Chapter 13

Victoria woke up the next morning having slept the whole night through.?

She slipped from between her two men and out of the bed to the bathroom. A quick shower and after getting dressed in a clean dress, she moved to leave. In the bedroom, Kraven and Theo were still deep in sleep and now spooning.

She watched with a smile for a moment, watching the pair hold one another before finally slipping from the room silently.

Descending the stairs she remembered what happened last night.

What had happened after they spoke in the bedroom? She had no idea. She had fallen asleep.

She didn’t know what to expect when she got downstairs. Yes, they would be gone – it was the morning after all. But she could have sworn she heard raised voices while she was trying to sleep last night, but blocked it out.

Clean, sparkling even. The kitchen was spotless. The pots and dishes from last night nowhere in sight.

“They cleaned,” She mumbled to herself. Something knocked her leg, and she looked down to see Ozzie smiling up at her.

“Oh, hiya boy. Are you hungry?”

His tailed wagged excitedly, and he head-butted her as if trying to push her.

“Okay, okay,” She giggled. “I’m going.”

Less than five minutes later he was chowing down on a bowl of meaty chunks, and she was mixing together the things she needed for breakfast.

“We definitely need to go to the store today,” She thought out loud.

With the kettle and coffee pot on, she poured some batter into the pan.

A pair of arms slipped around her waist and a kiss that made her shiver with lust placed on the side of her neck.

“Good morning, Mon Chéri.”

She froze feeling his breath on her neck. She hadn’t thought it could be anyone but her men.

“Are you feeling better?”

She turned around in his arms and pushed him away at the same time.

He frowned. “What is the matter?”

Her mouth opened but then closed again. She tried again, twice, but nothing came out.

“Do not be scared, Mon Chéri, I will not hurt you.”

She stared at him, but she was cooking so had no choice but to turn away. She hated to seem rude but didn’t want to burn the food.

“I would like you to know what my sister said was lies. As was what you saw on that news site,” He sounded strong, yet with a hint of worry.

“I will not lie to you, up until recently I had been bed partners with her and several other women. But we have never been in a relationship, and I stopped sleeping with her several weeks ago,” He explained moving to her side as she continued cooking so he could speak to her face to face.

Vicky found it strange to hear a man such as himself – strong, suited, alpha type, heir – trying to explain himself to her. It wasn’t as though she mattered, surely he would find someone new soon if his long line of lovers is anything to go by.

“She got jealous of my other partners and began telling them and everyone we were an item. She and Gigi are good friends, have been since childhood. They both come from similar backgrounds. She plays nice, but the truth is my sister is a snob. She helped by telling everyone – including our parents that we were together. And the latest you have seen on the news.”

She wasn’t sure what to say.

“I want you to know Theo loves you much. He would never leave you.”

He reached forward and made a move to touch her arm, but she quickly flinched away. He frowned, “I am sorry. Do not be afraid of me, I won’t hurt you.”

“I..I’m s..s..sorry,” She whispered not looking at him.

“Do not be sorry, Mon Chéri,” He smiled hearing her speak directly to him for the first time.

“We can be friends? Oui?” He asked hopefully.

Feeling bad for judging him when he just wanted to be her friend, she smiled and nodded.

He smiled happily, “This is a good week. I have made new friends, and I discovered my brother is alive.” He spoke animatedly about discovering his brother – lookalike – was living down the road. How Devon’s grandparents tried to discourage him because the men down the road are undesirable as the elderly woman put it.

Tristan hadn’t seemed please repeating this. It was clear there was no love lost between him and the elder Hogan’s.

Dressed in nothing but boxers, Kraven rushed into the kitchen and straight to Vicky, picking her up in his arms causing her to gasp in surprise.

Theo came in shortly afterwards, dressed similarly and paused in the doorway, looked at the pair and then to his surprised looking brother with a smile.

“I told you she would be here,” He said breathlessly.

“W..what’s wrong?”

“My little princess,” Kraven whispered into her hair. “Don’t ever scare me like that again.”

She looked confused, “W..what d..did I do?”

“I woke up, and you were gone.”

She remembered what Theo had told her only a couple of days before.

“Kraven doesn’t like waking up alone. It scares him, and he panics that I left him.”

“I am s..s..sorry,” She hugged him back. “I w..wanted to wake up with breakfast.”

He said nothing but continued to hold her.

Thankfully the food was a cooked and only needed serving.

He picked her up and brought her up so they were face to face.

She hooked her legs around his waist automatically.

He pressed his lips to hers, all the time, his eyes on hers. The kiss only lasted several seconds, but it was enough to see him relax.

“Kiss me!” Theo pushed his face between theirs and demanded.

Vicky smiled, Kraven rolled his eyes, and they both leaned in to kiss the corners of his mouth

“You’re both staying with me,” Kraven whispered, but they heard him.

Theo grinned and nodded. “No way in hell I am leaving or letting my baby girl leave.”

The two men kissed and then Theo kissed Vicky.

“I hope you know that you are never leaving us?” He said it with a grin, but she could tell he was serious. “Breakfast is ready,” She whispered and unwrapped her legs from Kraven’s waist, but he held her tight.

“Tell us, Victoria!” He demanded. “Answer Theo.”

She gulped seeing the pour need in their eyes despite their hard expressions.

And not the lustful need, but the kind of reassuring need a child would need.

“I want forever.”

Was she rushing things? Maybe, but they seemed to want the same thing.

“I love you, my cowboys.”


Kraven couldn’t fight back the smile.

Her cowboys? Yes! Hers and only hers.

He never dreamed he could fall so fast for someone, let alone that Theo would feel the same and her, the same about both of them. It was like a dream. It made him think of something him and Theo used to speak about – about having their own family – wife and kids, but they had given up on that little after they turned thirty. Well, he had, Theo had hung on to the dream a little longer. But soon he gave up too.

But now… Now it seemed they might actually get the family they wanted.

His mind conjured up an image of her stomach swollen with their child.

“Kray…” He snapped out of his daydream to see Theo looking at him amused and Vicky blushing bright red. “What were you thinking about that got you so excited?” Theo looked at bulge in Kraven’s boxers which was straining them to the max and digging in between Vicky’s legs.

He had to force himself not to dry-hump her there and then. It was extremely hard for him, especially after catching a glimpse of her white lace panties.

“I was thinking about Vicky’s stomach round, swollen with our child.”

“Mmm,” Theo’s eyes darkened with lust. “Yes, I like that idea, a lot.”

Her cheeks darkened, and he knew she felt a similar bulge digging into her backside.

What he wouldn’t do to have her naked and sandwich between them. He unconsciously moved his hips against hers.

He said he would wait and would, but it felt so good to touch. Even if it was teasing himself more than her. She made a muffled sound against his neck. If he wasn’t mistaken, she was enjoying herself.

A throat cleared gaining their attention.

Here’s looked in the direction of the noise not letting go of Vicky even for a second. His eyes met a familiar yet unfamiliar pair of grey one.

“Oh… Hello Tristan,” Theo greeted with a large smile.

“Good morning brother, Kraven.”

Kraven wasn’t ready to admit it, but he really liked that French accent and the way he spoke his name.

“The food smells delicious, does it not?” He asked diplomatically changing the subject as if not to embarrass Vicky.

“It does,” Theo said taking a step back, readjusting himself in his boxers. At the same time, Kraven placed Vicky back on her feet.

She had barely been stood for a second when she blushed bright red and rushed out of the room in the direction of the toilet.

The twins watched on with matching concerned expressions.

“Is she alright?” They both asked at the same time.

Kraven couldn’t help but smile at the pair. “Oh, she’s fine,” He said with a smirk and then looked down at his now damp boxers. He wasn’t ashamed in the slightest about his still erect manhood tenting his shorts. The twin’s eyes followed his. “Let’s just say that not mine,” He indicated to the dampness.

The identical set of eyes darkened with lust. True, under any other circumstances he’d happily take up the opportunity to play with two hot twins – especially if one of those twins were Theo. But this was not the right place.

Vicky was his number one priority at this time. He couldn’t be seen to be some sex crazed guy who couldn’t control himself, neither could Theo.

They told her they would wait and that they would. They had already possibly scared her by dry-humping her like a pair of horny dogs.

If or when he was with Tristan, both Theo and Vicky would be there and he would have their full agreement.

In truth, he had never thought of having a second male partner, but if the twins fathers were anything to go by, Theo and Tristan would soon be both his and Vicky’s lovers.

As though reading his mind, Theo stood at his side and gave him a side hug. “You go check on our girl. I’ll dish up breakfast,” He said, and Kraven smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek.


“I know. Me too.” Kraven still struggled to say the three words in front of other people.

Another more intimate kiss and he left the room in search of Vicky.


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