Chapter 15

Victoria watched Theo to see what his reaction would be.

“Just be careful with my baby. She is sensitive. I won’t think twice about beating you if you scare her.”

She looked back to Kraven who now stood behind her, holding her against him. He seemed as surprised as her, if his raised brow was anything to go by.

A beaming smile covered Tristan’s face. “Of course. I’ll treat your little family like my own,” He said sending Kraven a wink. He was clearly flirting, but neither Kraven or Theo seemed to mind.

She was more than a little confused, but didn’t say it.

“You talk big, but can you take big?” Kraven said with obvious double meaning.

Tristan looked a little taken back for a second. But then went back to the smirk. “Not sure about that, but can definitely give it…”

“Kray doesn’t take, only gives. But trust me, if you’re ever lucky enough to receive, you’ll love it,” Theo told his brother before walking over and joining his lovers, leaving his brother stunned. “You two ready to go?”

Victoria nodded, but blushed remembering the time she saw them together.

“C…can we ta.. Take m… My t.. Truck?”

“Of course, baby.”

“We’ll give you directions,” Kraven told her, knowing she didn’t know the area.

She nodded her head enthusiastically before running from the room and disappearing up the stairs.

“Where’d she going?”

“Not sure. But our baby is so damn sexy.”


“Especially when she’s a happy little bunny,” Kraven agreed watching her, now holding Theo.

A couple of minutes later Victoria came jogging outside to find the three waiting outside.

Kraven groaned watching her breasts bounce in her dress as she came closer. “I’d love to f-” Theo elbowed him.

“Me too. But don’t…” He didn’t have to finish. They both knew what he was going to say. Neither wanted to scare her or force her into something she wasn’t ready for.

She needed to know they loved her, sex or no sex.

Coming closer they could see she had changed her shoes to a pair of heels. They made her look a couple of inches taller, drew attention to her toned legs and round backside.

“I love those shoes,” Theo muttered quietly, then glanced at his brother to see him adjusting himself. He looked to Kraven to see he was watching his brother too.

Neither noticed him looking at them.

He didn’t feel jealous nor angry because he knew Kraven loved him. But he also knew his brother was trying to keep his promise, despite the flirting.

He walked over to his brother and placed a hand on his shoulder. His brother turned to look at him. “Come on, little brother. Vicky is waiting.”

“No, Theodore. I am the older one.”

“But I’m the bigger one.” He patted his brother’s shoulder. “And don’t call me Theodore. I hate that name. Call me Theo.”

The twins sat in the back while Kraven took the front passenger side. He was moving his seat back when he felt a something being placed on his lap. He stopped what he was doing and looked down at his lap to find Victoria’s shoes.

He picked them up and turned to see her starting the truck, barefoot.

“These aren’t really gonna fit me, little one.”

Her cheeks burned red and she started the truck.

“You’ll hurt your feet, baby. You should wear shoes.”

“I..I’m okay. I better without.”

“Alright, little one. But pull over and we’ll swap if your not. Alright?”

She silently nodded and drove the truck in the direction of town.

“Where to first?”


She ended up driving and being shown most of the town. They would take a walk around the stores another time, earlier in the day. It was almost closing now, so there was no point today.

But they did drop in Ride out, the local equestrian clothing and equipment store. Sometimes, with the smaller sizes they had to order in and Victoria was the perfect combination of shortness and curves in their eyes.

The only bad thing about the store was Jeanie – the owner. She is a nice woman but a gossip.

“No doubt everyone will be speaking about Vicky and Tristan soon.”

Kraven nodded in agreement. “But we won’t let them speak bad.” Theo agreed this time.

“Where next?”

“I w..would like to go. s..s..somewhere.”

“Sure, baby. Where?”

She slowed down and pointed in the direction of the last place he would have expected.

“Ed’s bar?” One of the roughest but popular places in town. It was also the place where the guys went every time they fancied some pussy. It had been a while, so if they hadn’t have met Victoria they would probably be going sooner rather than later.

They tried to go when people were visiting town, that way they didn’t have to worry about seeing them again. But the wasn’t always possible.

She nodded her head in reply to his question.

“You’ve never been to a bar before?” Theo guessed, but knew without asking.

“I would like to go too,” Tristan agreed. “It would make a nice change.”

“Alright. Park up, little one.”

She did as told. But when she went to take her shoes back from Kraven he had already exited the truck shoes in hand.

“K.. Kraven…?” She frowned looking a little worried.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Theo told her already knowing what was going to happen.

Her door opening and turned her around, so she was facing outside.

“W.. What are you doing?” She whisper asked him.

“Putting shoes on, my little princess.” He kneeled down in front of her and took one of her naked feet in his hands.

“Kray?” Theo interrupted. “Are you planning on actually putting them shoes on?” He teased seeing his partner more interested in rubbing them than placing the shoes on.

Silently he placed the shoes on. He treated her as though she was made of precious China, the way he cared for her and lifted her from the truck.

“You have pretty feet, little one,” He complemented helping her out the vehicle.

She said nothing, but blushed.

It was late evening but the sun was still burning strong in the sky when they entered the bar.

It was much like any other bar. With a couple of pool tables in the back of the space near two doors feet apart, one marked with the word ‘Gals,’ and the second ‘Guys.’

The bar on one side with the wall behind filled with dozens of different bottles of alcohol and barstools lined along the front of the bar.

And lastly dozen or so tables and chairs and a duke box.

There was around a dozen people – mostly over forty and male – and they all seemed to be watching them as they entered.

Victoria immediately felt self-conscious and moved closer to Kraven side.

Even with her heels on she was still only five-foot-four, which was more than a foot smaller than her male companions.

“What would you like, baby?” Theo asked stopping at the bar, her on one side and his brother on the other. “Whisper to me.”

She looked nervous and leaned in.

“Mama g..gave me a glass red wine once, b..but I didn’t like it.” She paused as if to think. “Can… Can I… Maybe try a beer?”

He smiled and nodded his head before calling the barman over.

“Hey Ed, get me four beers.”

“When you come to the chateau for the wedding you will have to try our vin. It is most delicious,” Tristan told the three of them.

“I didn’t know you had a brother.”

“Now you do.” Tristan couldn’t help but feel amused at how brisk his brother could be. It was clear Ed wanted to ask more but wouldn’t. Most likely too scared of the guys.

“I’ll need to see the girl’s ID,” The forty-something sandy haired chubby yet beefy guy behind the bar interrupted.

“She’s with us, she doesn’t have too.” Kraven and Theo both glared at the man but Victoria pulled out her driving licence without argument and handed it to the man. Tristan, on the other hand, simply watched everything unfold curiously.

“You know the Sheriff will take away my licence,” The barman said taking and look at the licence.

He nodded and handed it back.

“You’re Joyce and Ryan’s daughter?” He asked her pouring the drinks.

“She doesn’t speak much. You knew her parents?” Theo replied in her stead.

“Yes, we went to school together. I was sorry to hear about your father. He was a nice guy.” He gave her a look of sympathy.

“I was in the year above them, but everyone knew who they were. All the girls were waiting for your mother to throw him so they could have a chance and the guys were all waiting for her to be single. They were really popular. No one was surprised when they moved away. Joyce’s folks are a nightmare… Sorry, I shouldn’t speak about your family like that.”

“They are nothing to her,” Kraven replied.

Theo indicated to his Tristan to take Victoria’s to a table.

“Maybe I?” He held out his elbow and she smiled, taking his arm and following him.

Ed placed the beers on the counter. “Is Joyce in town too?” He said licking his lips.

“She’s dead,” Kraven said coldly, paying for the drinks.

“Damn! That’s a real shame.” Everyone knew he was a sleaze but no normally was harmless.

“She was really uptight in high school. Everyone was surprised when she ran off with that Willingham boy. Me especially, she always shunned me, the stuck up little bitch.”

Theo leaned closer to the man and said in a low voice, “If you want to keep walking and talking I advise you to keep your mouth shut.” He stepped back and smiled pleased to see the fear in the older man’s face.

“Keep the change,” The pair took the beers and turned, walking over to where Tristan and Victoria sat.

Kraven and Theo exchanged curious looks seeing Tristan red face and looking embarrassed, while Victoria was in a fit of laughter.

“What’s tickled you, little one?” Kraven asked taking the seat beside her.

Her laughter slowed and she tried to catch her breath.

Theo sat beside his brother.

“I was telling her about a date I had a while ago and a couple of other things to distract her,” Tristan explained. “Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea…” He thought out loud.

Victoria laughed and shook her head. “The… They w..w..were hilarious.”

“You have to tell us now.”

He was reluctant, but enjoyed getting to know them.

“I went to a hotel where I would meet my girls – all purely sexual. She brought along her five-year-old daughter as a surprise. The daughter asked if I was going to be her daddy. My fling looked at me expectantly. I never saw her again.” He took a large drink of his beer.

The guys laughed and Kraven told him, “You had a lucky escape. Theo got blind drunk and had sex with one local girl and now she thinks he’s hers.”

“Yeah, Summer. I wouldn’t have even looked at her normally. She’s not my type. I blame the drink. You know what, she actually reminds me a little of your fiancee, Claude, was it?”

Tristan couldn’t help but laugh. “Claudine. But she isn’t my fiancee. We are not even dating.” He told them the same as he told Victoria earlier – about his bed partners.

“Wow, I thought we slept around. But we’re nothing like that,” Theo said in shock.

“Let’s hope Summer doesn’t see you.”

“I am more concerned about Claudline following me here. The last thing I want is her climbing into my bed while I am asleep.”

“If it’s alright with Kraven and Vicky,” Theo looked to the pair who seemingly knew already what he was going to ask and nodded. “You can stay with us until you go back?”

“Could I really? I would love the opportunity to spend more time with you.”

“Then it’s settled we’ll go get your cases after we have finished here.”

“Can I have another?”

“You didn’t stutter?” Kraven say with a smile, but then saw her glass. “Little one, you shouldn’t drink so fast. You’ll get drunk.”

“Okay, I’ll drink the next one slower.”

“The same again?” Tristan nods his head in agreement.

“I’ll have a coke.”

“No, Theo. It’s alright. You have another. I’ll drive.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. Now, want anything else?”

“Grab a bottle or two, we’ll have another drink at home later.”

“Good idea.” Kraven stood up and Victoria followed him, empty glass in hand. “Wa.. Wait. I’ll come too.”

“The alcohol has loosened his tongue.”

“I enjoy hearing her speak. I hope she will be able to speak without the alcohol soon,” Tristan told his brother as the other two walked to the bar, hand in hand.

“Me too.”


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