Chapter 14

“You are very lucky, brother.”?

Theo nodded his head silently watching his childhood friend and lover disappear from sight.

“I am.” He turned back to his newly found brother with a smile but then his expression turned serious.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at them,” His tone almost threatening.

“Don’t forget they are mine. Your parents may share but I have no intentions of letting you in only to use them. They may not seem it, but both are fragile. Brother or not, they are my number one priority and the same goes for that little bitch – our so-called sister. If I see her so much as looking at either of them the wrong way she better watch the hell out…”

“Gigi is our sister, as you are my brother. I love you both, but won’t let you or anyone hurt her.”

Theo opened his mouth to speak but his brother cut him off.

“That being said, I will not allow her to hurt you or someone you care about either. I am under no illusion, I am completely aware that Gigi is manipulative, among many other things. Last night alone proves that.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask, what happened after you went downstairs last night?” Theo let his curiosity get the best of him. “Last night this place wasn’t the cleanest – dishes and whatnot – and I expected it to be worse after the shouting I heard…”

“I did not have to say anything.”

“Your parents?”

“Our parents and no…” Tristan shook his head before continuing.

“I did not have a chance.” Theo looked confused.

“Devon may love her, but he is no fool.”

He went on to tell Theo how Devon was already scolding Gigi when he entered the kitchen. He was warning her the wedding would be called off if she continued to act in such a way, especially with Victoria – someone important to him and had shown nothing but kindness to everyone.

“He is the first man she has dated who doesn’t bow to her every wish. This is a major reason why she has not grown bored of him like she does the others. And I think she really loves him.”

“He is a pain in the backside but he is one of the only Hogan’s that I can tolerate.”

“What about little Miss Victoria?”

“She isn’t a Hogan… Not really. She only met Devon and his brother recently. She is a Willingham, meaning my family.” He didn’t go into details but Tristan didn’t need them, he understood.

“I do not wish for you to worry, brother,” Tristan placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “I am not here to steal your partners. I admit I find both attractive, especially Victoria. But I would never take either from you. We are brothers. Meeting you, I feel like meeting a missing part of me.” Theo stared at him, saying nothing. This continued for what felt like forever but in truth was only seconds. He could see no lies in his brother’s eyes.

“Truth be told I am surprised how comfortable I feel around you.” Tristan smiled at this. “Kray and I are feared by most in town…” He gave him a quick history.

Theo was surprised to learn his brother not only had a similar attitude – with men at least. But also didn’t get on well with Gigi. The pair constantly bickered when young and nothing much had changed over the years. Though he had learned to tolerate her over the time and even loved her, but he didn’t like her much as a person.

By the time Kraven and Victoria returned the twins were chatting and laughing like they had known each other forever.

They all sat down to breakfast, Tristan asking their plans for the day.

“We have plans for lunch this afternoon and must go grocery shopping after that, but you are welcome to come around after that,” Theo told his brother. He expected his new family would want to get to know him, spend time with him before returning home.

“Perhaps we could meet afterwards and you could show me around town?

“Sounds great. We have to show Vicky around properly anyway.”


The more time she spent with Thomas and his wife – Greta, the more Victoria liked them. It was so simple to speak to them. Her nerves quickly disappeared with the pair. They reminded her so much of her grandparents.

The older woman wasn’t surprised to hear the three were together.

“After hearing the way you acted when she first arrived I knew it was just a matter of time,” She had said to them.

She wasn’t even surprised to hear the men were involved. Thomas, on the other hand, was surprised with both matters and both were at Theo’s new family.

“I can have someone do a check on them?” He offered.

“No need,” Theo replied. “I have no doubt they are genuine. Plus, there is a lot about them online. And anything else I want to know I’ll ask them. But thank you for the offer.”

He reissued his offer for her a place to stay if she needed and Greta told Victoria to come around if she needs to speak to anyone or just wants female company.

“What was Greta whispering to you?” Theo asked as they drove to the store.

She looked down blushing.

“Now I’m really intrigued.”

“Tell us, little princess,” Kraven said glancing back at her from the drivers side.

His voice held such “S.. She s.. Said to come to her if I need any…” She looked embarrassed. “Advice… On s.. Sexy stuff.”

Both men smiled at her innocence. But told her she could come to them and ask anything without judgement, sexy wise or not.

They entered the store a short time later and much like before gained much attention.

There were a few sour looks from one night stands but wasn’t unusual. They have sex with one of them knowing it’s a one time thing but think they can change that.

“Hello again,” Marian – the same cashier as their last visit – greeted them. “Oh and you are both here too…” She paused what she was doing to look at them together. If she knew they were together she didn’t say or let on.

“Scan the shopping,” Kraven told her rather rudely. “We are in a hurry.”

So that was what they meant, Victoria thought, remembering how she was told they scared most in town.

She could see that although most of the women either looked at them with lust, anger or both, pretty much all looked some what afraid when Kraven spoke.

Were they known for fight as well or something?

Without thinking she tapped his arm. At first he glared but when he saw it was her his expression softened and he smiled. ‘Be nice,’ She mouthed.

“For you,” He whispered to her before turning back to Marian.

“Please, could you do your job. We’re in a hurry,” He said in the same tone as before.

Theo sniggered and she rolled her eyes. She scanned the items, but this time Theo was ready with the money and paid himself.

They began to leave when Marian caught Victoria’s eye.

“If you want someone to hang out with I have a sweet younger brother. He’s a senior in high-school and-“

“No!” Theo snapped and all but dragged her out.

“P.. Please s… Stop.” He noticed her wince and he immediately let go.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry, baby.”

Kraven sent him a warning look.

Theo placed his bags in the back of the truck and picked her up, sitting her in the hood. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby. I just…”

“I.. It’s okay. I kno… Know it was an accident.” She kissed his cheek shyly and he grinned happily.

“Be more careful in the future,” Kraven warned his partner picking up Victoria from the hood and placing a kiss on her lips before helping her into the truck.

Theo quickly joined them and they were soon on their way back to the ranch.


Tristan left the ranch, made a few phone calls and replied to emails. His family had a couple of people running the businesses while they were away. But that didn’t let them off the hook completely.

He and his family were staying at his sister’s fiancé’s parents house. He hadn’t originally wanted to come but with Claudine obsessively pursuing him, even going as far as telling his parents they were engaged, he changed his mind.

Now though, he had dozens of calls from people, journalists and her parents trying to contact him. Turns out she told them the same lies. Even got fake pictures of the happy couple out there.

“We have never been a couple, let alone engaged,” He informed a journalist friend of his.

After a couple of hours he had managed to get a few media outlets to retract the story and print it was wrong. Contacting her parents was proving harder. They had a private number only known to those who needed to know, but liked to change it every so often.

It was clear where their daughter got her obsessive tendencies from.

He’d sort it out when he got back.

Truth be told he didn’t really want to return. At least not any time soon.

Despite what he said he wasn’t only feeling a connection with his brother, but also his partners.

Over the years he had been with many women. But until now he couldn’t picture himself settling down. Not that many haven’t tried anyway.

It was as though he needed Theodore to be truly happy.

Arriving at the ranch his brother ran, his heart swelled with pride. He had spoke to his soon-too-be brother-in-law and learned that when the original owners died, many expected the two men to fail. But they succeeded with triumph, increasing revenue tenfold.

Devon knew this as his grandparents kept a close eye on the land. They had expected the land to be put up for sale when the older married couple died and then again when the men fail. But neither happened.

He had to force himself not to reveal his true emotions when the trio final pulled up. The last he wanted was to lose his brother when he had only just for him back.

He was greeted with smiles.

From what he had heard he was lucky to get such a warm welcome.

Theodore was antisocial, from what he heard. Where Tristan was a outgoing. That’s not saying everyone loved him because they didn’t.

He just knew you had to keep a certain image when you were in the public eye or you’d never be out the news.

“Bonjour mon Frère, mon Beau, ma Chérie,”

“You’re here already?” It was more a statement than a question.

“Yes. Just arrived,” He lied not wanting them to know he had been hanging around for the last hour. “Mother and fathers said to give you wishes. They wanted to come but fathers thought they maybe crowding you.” Plus, he had asked them for a little time alone with them.

“What do them words mean?” Kraven asked once they were in the house with the shopping.

“They are names.”

“For God sake,” He rolled his eyes. “Translate, pretty boy,” He ordered making both twins smile.

“Mon Frère,” Tristan looked to Theo. “My brother.” Theo grinned seemingly happy.

“Mon Beau, my handsome.” Kraven raised a brow but looked smug when Tristan indicated to him. Then the French man turned to Victoria.

“Ma Chérie…” He took her hand in his and she looked more than a little nervous. “My Darling.” He kissed the back if her hand. He winked at her and let her hand go.

Theo cleared his throat, gaining his attention.

“Sorry, brother. I couldn’t resist it. She is so sweet.”


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