Chapter 1

I just got up for a glass of water and passing my parents room I stopped when I heard my name.

I walked to the closed door but stopped shocked at what I was hearing.

“Yes, that’s right, Sweetie, get down and suck daddy’s cock,” My father moaned.

“Do you like that, Lucas?” My mother asked him.

I covered my mouth. They were playing some kind of weird sex game.

“I told you not to fucking call me that!” He snapped. “Now, do it properly.”

A second later she apologized in a voice which wasn’t that dissimilar to my own.

“That’s better. Now pull that skirt up and show daddy that pussy.”

My mind immediately snapped to the school skirt I lost a few months ago. I put it in the hamper one day and the next it was gone, never to be seen again. As well as the rest of my uniform and a set of my underwear.

I told my father and he blamed the handyman and fired him. But was it really him?

Luckily I was able to get a new uniform.

Unbeknownst to most of the school and my friends, my parents are famous, very famous. My father is famous actor and heartthrob, Lucas Dale. I know most teenage girls have a crush on him.

He is gorgeous, but he’s my father.

My mother is ex-model turned TV presenter, Emily Wildman.

She is still pretty hot and has many male fans. Her big glamour shots she insists on doing don’t hurt her popularity either.

My principal knows. He let’s me use the alias Lisa Hunter.

The public know they have a seventeen year old daughter but don’t know what I look like.

My parents had me young, before they made it big and managed to keep me safe from the press. They are only in their mid thirties.

But with a name like Sweetie Candy Dale, there was no way the kids in school wouldn’t know. Hence, the fake name.

“Daddy, are you going to fuck my virgin pussy?” He growled and I hears her squeal.

I couldn’t listen to anymore. I quickly walked back to my bedroom.

I laid in bed in shock. I had always wondered how they were still married. In the beginning it was because of me, both loved and wanted me to have a happy home with both parents. I know this because I heard them arguing when I was little and they thought I was asleep. Both outright said they wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for me. It made me sad at the time. But now I love them for trying for me.

But more recently, all they do is fight.

My father seems to hate my mother. Mom tries but she is very demanding and often selfish.

I know for a fact he hated her nudes, but she did it anyway.

Then there is rumors in the press about him cheating.

None are true, but it still causes arguments. How do I know?

Quite honestly, he doesn’t have to time. I’m not saying he’s been an angel, but he hasn’t cheated.

I once heard them arguing about him getting head from a romantic costar. Apparently mom gave him the green light to have no strings fun, but regretted it afterwards.

I fell asleep my head filled with confusion.


The next morning was like any other.

Both greeted me and kissed my cheek and we ate breakfast as though nothing had happened.

Well, they didn’t know I heard anything so I didn’t say anything.

Dad was taking a break for a while.

He had been busy a lot the last few years, filming a movie trilogy. But now it was over he decided to take a year off before returning to his next major role. He already had several roles lined up.

Mom, on the other hand, she still worked but she is a bit of an attention whore.

I went to school and when I came back afterwards they were arguing about something stupid again.

That night curiosity got the better of me and I ended up going to listen in on them again.

Once again he called my name.

The following couple of weeks were the same. Arguing and role playing.

Over the days I found myself actually thinking and wanting to know what’s he looked like naked.

I noticed things I didn’t BEFORE. Like he always hugged me a little closer, a little tighter and a lot longer than my mother. He always kisses my cheek or corner of my mouth when I enter a room. But I’ve never seen him kiss mom. And he watches me, alot. He openly stares when I’m in the pool.

I swear I even saw a bulge in his shorts.

But he did nothing wrong. He always spoiled me and brought me gifts or gave me money to shop.

Today wasn’t any different but I decided to test him. I went shopping with friends as always. Only this time I purchased a few revealing items.

Since I was young I always modeled my purchases for my father. Only now it was different. I pulled on little black dress. There was hardly anything to it. It had a slit down the front which exposed more than I an usually comfortable with and almost completely backless, just a tiny part which barely covered my butt.

It was super slutty. But covered everything but only just.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I am a similar build to my mother, but my breasts are slightly bigger. I am a size bigger in clothes too.

But she is taller. She and my dad are both very tall. My mother close to six foot and my father well over.

I’m not short, just average. I have long dark brown hair and green eyes surrounded by long black lashes and full lips. I’m not ugly, just don’t look like my parents.

Both are naturally blonde, my father has grey eyes, my mother, blue.

It was so drastic that when I was a baby my mother demanded a DNA test when I was a baby to make sure they didn’t mix me up with someone else’s baby.

But no, I am theirs and she felt guilty for thinking otherwise.

My mother is currently at work when I walked down to show my father the dress.

I am pleased to see his eyes widen and a large bulge appear in his pants. But he doesn’t notice me looking because he’s too busy staring at me.

“What is this for?” He asked unsure. I knew this could go either way at any minute.

“A date, I wanted to look pretty.” It wasn’t a complete lie. I bought it for a teasing date with my father.

I know it’s wrong but I couldn’t help myself.

I grab a piece of my long hair which huge loose down my back and twirled it around my finger innocently.

I am a little nervous. This is all new to me. I’ve never so much as kissed a guy before since I attend a very private girls school and rarely see guys to socialize, other than friend’s brothers and I have no interest in them.

“Oh hell no! There is no way you are leaving the house like that!” He snapped.

“But daddy -“

“No, Sweetie! You are not leaving this house! Go take it off, you look like a slut!”

Maybe I pushed him too far.

I looked at the ground, tears began to fill my eyes.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I just wanted to look beautiful for you,” I say quietly, turned and ran from the room crying.

I pull off the dress once I am in my room and throw it on the floor before climbing in my bed and crying.

I should have known he wasn’t talking about me. Sweetie is a term of endearment, he probably just meant that.

I am stupid to think he would see me in that way. But worst of all, I now found myself deeply attracted to him. Those nights listening to him moan my name and the pleasure… Wrong but I wanted him.

But he made it clear I am just a little slut.

I laid under my covers crying until I couldn’t anymore. I felt like my heart was broken.

The sound of my door opening gained my attention and I heard my father curse under his breath.

He walked over to my bed, but he couldn’t see me because I was under my covers. So I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, not wanting to speak to him.

He reached and pulled back my covers to see my face.
“Oh, Sweetie,” I heard him sigh and he sat in the bed beside me and stroked my still damp face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that,” He spoke quietly as though not to wake me.

“You looked so beautiful. I was just jealous,” He admitted and placed a lingering kiss on my lips.

In-between legs tingled and I found myself letting out a sleepy moan.

“Oh fuck,” He groaned thinking I was still asleep.

There was a pause where nothing happened. “I shouldn’t…” He muttered to himself. He gave me another kiss and I moaned again.

“Daddy,” I moan still pretending to sleep. He cursed again and I heard a zipper.

I had completely forgotten I was naked until he pulled the covers back. You can’t wear anything under that dress.

“Holy fuck! You are so…. Fuck!” I heard a strange noise and opened my eyes a little to see him pumping his cock in his hand while looking at my body.

Maybe I wasn’t so wrong earlier after all. I wanted to do something but I was too scared. I quickly closed my eyes again, but his huge cock was engraved in my mind.

No wonder so many actresses liked sex scenes with him, even fake ones.

“Sweetie, yes, take daddy’s cum!” He pumped faster until I felt liquid splash on my pussy and run between my lips. “Thank you for that, Sweetie.” He leaned down and placed another kiss to my lips. This time moving his lips a little.

“Daddy loves you, Sweetie,” He whispered and began to pull the covers but paused.

“You are really beautiful.” And he covered me. Kissed me once more before leaving the room and me alone.

When I was sure he was gone, I reached between my legs and scooped some of the liquid on my fingers. It thick and still warm.

I bought my fingers up to my lips and cleaned them off.

It was tangy, but nice. Moving my hand back down I rubbed fingers down my cum soaked slit and inside myself.

I bite my lip to stop myself from crying out as I brought myself to orgasm. Once I was done, I washed and dressed again. I was about to leave my room when I noticed my slutty dress was missing.

I have a good idea where it is. I’ll check later tonight.

Walking done into the kitchen to find my father singing to himself badly while cooking my favorite dish.

Noticing me he put the spatula down and held out his arms.

“I’m sorry, my little Sweetie. Can you forgive your daddy?” I can’t help but smile and run over, he squeezes me in his arms.

“But your still not dating,” He waited until he was hugging me to tell me.

“Daddy?” I tried to sound annoyed.

“No.” He still hugged me rocking slightly.

“I want a boyfriend. I am eighteen in two months.”

“Boys are gross. You don’t need to date.”

“You were a boy once,” I said looking up at him.

“Exactly. So I know what they are like.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Daddy, you are impossible.”

He smirks and then gives me that Hollywood smile that make the girls wet. “That’s why you love me so much!” He kissed the corner of my lips and forehead.

“Now that’s settled. Let’s make a toast…” He pours himself a drink and me a little one, then passes me it.

“To never having a boyfriend and staying with daddy forever.”

“Yeah, I’m sure mom will love that,” I scoff.

He just grins and taps our glasses together and we down the drink.


Mom arrived home only a short time later and we all ate dinner together.

It wasn’t long before my parents were arguing about mom going travelling around Asian for the whole summer filming for her new television program she was presenting with grandpa James – my father’s dad.

Dad was angry because it was over my birthday. I was upset about both her and grandpa being gone over my birthday. But at least I still had my father.

That night was different than the others. When I approached the bedroom and was surprised to find the door ajar. It was just enough for me to see inside.

My father was sat on the bed with his back against the headboard. He was completely naked.

I slipped my hand into my pants.

“Why am I even wearing this?” Mom was stood at the end in my slutty dress and not to mention a long dark wig that looked a lot like my hair.

“Shut up and just do it,” Dad snapped at her and she rolled her eyes.

I watched as they play, mom pretend to be me and all the time playing with myself.

I still don’t understand why they are together though. Mom moaned and played along. But looked bored and even faked orgasms.

I came watching him cum inside her, moaning my name.

Both went to wash up and I left before I was noticed.


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