Chapter 16

Ed was now joined by woman.

She served them while Ed served an older guy.

“Hello Kraven. I’ll need the girl’s ID.”

She wore heavy make up, low cut wrap around floral dress and she had sandy curly bobbed hair.

“No. She showed Ed earlier. Get the drinks, Jessie.”

“Never the less-“

“Jessie, she’s good. Serve the girl,” Ed called interrupting her.

She didn’t look happy and did as she was told, putting two bottles of Jack Daniels to one side.

“Anything else?” She asked sweetly, fluttering her lashes at Kraven who was still holding Victoria’s hand.

“Actually…” He glanced at Victoria, then back to Jessie.

“Give me a Jack.”

She poured a glass and he paid, giving the glass of Jack to Victoria.

“Try this, little one and of you don’t like it we’ll get you something else.”

She nodded her head and he watched as she drank the shot of whiskey in one go.

Her face scrunched up and she stuck out her tongue in disgust.

“Vile,” She cringed and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Alright, little princess, choose something else to test.”

“Hmm…” She moved closer to the bar and looked over. It was only thanks to her high-heels she could see.

“W..what is that one?” He was surprise she asked Jessie herself, even if it was quietly.

“This?” The barmaid held up a black and red bottle with gold writing.

“Tia Maria, coffee and rum mixture. It’s my personal favourite.”

Seeing Victoria’s interest her ordered a glass of that.

She didn’t have to say anything her expression was enough. He ordered two bottles of that too knowing the others would likely have a drink of it too. Again the finished it off, but not at once as she did the shot.

And with the drinks the pair returned to the brothers who were happily chatting.

Kraven loved how quickly the pair bonded and knew no matter what, Theo would never leave him.

They had been through hell together and Theo had pulled him out, saved him. That was part of the reason he fell in love with him in the first place.

“Baby, what are you giggling about?” Theo asked as she sat down laughing to herself. The drink had clearly gone straight to her head.

“I love Kraven, he’s amazing,” She sat his lap and laid her head in his chest. Kraven smiled happily and hugged her to him, kissing the top of her head.

“And me?” Theo asked expectantly.

“I love you too. You have pretty hair. You are a good wife.”

“Wife?” Tristan asked confused.

Theo’s cheeks turned red. She took a large gulp of her beer.

“Can I watch you two again? I didn’t see much last time.”

A look of realisation crossed Tristan’s face and he couldn’t help but smirk.

Another large drink.

“Ah, Tristan, maybe you can get naked too. Kraven and I can play spot the difference.”

“You are such a little pervert,” Kraven chuckled still holding her on his lap.

“I..I only want..wanted to s..s..see. I wasn’t gonna do anything,” She said embarrassed, hiding her face in his shirt.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Vicky,” He leaned in and whispered, “I’d like to see them kiss each other.”

She glanced at the twins and imagined it.

“Why are you blushing, baby?” Theo asked with a slight smile.

She shock her head.

“I need to go to the ladies,” She said standing up and walking a couple of steps before turning back to them.

“’ll wait for me, wo..won’t you?” She asked nervously, chewing her bottom lip and shuffling her feet.

All three men frown. “Of course, baby. You’re never losing us.” Kraven nodded in agreement and she glanced at Tristan and he smiled fondly.

“We’ll be here, Ma Chérie.

She smiled and headed in the direction of the Gals bathroom.


“I see why you feel so strong about her,” Tristan said once she was gone.

“She is so unlike the women I know. So beautiful, yet so sweet, innocent and refreshingly honest. I like her.”

“Just for instances, if I was willing to share, what would your plans be?” Theo asked curiously. He had been thinking almost nonstop about sharing them.

“I am thirty-four. I wish to find a woman to settle down with. But in truth, until now I have never felt anything but lust. I lust for Victoria, but I also feel a deeper connection I never felt before.” He glanced to Kraven.

“I have also felt things for you I have never experienced for another man.”

Kraven seemed distracted. He was watching the ladies restroom.

“I’m not promising anything, but we’ll see how things go,” Theo told his brother and his brother smiled, giving him a side hug.

“I promise I will take care of your family. I broke it off with all my girls when I met you.”

“All? How many girls were you seeing?” Theo asked his brother amused.

“I…” He stopped hearing a giggle.

All three men watched the short blonde walk over giggling.

“What’s tickled you, baby?” Theo asked as she sat down beside him and Kraven.

“Buffalo Bill,” She giggled breathlessly.

As though on cue, Jessie exited the ladies looking annoyed.

“What happened, little one?” Kraven asked concerned.

“The bar lady said you are hers, Kraven.”

The three men look confused because she was still laughing.

“Sorry. I have the giggles,” She said breathlessly, stopping herself from laughing.

“Don’t be sorry, you are so beautiful.”

Instead of blushing she grinned.

“And you are too. I think we could make some beautiful babies.” She looked dreamily.

“Can we go home? I don’t like the horsies and Ozzie being alone. They’ll be lonely.”

The men couldn’t help but smile.

“Bel ange,” Tristan said staring at her as though she had just confessed her love for him.

“What does that mean, Tristan?” She asked tilting her head to the side.

“Dieu sauve-moi,” He mumbled under his breath so she couldn’t hear but his brother could.

His brother looked at him curiously.

“Beautiful angel,” He told her.


“Of course. Beauty and kindness is rare in my world. My brother and Kraven are lucky to have such a fantastic woman.” He was pleased to see her cheeks redden.

“We are indeed.” Kraven hugged her waist and kissed the neck. Theo did the same.

A mewl escaped her lips and both men shared a look.

“Are you ready to go, bro?”

He downed the last of his drink and nodded.

Walking to the bar together, the barmaid glared at Victoria.

“Jessie, stop being a bitch and give them the bottles,” Ed told his sister as the guys approached.

She grunted and handed Kraven the bottles, all the time glaring at Victoria.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” He all but growled at her.

The twins looked just as angry.

“She’s angry because Kraven is mine and she is buffalo Bill,” Victoria whispered the last part.

Ed must have heard and understood because he burst out laughing.

His sister glared at her brother.

“I’ll show you when we get home,” She told them as they collected their drinks and left the bar.


Back at the ranch…

“You three make drinks and snacks!” Victoria ordered running up the stairs.

The three mens eyes were glued to her backside as she disappeared upstairs.

“No.” The twins both looked at Kraven. “We can’t do anything with her, not while she is drunk. She deserves better.”

They all agree, kissing and hugging only.

“But I do like she is now speaking to me,” Tristan commented as they collected glasses and snacks.

“Yes, drink has loosened her tongue.”

Seconds later she ran back down and plugged something into the back of the television.

A moment later she had the television on and a movie playing. Silence Of The Lambs.

Things seemed to click in their heads and they all ended up laughing and talking.

“I felt bad, but she was the spitting image of Bill in drag,” She said giggling. Buffalo Bill aka the skin suit wearing, crossdressing serial killer.

Soon the conversation turned to Jessie’s crush.

“Jessie was in our year at school. She has an older sister, Ella-May. She was the first woman we had sex with.”

“Both of you?”

“Kraven, then me. She is five years older than us. She was nice, she wasn’t judgemental like most of the town. It wasn’t until afterwards Jessie confessed to Kraven but he wasn’t interested.”

“We used to sleep around, but we avoid people like Jessie because they expect more,” Kraven explained.

Victoria was sat on Theo’s lap drinking her drink.

“What about you, Tris? How did you lose your virginity?”

“It was a stable hand, an older woman.” A pause. “I don’t remember her name now, she wasn’t with us long.”

“You have a lot of girlfriends?” She asked curiously.

“I did have a several women I was seeing but I finished with them recently.”

“Several? You were cheating?”

He shook his head. “No, we were only sleeping together. They knew about one another. I would never cheat on a real girlfriend.”

“So you’re not going to steal Theo for your girlies?” She was hugging Theo’s neck. She was more than a little drunk.

“No, ma Chérie. I promise Theo and Kraven will be staying with you.”

“You’re stuck with us, baby.” Theo placed a gentle kiss on her lips and Kraven squeezed her leg.

“Will any be at the wedding?” Victoria asked curiously.

“Yes. But do not worry. They are nice people. Well, apart from Claudine. But I promise I won’t let her hurt any of you.” He addressed all of them but was looking at Victoria.

He adored her already.

“You are a good man, I think. I love your brother and Kraven. Are you going to share like your fathers?” Drunken Victoria was a lot more forthright.

“We have spoken about it,” Theo spoke this time. “And as long as it is alright with you and Kraven, I thought we could give it a go, see how things go.”

Kraven raised a brow surprised, he hadn’t heard them discussing it.

“As long as my little princess and you are alright, I will try. But let me warn you now…”

Tristan stopped him. “If I am luckily enough to share in the love the three of you share then I will promise I will do nothing to ruin that. I won’t be sleeping around.”

They all looked to Victoria for her answer.

“You are handsome like my Theo and you seem kind. I think we can try. But I’ve never done anything before…”

He smiled. “I know and I, like my brother, am more than willing to wait.”

“Maybe… Maybe we can hold hands for now,” She suggested sweetly and he couldn’t help but smile.

But reached out and took her hand in his. Hers was much smaller than his. Then again, she was a small beautiful woman.

“If we’re going to do this, tell us more about you,” Kraven said stroking Victoria’s thigh absentmindedly.

“What would you like to know?”


“Well… You already know a lot. I am the older twin, I have no tattoos. I am workout regularly. I do most of the paperwork for my families businesses. I have my own house on my parents land.”

“Boring, tell us something most don’t know.” Kraven nodded agreeing with her.

“I like being naked, as in I’m a nudist. I never wear clothes at home. Only when I have too.”


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