did not work out with the woman. But they found another woman – the same again. By this point both were confused and annoyed. They mentioned it to their father, and he said his uncle and father was twins and the same. Both had been in love with the younger twins mother but had fallen out over who would have her.” Theo listened interestedly in his family history.

“Long story short, there were more women, and the same thing happened. It was then they discovered they shared more than just looks, they shared attractions to the same women – but their feelings were their own. It is difficult to explain.”

“Over the years they continued to struggle, even sleeping with the others partner at the time on many occasions – pretending to be each other. But one woman was not as dumb as the rest. She worked it out, she was one of only a few who could tell the difference,” Riche explained.

“They were truly in love with her and so decided that they would let her choose one – or neither if the case maybe – to marry and the other… He would move away. But she confessed to loving both and could not choose. That is when the sharing started. Their twin sons and every set since have shared.”

“Do not get the wrong idea,” Rene interrupted. “It was always the plan. Most – including ourselves – rebelled and tried to date different people. But in the end, it always ended up the same.”

Theo stared silently for a moment before finally speaking.

“You’re telling me that Tristan fancies and feels things for the people I do?”

“Yes. Maybe not as strong at first because he just met her, but yes.”

“I know you are sceptical, Theo. I was too,” Tristan admitted. “But the fact that I am finding myself highly aroused and attracted to not only the girl but your friend you tells me it’s true. I have never wanted a man until now.”

“You are involved with the both?” Gigi had asked before anyone else had a chance.

“I have been sexually involved with him since our teens. Though we have only just met Vicky recently, we are devoted to her and are trying to convince to stay with us forever. She is very inexperienced in not only love but friendship too, so we are taking it slowly with her.”

“How old is she? Is she old enough to have relations?” Helene asked sounding concerned about the girl’s welfare.

“She is twenty-five, just young looking.”

“Older than I thought.”

“So does this mean if I don’t let you share you’ll just be creeping on my lovers?” Tristan looked at Theo as though he didn’t understand. Gigi told him something in French, and he laughed.

“Possibly, but I will not force anyone. I am just happy to have my brother at this moment in time.”


Later in the kitchen…

Vicky tried not to laugh as Devon told her about one of his few attempts to cook.

“So it is safe to say I will end up killing Gigi if I try to cook for her.”

“I can tea..teach you,” She offered quietly as she continued to stir the food in the pan.

After learning that the group had left before dinner was served, she decided to make enough food for everyone and in the process teaching her cousin a few simple cooking tips.

“Yes! And that will give us a chance to get to know each other better. I always wanted a little sister.”

She smiled and nodded.

“W..when is y..your”

“In three weeks,” Devon said watching her cook.

“We want to have it in the nice weather. It’s going to be in her family’s vineyard in France.”

“S..s..s..sounds beautiful.”

“You will be coming with the guys, right?” He asked, but it sounded more like a statement.

“After all, you’re my family, and it seems as though Theo will be shortly too. You know… I still can hardly believe my Gigi, and your Theo is related. You are really dating him, right? And Kraven?”

She blushed and nodded. “They are s..sweet,” She whispered so quietly he almost didn’t hear her.

“Ha, only to you,” He laughed. “You know the whole town are scared of them, even the women who lust after them are scared of them.”

She still couldn’t believe the pair were the same she had heard so many bad things about.

“At least we see where Theo’s need to share comes from,” He said jokingly.

He didn’t mind too much that she didn’t speak much, he knew she was nervous.

“On a serious note, Tristan is most likely going to pursue you too. Gigi has told me all about her family’s twins all sharing and by the way, he was looking at you I don’t think he is any different.”

She frowned. “B..but I am…”

“I know, Vicky. I did not say it to worry you, I just wanted to warn you. I know that they won’t force you into anything and if need be you are welcome to come stay with me or even just chat whenever you would like.”

She smiled, thanked him and continued cooking, showing her cousin what to do and not do.

“R..remember to s..s..stir, it doesn’t s..stick.”

They were so busy that they didn’t notice Gigi enter the room.

“Hello,” She spoke with a thick French accent gaining their attention. “I came to check Devon was not eating you out of house and home,” She said jokingly, walking over to her fiancé’s side.

“Hello, sweetness. Vicky is just giving me a few tips so I do not poison you.”

“Ha, you need more than that,” She joked, and he smiled kissing his fiancée’s head affectionately.

“It smells divine. What are you cooking, Petite Soeur?”

“She is cooking food for everyone. It will be ready soon… I think.” Vicky nodded.

“Where are the plates and cutlery and I’ll set the table?”

She indicated to the locations and continued what she was doing.

The guys had already eaten, but she knew they would eat again, so she made enough for all of them and thankfully the table was pretty big, big enough to squeeze them all at the table.

Well, not Vicky, but she wasn’t eating anything.

While he was busy doing this, Gigi continued to stand watching Vicky.

“I see why my brothers want you,” She spoke, but Devon was making too much noise for him to hear her.

“You are the perfect housewife… Well, apart from the fact that you do not speak and do not have sex with them. But you do not have to worry about that,” She said innocently. But her smile said otherwise.

“If Theodore is anything like Tristan he will have no trouble finding a mistress.” A pause before she continued. “Actually, Tristan is already dating Claudine Mollo – she is a catwalk model, you have probably heard of her. Now I think about it…” She wore a fake sad expression. “Oh, Theodore will probably start dating her too.”

Vicky swallowed back a sob and avoided looking in the woman’s direction.

“I am sorry, but at least you will still have the other one…”

“Tables is set,” Devon returned.

Vicky turned everything off and walked over to Devon, whispering into his ear.

Gigi frowned and watched as he nodded, kissed her forehead and she left the room.

“What was that about? Was she telling tales?” She didn’t mean to say the last part, but it came out without her thinking.

“She asked me to dish the food up because she is not feeling good and wanted to go to bed.”

He stared at her blankly. “Telling tales about what?” He asked accusingly.

“Oh… Nothing.” He nodded but it was clear he didn’t believe her, he would find out later.


“She did not have to go to all the trouble,” Rene said surprised when he was led to the table which was now full of food.

“I feel awful for what I said, and she still did this,” Said Riche as they all sat down to eat.

“Where is she?” Asked Kraven abruptly.

“She went up to bed,” Devon told them. “She said she was not feeling well.” Kraven nor the younger set of twins failed to notice the look he gave Gigi.

“If you said anything to upset her, I’ll break your fucking neck!” Kraven snapped not caring about the others, he stood up and strode up the stairs.

Without knocking, he opened the door, and the sight broke his heart.

She was sat on the bed, wet faced and red eyed, with her open laptop in front of her.

The moment she saw him, she ran from the bed and jumped into his arms, wrapped her arms and legs around him as tightly as she could.

“He… He’s going to leave us,” She sobbed and hiccupped into his neck.

He moved to the bed, sitting on the edge still holding her and rubbing her back.

“Who is, little one?” He asked placing a kiss on the side of her head. He saw Tristan and Theo both stood in the doorway watching them, but saying nothing.

“Th..Theo…” She hiccupped more. “S..s.s.she t..t..told me Tristan has a g..girlfriend and s..she is better than me. Th..Theo will go to her.”

Tristan’s face was pure thunder, without a word he stormed back downstairs.

“She is a lying, jealous little bitch!” She turned her head to see Theo and quickly moved from Kraven’s lap and into Theo’s arms, almost knocking him over in the process.

“Please don’t leave us, Theo,” She cried, clinging to him. “I’ll be better. I’ll let you have, anything, please-“

“Is that what she said? I would move onto some whore my brother is fucking because you haven’t slept with me?” She didn’t reply but continued to cling to him.

“Vicky, look at me,” He ordered and she did, puffy eyed. “You are ours, no other woman. We would both wait forever for you to be ready.”

“And we can always play with each other while you watch,” Kraven joked making her giggling a little.

“What were you looking at on here?” He turned the laptop around at seeing photos of Tristan and a beautiful brown haired woman sat together looking deep in conversation and a second of the woman hugging a faceless person. The picture was zoomed in on a large diamond ring on her ring finger.

The headline read ‘Frances Angel and Aris heir engaged?’ with the subheader ‘Claudine Mollo hints at winter wedding.’ The article was from earlier today.

“It’s a French site, but my browser has a built in translator.”

“This can’t be true, he told me he was single. Plus she looks like a dog.”

“ don’t like her?” She asked looking at him with large puppy dog eyes.

“You kidding right?” She looked confused. “She is pretty, sure, but not my type. She has too much makeup, she looks fake and up herself. She is the type I avoid. They think they can have anything and don’t take no for an answer.”

Much like Summer… He thought about the drunken mistake he made.

But he would have to speak to his brother later to make sure he wasn’t with her.

The last thing he wanted was him getting close to Victoria and then marrying some other woman.

“I’m feeling a little tired,” She had stopped crying and yawned. “If you are hungry you can go eat, I’m going to have a nap.”

“Lay down, baby, we’ll lay with you.”

“But your family?”

“You are my family.”


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