Chapter 17

The last thing Victoria remember was Tristan telling them he hated clothes and Kraven encouraging him to get naked.?

That was last night. Now it was early morning and she woke up with the three men. She was in a shirt she didn’t recognise and they were all in boxers.

Their bodies tangled together around the bed and all with tents in their pants. Kraven was directly behind her, holding her against him.

He may have been the largest but he was very insecure thanks to the orphanage and years of abuse as a child.

“Don’t leave me, Vicky,” He mumbled deep in sleep.

It broke her heart. She loved him and Theo already. She didn’t know if she loved Tristan yet, but she cared for him a lot.

From what she had seen, he was a rich playboy feeling empty because the loss of his twin. But now they were together she had hope he could become complete.

She knew if the twins were anything like their fathers they would end up with the same person or persons. And she really hoped it was her and Kraven.

Turning to face him she stroked his cheek but he still looked troubled.

He was beautiful, they all were. The type of men she normally wrote about.

She felt surprising good considering how much she drank. In fact she still felt a little drunk. Not that it was surprising the amount she drank.

Leaning in she pressed her lips to his and pulled back to whisper, “I love you, Kraven. I never want to leave you.”

His eyes opened and she was shocked to see tears in his eyes.

Had he been having a nightmare?

“I love you, Kraven.” It had only been a week, but it was true.

Her grandfather once told her that he loved her grandmother the first time they met. They were married within the month.

It was a different time back then. But that kind of love still existed, Victoria knew it did.

“Me too,” He said in a rough low voice. “I… You…” She smiled.

“I know you do,” She kissed him again. Only this time the kiss grew deeper and she began nipping at his lips with her teeth.

She was sure what she was doing all she knew is she wanted more of him.

She shocked him by straddling his much larger waist. Leaning down she whispered into his ear, “Touch me, Kraven. I want to feel like yesterday,” She said remembering how he made her cum just dry humping her.

He looked torn. “What about Theo and Tristan?” He felt guilty touching her without them.

Their firsts should be together.

“I want all of you. You’re all my men, right?” She was still a little nervous about Tristan. But she wanted them too.

He seemed pleased by this.

“Wake them up.” She stepped off the bed and stripped off the shirt, but left her underwear on.

Her nerves were in overdrive, her hands shaking. But she wanted him, she wanted them.

He hungrily took her body in.

“Are you sure about this, Vicky? We can wait.”

She climbed back beside him.

“I don’t want to wait. I want to feel the same as yesterday. I love you and Theo, I think I might even be falling for Tristan. I want us to be married, have a life together, sex, family, babies…” She let her true feeling pour out. She knew Kraven, above anyone of them, needed to know she was committed, that she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Vicky,” Kraven picked her up and held her on his lap.

“Do you really mean that?”

She nodded blushing. “Every word.”

“I… I love you,” He said with tears in his eyes. “I want that too. All of it.”

Her heart sped and butterflies filled her stomach. She felt so happy.

He kissed her, pushing his tongue in her mouth. But it didn’t last long. Soon he had her laid on her back as he explored her body.

“Kiss Theo. Wake him up,” He said squeezing and kissing the top of her breasts. She was finding it hard not to moan.

She was laid between the twins as Kraven teased her with kisses.

“Do it, then Tris. I’m not going to touch your pussy until you wake them.”

She wanted them awake but she was nervous.

Biting the bullet, she turned her to Theo and capture his lip between her teeth before kissing him.

He kissed her back and smiled, but didn’t wake completely. At least not until Kraven spoke.

“Hey! Wake up and help my pleasure our girl!”

His sleepy eyes snapped opened and then widened when he saw her almost naked with Kraven now playing her nipple.

“I think I just came a little,” He mumbled and leaned down to kiss Kraven before attacking her second breast.

She squealed in surprise.

“You are so much more beautiful than I imagined, baby. I love you,” He nuzzled her breasts.

Kraven was about to remind her to wake up the second twin but he didn’t have too. He was already awake and eating her with his eyes.

“Am I alright to be here, Ma Chérie? Or would you like me to leave?” He was so similar to his twin despite the years apart.

“S… Stay,” She said nervously.

He smiled and leaned closer to her. “Can I kiss you?” She nodded. They hadn’t kissed properly.

His kisses were gentle, sweet. So different than what she imagined, but she liked it. Liked that they were all different.

She moaned into his mouth and he cupped her cheek. Theo was playing with both her breasts now, while Kraven kissed his way down her body and to her untouched pussy but then paused.

“Today is only about getting our little princess off. No sex, just plenty of orgasms for Vicky.”

The twins quickly agreed. They both just enjoyed touching her.

Tristan barely stopped kissing her. She felt as though he was pouring his feeling into the kiss.

“Je t’aime,” Tristan whispered against her mouth.

Their eyes met. She didn’t speak French, but she had a good idea what he said. But it still came as a shook when he whispered it in English into her ear a moment later.

“I love you, I have since the moment I saw you.” He kissed the shell of his ear only increasing the pleasure she already felt as his twin kissed her breasts and Kraven had pulled off her panties and began to lap at her core.

“You are so wet, little one,” Kraven hummed happily.

She had never felt so loved, so complete.

Her didn’t even have to enter her.

She went from zero to a hundred in a second, it wasn’t surprising when a moment later she was crying out in orgasm.

Moaning into Tristan’s mouth, she ran her fingers through his and Theo’s hair and wrapped her legs around Kraven’s head.

Instead of stopping Kraven only increased his assault, pushing his tongue inside her virgin pussy.

“Kray! Oh my goodness!” She scream tightening her grip on the twins hair. But they didn’t seem to mind. In fact they seemed to enjoy it, especially Theo who was all but humping her side.

“I’m next!” Theo said impatiently, pushing his face in between her legs.

“Theo!” She gasped at the unexpected action. Kraven glared at being pushed aside but then laughed.

“Fuck, she is sweet. Come and taste, Bro.”

Tristan smiled at the nickname and moved beside him where the twins licked her together.

She mewled, whimpered making the twins shared a smile.

In a moment she had been moved so she was now sat on Theo’s face while his brother licked her from behind.

Grinding and moaning.

The twins were merciless, orgasm after orgasm as Kraven kissed her.

They didn’t stop until her eyes were closing.

“Sleep, baby.”


Waking up a few hours later she held her head as she sat up. There was no doubt she was sober now. Thinking back to what happened, she blushed furiously. She didn’t regret it. It was the type of fantasy she normally poured into her books. Drink just gave her the courage ask for what she wanted.

Looking around her, the twins were still in bed but Kraven was nowhere to be seen.

Careful not to wake the twins, she climbed out of the bed and pulled on her robe before going in search of her missing partner.

Walking down the stairs, she made her way to the kitchen smelling cooking.

“I missed you,” She said shyly entering the kitchen.

He turned to her with the biggest smile she had seen him wear.

Holding out his arms, she ran into them and hid her face in his neck when he lifted her up.

“I’m sorry.”

She didn’t have to see him to know he was frowning. “Sorry? Why, little one?”

“I… I made you… You know… And I never did… Anything for any of you,” She felt selfish. She loved their touch, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to go all the way yet.

Sitting on a chair, he pulled her back, forcing her to look at him, but kept her on his knee.

“You were amazing, Vicky. So beautiful. It was perfect. You didn’t have to do anything.” He stroked her cheek as he spoke. “We don’t want to do anything until you are really ready.”

“You’re… You’re not angry?”

He quickly shook his head.

“Never with my little princess.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips to her. It was much softer than normally, but just as good.

“If you want to travel we can hire someone to run the ranch while we’re away.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you, Kray. I love you so much.”


The brothers stood outside the kitchen and listened as their partners spoke.

They had woken up just in time to see Victoria disappear out of the bedroom.

They followed not far behind, but stopped when they heard her worries.

They would rather stay celibate forever than ever pressure or force her into anything she wasn’t ready too.

“Are you still alright with me pursuing a relationship with your lovers?” Tristan asked his brother quietly so the pair didn’t hear him.

The turned to his brother. True, he hated the idea at first. But now, seeing how good he was with them, how much he cared…

“I was worried you’d replace me,” He admits. “But you’ve been really good so far, never pushing me out or making me feel excluded.”

Tristan frowned. “I do not want to replace you. I love you. You are my brother. I wish to share my life with you and your loves. I care for them a lot.”

The brothers smiled at one another and embraced. Neither had to say anything. They were two sides of the same person. They needed each other as much as they needed Kraven and Victoria.

“I was just going to get you two,” Kraven interrupted them. “Breakfast is ready,” He kissed both of them on the lips before returning to the kitchen with them in toe.

Victoria blushed through breakfast. Mainly due to the fact that Theo kept grinning at her.

“Theo, stop it,” Kraven ordered.

“What? I’m not doing anything.”

“Yeah, right,” Kraven scoffed but then turned to Tristan. “We have to see to the horses. Do you want to look around?”

“Yes. Maybe you could give us some advice,” Theo spoke this time.

“Vicky wants to update the ranch but we are unsure as need too.”

“Yes, I would be glad to help.”


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Not really related but could someone give me similar books?

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victoria rodgers
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