Chapter 2

Over the following two months I watched or listened to them every night getting myself off.

Neither suspected a thing or changed with me. Actually that’s not entirely true. My father began hugging me, kissing me on my face and holding me on his lap a lot.

Nothing sexual but still it was only since he touched me when I was sleeping.

Mom saw but never reacted. She didn’t seem to care. I thought she was the jealous type. I don’t understand their relationship.

My mom left her trip off as long as she could and together with grandpa and dad we celebrated my birthday early. Grandpa’s third wife, Marcie Burns – an ex playboy model – was invited too. But she would rather spend his money on random surgeries.

I rarely see her.

My grandpa is an actor like my dad. But also in recent years has started working as a presenter, often beside mom.

His first wife – Dad’s mom – had died of an overdose and his second ended in divorce. I see the same happening to his current marriage. They have been married ten years, but his relationship with her seems more volatile than my parents.

Anyway, that was yesterday and early this morning they both jumped on a plane to China, the first leg of their long journey. They were expected to be gone at least two months, maybe more.

I had a bad stomach the last week and nothing was helping it. I managed somehow to keep it secret from my parents because they would only worry and take me to the hospital.

Both are very protective and a bit of hypochondriacs.

So while my dad was busy working out in our home gym I went to the doctors office.

Since my parents were so famous and pay him a lot for private care, I managed to get seen straight away.

He took just about every sample he could after my temperature and other tests came back normal.

“When was your last period?” He asked as he did some kind of dip test with my pee.

“Hmm… I don’t know, a couple of months ago maybe,” I reply.

“Do you think I have a bladder infection or something because I have been going a little more? That could affect my periods, right?” It made sense to me.

“Possibly but very unlikely.” He picked up the dip test and nodded to himself.

“You are pregnant, Sweetie.”

I laughed, “I can’t be, I’m a virgin.”

He just nodded as though he didn’t believe me.

“No, really. I never had sex, I can’t be pregnant!” I snapped.

“I did the test twice. You are pregnant. I can give you a ultrasound? It should be far enough along to see.”

I nodded wanting to prove him wrong. So imagine my surprise when the imagine of a tiny kidney bean shaped baby with tiny arms and legs appeared on the screen.

“I’d say you were about eight weeks.”

“But I’m a virgin,” I said this time in tears. I wasn’t planning on getting rid of the baby. I could never do that. But I wanted to know how it happened.

“It is rare but sometimes through foreplay you can become pregnant.”

I was going to deny again but then I remembered what happened two months ago after I showed my dad my dress.

“Could it happen if a man came on top of your vagina, without entering?” I asked embarrassed.

“Yes, I would definitely say that was it if you are a virgin.”

It’s my fault. I should have known rubbing fingers in my pussy after playing with dad’s cum could get me in the club.

“Do you know what your going to do?”

“I’m keeping it. It’s not the baby’s fault I’m a dumbass.”

He smiled and shook his head. “It happens more than you would think.”

“I’m glad to hear.” I looked at the baby. It was so small and alien like but so beautiful.

“When will I know the gender?”

“In a few weeks. I’ll make you an appointment and we can check you both over and I’ll tell you.”

I nod my head still looking at the screen. I can’t believe I’m having a baby.

“Would you like a copy of the picture?” I quickly nod my head.

“Could I have a couple?”

He printed off the pictures and gave my a booklet on the does and not before giving me a quick lesson in pregnancy. Including suppling some supplements and tell me to avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine to name a few.

I left the office my shock quickly turning to excitement, then nervousness.

I still had to tell dad, which meant telling him the truth.

I got home a short time later and went straight to the gym.

Entering the gym, I froze, on the bench was my father getting head from his fitness advisor, Melissa.

My dad’s eyes widens eyeing me and pushed her away but it was too late. I see what I was to him.

I ran out of the gym and to my room locking the door behind me, my father calling me the whole way.

The door shook as he tried to open it but failed.

“Sweetie, open this door and let me explain.”

I ignored him and laid on the bed crying and holding my tiny belly.

“Open the door, Sweetie.”

“Go away!” I said in tears.

“Please, Sweetie, open the door. Let me explain.”

“No.” I held my pictures tight to my chest.

“Open the door, Sweetie, or I’ll break it down.”

I’m not moving.

I should have known my father wouldn’t let something as little as a door stand in his way.

A loud bang and the door flew off its hinges.

“Sweetie,” He came to my bed and tried to hug me but I pushed him away.
“It’s wasn’t what you think.”

I scoff. “So you wasn’t cheating on mom with your twenty-one year old fitness trainer?” I hurt for mom but more for me.

“Sweetie, I can explain.”

“Yes, you explain.” I now sat on the bed with my bed to the head board, still holding and hiding my pictures.

“Your mother allows me to have sex with other women. Melissa is also an escort. I paid her for sex.”

“That’s not what I heard mom get mad at you before for getting head from Amy Bell!”

“You heard that?” He looked ashamed. “You misunderstood, she was angry because the press found out. She wanted me to be more discreet.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true. She has been seeing another man for several years now. But we stayed together for you and not to ruin her career.”

“I don’t believe you. You have sex every night.” I felt embarrassed as soon as I said it.

He narrowed his eyes in question.

“I hear you when I go downstairs.”

I don’t mention hearing my name. But I think he thinks I know.

“You want the truth?” I nod. It’s not going to change my heartbreak.

“Your grandpa has been cheating with her for several years. He even took her virginity when we were younger before I dated her. But then I got her pregnant and we married. If it wasn’t for you I doubt we would have lasted. But we did.

“I don’t hold any animosity to them because they told me straight away. As for her sleeping with me…” He looked guilty. “I blackmailed her. Told her I would spill her secrets to the press of she didn’t have sex with me every night.”

He noticed my paper. “What’s that your holding?” He takes it and turns it over.

“What the fuck is this?!” His whole attitude flips. “You’ve been fucking boys behind my back when I told you not too?!”

He didn’t give me a chance to explain. He threw the picture on the bed and angrily left the room. Only a minute later the house was filled with screams and moans of ecstasy.

If I wasn’t broken before, I am now.
I packed somethings and climbed into my car.

I drove straight to the cabin my grandpa took me a week every summer since I was little.

My father never came, so I doubt he’ll find me. That is if he tries looking for me.

A cleaner visits once a week, so I know it’s clean. I pick up food along the way and plan for the long haul.

My phone has been ringing almost nonstop the last couple of days. Every call was my father.

My birthday is tomorrow and I am spending it in bed watching movies with my father in, imagining he’s saying the sweet words to me, that none of this messed up shit happened.

I was about to go to sleep when my phone rang again. Only this time it was my mom.

I answered it. “Oh, Sweetie, are you alright? You have no idea how worried I was. Where are you?” She sounded genuinely worried. I knew despite everything she does loves me.

“I’m alright, mom. Did dad tell you I saw him with Melissa?”

She sighed. “Yes, baby. He told me he told you about me and your grandpa.”

“So it’s true? That you are with grandpa and dad blackmails you for sex.”

She swore under her breath. “I can’t believe he told you that. But yes. I love them both. But your dad is more like a horny dog. You just let him do his business and have a happy life,” She joked.

“But seriously, I do love him. Only not as I should. But James…” She rambled for a while how much she loves him and how great he is. That she and he are getting a divorce and marrying one another.

“If you are happy, that is all that matters,” I tell her.

“No, I want you to be happy too. I want to know where you are. That you are safe.”

“I’m safe. I’m happier here than being at home hearing dad accuse me of all things and then fuck sluts for me to hear.”

“He did what?!”

I tell her literally everything, even listening to them have sex. Much to my surprise she isn’t angry at me. But she is furious with my father.

Apparently he has been making her roleplay for a few years now. He even goes so far as to fuck women who look or resemble me.

Thinking back, I guess Melissa was similar too me but it doesn’t excuse his actions.

“He is completely on love with you but his jealously often gets the better of him. He called me telling me about the baby. He doesn’t know it’s his but said he’d still accept you.”

“Then why hasn’t he done anything?”

“He wanted to wait until you were old enough to choose him yourself. I know I should be angry or something. But I know how much he loves you and every parent wants their child to be happy and if it is with Lucas then so be it. He is an excellent man once you get past the jealously.”

“So you’re telling me I should be with him?”

“Only if you want. But I beg of you, at least go and speak to him, tell him it’s his child. I promise I won’t call him. I’ll let you tell him.”

“What if Melissa is still there?” I feel like crying at the memory.

“She won’t be.” She had more confidence in him than me.

“Fine, but you can’t warn him. I want to find him as is.”

She laughed and agreed.

“Oh and I can’t wait to see my grand baby. Send me a picture, right?”

We finished up the called and I packed my things back to my car and started the drive back.


I arrive back, it is already dark outside and it looked like no one was home.

I don’t bother taking my things from my car. I’ll either get them tomorrow or be back to leave in a minute.

What I find when I enter the house will help me decided.

I walk into the house. It is deadly silent. Every one of my steps sounds like thunder.

I search the downstairs, nothing.
The cellar and the gym, nothing.
His bedroom and bathroom, nothing.

The whole house seemed empty.
I went to my bedroom lastly and honestly can say I wasn’t expecting what I found.

My dad passed out with a bottle of whisky on one hand and his cock in the other. He was laid on my bed surrounded by my dirty clothes and had some of my panties on his head.

I covered my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

It looked like he had a major blow out. Literally. My entire bed was covered in crusty cum.

He was in no fit state to speak to.

I leave the room and went back outside to my car. I grabbed my things and carried them to a guest room since there’s no clean clothes in mine. No way I’m sleeping in mine.

I’ll speak to him in the morning.

I message mom to let her know I’m back but haven’t spoken to dad yet. I didn’t mention the cum shower he had given my bed.

After that I fell asleep actually looking forward to tomorrow.


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