Chapter 4

He came several times, lasted hours and I came twice for his every one.

“Now I see why my room is covered,” I giggle as my dad kisses my face.

“I have never came like that…” He was heavy breathing. “I’ve never even came twice…. Fuck, Sweetie, it’s never felt like that before.”

“Well, I’m going for a bath. You can clean up my room.”

“I’ll bath with you. You don’t need your room anymore. You will share with me,” He argued.

“No. You will clean my room, put my clothes in the washer. Then tonight you can take me on a real date and depending how it goes we’ll decide where I’m sleeping.”


I move causing his cock to slide out of me and stand up. “It’s a shame. I was thinking of heading to the store after my bath to grab a special outfit for our daddy, daughter date.”

His eyes darken and he started to become hard again.

“White cotton panties?” He asked rubbing himself.

Such a pervert.

“Is that what you want, daddy?” I ask him teasingly.

“Yes. I want to take you in you school uniform with that pretty red bow in your hair.”

Yes, my school even makes everyone wear the same bow in their hair so no one is different.

I kneel in front of him and take the head of his cock in my mouth. He gasps.

“Tell me if I am doing it wrong, daddy.”

“Oh fuck. I love you, Sweetie.” I could tell he was forcing himself from fucking my face. But he was still enjoying it.

I licked around the head and took more into my mouth.

“Even your mouth feels better… Oh, shit!” After only a couple of minutes he shot his seed in my mouth. I swallowed the salty seed all at once.

“Oh God. You are amazing. Everytime you touch me you just make another fantasy come touch. I can of wish I didn’t wait so long. I’ve been in love with you so long. I’m never loosing you now.”

He pulled me to kiss him.

“I don’t care what it takes. When my divorce comes through, I want you to marry me? I need my beautiful Sweetie Candy girl as my wife. I’ll make you happy. I’ll never cheat on you. You and our little one can come everywhere with me. I have dreamed about you being my wife for years. You have no idea how hard its been not to just bend you over and take you. Please, sweetie, marry me?”

“We’ll have to ask mom if it’s alright saying you’re not my birth father.”

He nods, “Of course.”

“Ask me again when you have spoken to her.” He looked a little disappointed but nodded.

A thought comes to me. “Grandpa will marry mom, won’t he?”

“Yes. If I hadn’t he would have. He has always been in love with her.”

“How did you end up with her then?”

“She was angry because dad wouldn’t leave his wife for her. I knew they had an affair, but it finished. She wanted to make him jealous. I was a horny teen so quickly agreed. But one time I got a little carried away and the condom broke. She fell pregnant and neither of us wanted you to grow up without a father. So we agreed to marry.”

“What was grandpa’s reaction?”

“We told him we were in love, that we purposely got pregnant. He was upset but hid it. He loves both of us and wanted us to be happy, so let us be together. Then you were born and we all lived pretty happily for a while.

“But then he divorced his second wife and married Marcie. I think he only married her on the rebound. She is all about his money. She doesn’t care that he slept around on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew about your mom and him.”

“You know grandpa will be my stepdad if they marry and mom, your stepmother?”

He laughed, “It’s funny, isn’t it?”


A few hours and when I left my dad, he was throwing out my make up and putting my clothes in the wash.

I called some friends from school and they were more than happy to go out and spend their parents money. Like me, all are from well off families and they also have a huge crush in Lucas Dale aka my dad.

Good job they don’t know who I am. But I know they will find out soon and probably be angry. But they won’t fall out with me. No, they’ll probably come around and flirt with him and I’ll beat them.

They are my friends but I don’t trust them. They just like me because I have cash to burn like them.

“Did you see this?” Polly asked holding out her phone to show us a short article with my daddy carrying me into the doctor’s office. Luckily you can’t see my face and I am dressed different now.

Polly Reece is the daughter of politician and likes to think she is the queen of the school and we are her minions. She’s a bitch, but has good taste, which is one of the reasons I put up with her. The others Diane and Alex-Ann. They are our friends and they basically do anything she asks

Both have parents with their own successful businesses. But for some reason let Polly boss them around.

They are nice, easy to speak to. But I wouldn’t trust them with secrets.

“It says it’s his secret mistress.”

“I can’t believe it. Lucas would never cheat on his wife. They are soul mates,” Diane argued.

Oh, if they only knew what a man whore he is or was.

“It clearly a misunderstanding. It’s probably his daughter.”

I listen quietly as they argue while I look for a sexy outfit for tonight.

I don’t know if we’re going out staying in or what. But I want to look good for him.

“I read his wife was caught with having dinner with another man.”

“That was his father. They are filming a new show together,” Alex-Ann exclaimed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I have it on good information that he is attending my father’s charity gala next week. He will be attending alone, since his wife is away.” This is the first I’m hearing of this.

“I’ll be attending, of course.” You could almost see the wheels turning in Polly’s head. She was thinking she could seduce him. She wasn’t dissimilar to me, with dark hair and a big chest, only slimmer.

But dad wasn’t going to cheat. So she stood no chance.

I say nothing as the other two beg for invites but Polly makes up some excuses not to invite them.

I ignore and pick up a few dresses when my phone rings.

I look at the screen and see it’s my dad. “Hello dad. What’s up?” I answer trying not to say anything weird that will attract my friends attention.

“Where are you?”

“At the mall. I told you, but you were distracted.” Yeah, drooling over my dirty knickers.

“You should have waited. I wanted to take you.”

“I’m only getting stuff for tonight, so I won’t be too long.”

“Which mall?”

“Greenhaven, they have the best stores around here.” There are several malls within driving distance but all different.

Greenhaven has the more expensive, designer, which my friends love.

“Alright. I love you so much, Sweetie. Stay safe.”

“You too, dad.” I hung up and put my phone away. I look up to see my friends looking at me.

“My mom’s away and so my dad has nothing but time to stress about me,” I tell them as though it annoys me. But in truth, I love it.

“Eh, thank goodness my father’s not like that.”

I choose several dresses and tried them on. Most didn’t suit me. But two I loved so I brought them both.

When my friends were finally done we moved to an exclusive women’s lingerie store. We went there a lot. But I rarely brought anything. But today I am going all out.

“So who’s this date with?” Alex-Ann asked when I told them I was going out tonight.

“You wouldn’t believe me of I told you,” I tease.

“It’s not my brother, is it? He’s seemed pretty happy today.” Polly’s older brother, James. I had met him a few times at her house and she seems to think he likes me.

“No. He’s an older man. We’re keeping it on the down-low. He’s going through a divorce.” This shocked them. But I don’t care, it’s not like I’ll be going back to school for my final year.

I’ll take online or something.

“Older man? Is he sexy?” Diane asked excited.

“You have to make sure his wife isn’t going to take all his money before you commit,” Was Polly’s advice.

“She has her own money and is marrying another man, his father.” I laugh at their reaction.

“Believe it or not, he’s happy for them. It was a marriage of convenience.”

“How old is he?” Alex-Ann asked.

“He’s rich, right?” Polly asked.

“He’s in his thirties and yes, he has lots of money.” I look around, then back to them.

“You go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

I go to a sales assistant before they can ask anything else.

“Do you measure breast sizes?” I ask because I’m pretty sure I’ve grown since I last brought a bra.

She smiled and nodded, leading me to a back room where she measured and told me my size.

I had already found what I wanted, so just had to find the right size and pay for them.

I catch up with my friends in a nearby shoe store we had already been to once.

Only they aren’t buying anything, they are following a guy with long dark hair and sun glasses.

“He’s so hot. I’d let him butter my bagel.” They are perving on the poor guy who is clearly lost and looking for someone.

He turns to the exit but as he gets closer he sees me and he smiles.

I would know that smile anywhere.

He walks towards us and I can’t help but smile back.

“Luke,” I call him by a nickname I knew some people called him.

“Sweetie,” He stops in front of me and draws his arms around me, shocking my friends.

“I was looking for you.” He took my lips in a deep kiss, leaving me breathless. “I missed you, beautiful.”

“I missed you too,” I reply breathlessly.
“I was heading home in a while,” I whispered so only he could hear me.

A throat cleared, I pulled back and turned to my friends who were all still drooling over my dad.

“Lisa, who is your friend?” Polly was eye raping him. Which wasn’t surprising, even with the sunglasses and wig, he was still a giant, buff sexy bastard. He was in an old grey t-shirt and jeans, but anyone who knew shoes knew his costed more than most peoples annual salary.

I know for a fact my friends would have spotted it. They are shoe crazy.

“I’m Luke, her boyfriend,” He introduced himself flashing them that pantie wetting smile which had all the girls weak at the knees.

All three were in love. I could almost laugh. Even as an anonymous he still had it.

“Where did you meet our little Lisa?” Polly moved closer, trying to draw his attention.

“I know her dad. We worked on a movie together.”

They all look at me. “Your father is a actor?”

I never mentioned that.

“Yes and her mother’s a presenter,” Dad answers for me. I shoot him a warning look but he ignores it and continues to smile. I know he’s up to mischief.

He takes my hand and starts leading me to the parking lot, the girls close by us.

“No way.”

“Yes. I’m surprised you didn’t know. Sweetie is very close to her parents.”

I squeeze his hand but his grin doesn’t disappear. I hope they don’t realize what he just called me but know they likely will.

“Sweetie?” Diane asks.

“Yes, my sweetie girl. She is so beautiful. Don’t you think?” They politely nod, but I doubt they think that. In fact, Polly is often sending me information on new diets and exercises.

They seem thrown off the scent.
But start asking other questions. We reach my car and he indicates for me to climb in. I climbed in and he walked around the other side.

“Why don’t you come to my house tonight?” Polly asked him quietly but I still heard her. She wasn’t as quiet as she thought.

“I’m having a party.”

Polly was seriously trying to steal my boyfriend.

“Me, you and a bottle of the best.”

I openly glared at her, she didn’t seem to notice. Some fucking friend.

“No, thanks. I’m planning on taking my girl out. I’m not interested in little sluts now I’ve got my princess.”

I watch her mouth fall and he climbs in the car and we drive away, leaving her speechless.


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