Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning feeling like I was being crushing.

I open my eyes to find my father laid in front of me holding me against him and watching me. He is smiling. He looks like he hasn’t bathed or shaved since I left and smells like it.

“Ew, you smell, go take a bath,” I tell him trying to roll away but he holds me in place.

“You’re back.” He looked over my face. “You promised never leave me.”

“And you promised not to call me a slut, but I guess we both broke our promises.” I try to move but he still wouldn’t let me. I knew he was naked, I could feel his package on my bare thigh where my shirt had riden up.

“I’m sorry really. I regreted what I said as soon as I left your room. But you have to understand…” He moved closer.

“I was jealous. I want to be your only man. I wanted to make you feel I how I did. So I fucked Melissa.”

“What are you trying to tell me, daddy?” I already knew but he deserves punishment.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

“No, I’m in love with you, Sweetie. I don’t know what you heard between me and your mom but…”

“Dad, seriously, go for a bath and we’ll speak,” I tell him.

“Fine.” He gets up and heads to the bathroom. I close my eyes and plan to go back to sleep but my plans are ruined when he returns and picks me out of my bed.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

He carries me into the bathroom where the bath is now filled and with me dazed and confused he pulls off my shirt to reveal my naked body.

“Dad!” I exclaim and cover myself with my hands.

“Daddy,” He corrects.

“What are you doing and why am I naked?”

“We are going to bath and talk.”

He lifts me in the bath with him and sits me between his legs. His hard cock is against my back.

“I know it’s wrong. But even with someone else’s baby, I still want you,” He confessed directly to me for the first time.

“I know,” I confess confusing him.

“Don’t you want to know how I got pregnant?” He doesn’t answer but I tell him anyway.

“I went to get a drink and heard him call my name. I stopped and realised he was speaking to his wife. I continued to listen for the couple of weeks, slowly developing feelings. I decide to surprise him with a sexy dress and he calls me a slut. I cry and go to my room. He comes in later and thinking I’m asleep, masterbates and cum on my pussy.” He gasps.

“When he is gone I tasted his cum and played with myself not thinking. Skip two months and I visit the doctor and find out I’m expecting. I go home his gym to share the news and find him cheating. Not only on his wife but me.”

“I’m the father?” He asked in shock.

“Unless you know different horny actor who likes coming on sleeping girls?” I tease him.

“Fuck. I didn’t think I wanted anymore children but now…” He touched my small belly and grinned like a cat who got the cream.

“You’re happy?” I question.

“I’m having a child with the person I love the most in the world. I’m very happy.”

I could feel how happy he was. His big cock was digging in my back.

“So you’re still a virgin?” He rubbed his hands on the top of my thighs.

“Yes and…” I try to push myself away from him but he held me in place.
“I’m not having sex with you.”

“But why? You love me, I know you do.” He pressed me tightly against him and began to kiss my neck.

“I do. I love you more than anyone. But you are a selfish manwhore. I will not be like mom and let you fuck around with other women. I’d rather keep you as my father and raise our baby as friends.”

“No. I won’t accept you not being mine. The fact that you are pregnant already makes you mine.” He lifts me up and turns me so I’m straddling him. I try to protest but he presses his lips to mine and gives me the type of kiss I have only seen in his movies making me melt.

“I’ve been waiting for you so long, Sweetie. I promise I’ll treat you better. It’ll only be me and you.”

“Only me and you?” I ask and he smiles cupping my face.

“I only slept with them in the first place because they reminded me of you in one way or another. Why would I cheat when I have the real thing?”

“Maybe. But I’m still not-” He cut me off kissing me again. It made my body tingle I was powerless to resist.

I felt his hips grinding against mine and suddenly pain.

I cry out in pain and he groaned in pleasure.

“I said I didn’t want too,” I say close to tears, but he continued.

“It’ll be better, Sweetie. You’ll feel as good as me in no time.” He moans and groans twice as much as when he’s with mom, all the time making comments like, ‘you’re so tight,’ and ‘I love you so much.’

He is really big and it hurt. He finished inside me and finally realised I wasn’t enjoying it.

“I wanted to wait,” I cry and his regret is clear on his face.

I notice blood dripping down my leg and panic.

“What if you hurt the baby? I want to see the doctor!”

I was in tears, he quickly stood up, climbing out of the bath with me in his arms. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Sweetie. I’ll call the doctor straight away!”

He ran into the bedroom, wrapping me in a sheet before running out the room. He returned less than a thirty seconds later. He looked like he had pulled a pair blue shorts and a t-shirt which are inside out.

He had a dress in his hands.

Without a word he pulled it over my head and carried me to his car.

Normally I would be arguing about him taking me to the doctor’s office, but not today.

He repeatedly apologised on the drove but I said nothing, too worried about our baby.

He carried me inside and was shown straight into a private room.
The doctor joined us a moment later.

“She bleeding,” Dad told him and the doctor who washed his hands, put gloves on and walked back to us.

“I am going to examine you. Would you like your father to leave? I can get a nurse?” The doctor asked as I knew was practice.

“I’m staying!” Dad said, but the doctor looked to me for permission. I nodded just wanting it done.

I laid back and he pulled up my dress. Not missing a beat, he grabbed the sheet and covered my naked lower half.

He pressed and examined my stomach. “It feels alright. At this stage is likely to be an implantation bleed. It often happens in the first trimester,” He tells us.

“Can you tell me what you was doing when it happen?”

“I had sex,” I answered, trying to protect dad. “And then there was blood.”

“Am I alright to look?” I nodded my head and lifted my legs part for him to see.

It didn’t bother me the doctor looking at me. It wasn’t anything sexual.

“It’s nothing to worry about. The blood is from your hymen breaking.”

After a lot of convincing and another scan later we were ready to leave.

Dad cried hearing his baby the first time, I laughed at him.

I’m pretty sure the doctor knows my dad is the father since dad asked if he was going to have a son or daughter. But the doctor said nothing. At the end of the day, if he did he would loose millions because he has a lot of famous clients who ask for secrecy.

When we exited the parking lot our car was surrounded by flashes.

“Keep your head down, Sweetie.”

I ducked my head down in the passengers seat and dad drove out, quickly losing them.

When we arrived home I exited the car and walked inside, ignoring my dad.

He quickly ran inside and caught me.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I love you so much. I have hated myself for years but since you started getting them big tits all I could think about is being with you. You are so beautiful. More beautiful than anyone ever. I know I’m a disgusting pervert, but please just give one more chance. I want to marry you, I always have.”

I let him hug my waist.
“Are you going to clean my bedroom? I saw you passed out in it last night.”

I didn’t have to see his face to know he was red faced.

“I’ll clean it, I promise.”

“You clean it and we’ll talk about you maybe taking me on a date.”

“Yes, Sweetie, I’ll clean it straight away.” He quickly kissed me and rushed off towards my room.

“What exactly happened after I left?” I ask stood into the doorway to my room.

Cum was on every surface.

“After I heard you leave I kicked Melissa out and went driving around looking for you. But I didn’t know where you were. So I came home and tried your phone.

“I went to your room and started going through your things. It was then I realised that I could have caught you with another guy and I’d still want you. You are always going to be the one person I am truly in love with. I know I never wanted another child, but now your pregnant, I am happier than you can imagine.”

“And you called mom and had a jerking marathon?”

“I started drinking and got carried away.” He started throwing cosmetics and things away.

“What are you doing?” I went to stop him but he shook his head.

“I’ll buy you more.”

I stare mouth agape. “You came on my make up too?”

He didn’t reply.

“Dad, seriously? What would your fans say if they knew you stole your daughter’s clothes and came on her while she sleeping?”

“Don’t forget the cooking.”

“What? You cum in my food too?”

“Only a few times.”

“Oh my God, you are such a pervert,” I laugh and turn to leave.

“I’m going to get some underwear on and go out.”

I felt his arms around my waist. “Stay with me today. I’ll take you out when I’m done.”

“And get followed by fans?”

“No, I’ll wear a disguise.”

He was already hard, I could feel it digging in my back.

“On one condition.”


“Show me what you do with my dirty panties when you steal them.” I walk to the spare room where my case is and grab a pair before handing then to him.

He immediately brought then up to his nose and inhaled a deep breath. “Sweetie,” He groaned and pulled out his huge cock. No wonder it hurt so much.

I laid back on the bed and let my hand move between my legs, rubbing myself.

“You stay there, daddy. You’re not allow to touch me until I say,” I tell him when I notice him walking closer.

“You are so magnificent,” His voice sounded strained and his cock dripping with cum.

“What happens to my panties that you don’t return?”

“I take them with me when I’m filming on location.”

“Have you ever been caught sniffing and jerking with them?”

“Amy Bell caught me but she didn’t know they were yours. She started blowing me and I let her because I could pretend she was you.”

“But no more pretending, right? Only me?”

“Yes. I want you to go with me when I film away.”

“You can do that?”

“Yes, I’ll say your my assistant. Many people take family as assistants. But when ever their backs are turned I’ll have my cock in your pussy.”

“What if we’re caught?”

“I won’t tell them you’re my daughter. You’ll be shocked how many famous people cheat on their husband or wife with a member of their own family. They are just better at keeping it secret in Hollywood.”

“But you won’t cheat with our daughter, if we have a girl?” I wasn’t touching myself anymore, but still had my legs open.

“No, never. You are the only one I’ve ever felt this for. I’m never doing anything to loose you. Even if I have to deny being your father. I will have to speak to your mom, but we could always say you are her daughter but only my step daughter?”

“Won’t you loose roles?”

“Maybe. But they’ll get over it.” He started walking closer again.

“You’re not touching me.”

“I’m not…” He moved closer, he was now on the edge of the bed.

“I’ll be soft this time, please? You smell so good. I need you all the time.”

“You’re aware I have summer classes tomorrow?”

“Not anymore. I’ll take you out of school. Pay for a home tutor or online or anything.”

“What if I want friends around? They don’t know who I am. They’ll find out and flirt with you.”

“They can do what they want I only want you.”

I swear, he is drooling staring at my pussy.

“To be honest I want them to flirt with you. I can’t wait until you tell them you are only interested in me.”

He shot forwards and buried his face between my legs, lapping at me furiously.

“Dad!” I gasp. “I never said…”

“I know. But you’ll like it. Let me make you cum.”

I tried to say no, but it felt too good.

“Daddy,” I moan making him lick harder. “That feels good. I think I’m going to… Please put a finger inside me.”

He did as told and a second later it was as though a damn broke. I screamed as pleasure erupted through my body.

I hadn’t even fully come down from my trip when I felt something huge push inside me. I looked down to see my dad’s cock inside me.

“Does that feel better than the first time?” He looked at me hopeful. He was going incredibly slow.

“I think so…. Oh, daddy, is this how it feels to make love to the person you love?”

He smiled brightly. “Yes, Sweetie. Just the thought of you makes me tingle. You have made me cum just by cuddling me more times than you’ll know.”

“Daddy, you cock is so big. I feel so full. I think I might explode.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to try doing it like when we were in the bath.”

“Are you sure?”

“Daddy, fuck your daughter’s pussy!” I order and a second later he is pistoning inside me like a jackhammer.

He is moaning and kissing my mouth, I am screaming in his mouth. Only this time in pleasure.

I felt liquid fill me but he didn’t stop.

“Fuck, Sweetie. I don’t think I can stop. You feel so good. I never imagined it could feel this good.”


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