Chapter 5

It is exactly a week since we officially got together and I couldn’t be happier.

Mom, dad, and grandpa had officially put in for a divorce. Dad’s agent had already broke the news. Everyone was after an interview with my parents. And the rumors of mom having an affair with grandpa were out. They even had a picture of them kissing.

So right now, she is the bad guy. Dad has released a formal statement saying he is happy for them and held no resentment but that didn’t stop people speaking.

Mom has agreed to say dad was not my biological father and told me she’d love for me to marry him.

The moment dad heard that he was already planning.

The moment his divorce is finalized he wants to marry me.

We haven’t told anyone about it yet. But we will tonight, at the charity gala, which he will take me as his date.

One thing that did piss me off is the number of women who called or came around to the house to fuck him. Including Amy Bell. Yes, the slutty actress has been sending him naked pictures.

He told me about all of his messages and deleted them.

He only loves me.

“Daddy, I’m so tired from school,” I entered his office where he was sat reading scripts. His eyes widen when he sees my uniform and bow in my hair. I don’t have school since it’s summer but I wanted to try something.

I walk over to him and sit on his lap causally.

“Daddy, how was your day? Did you work hard?” I could feel him growing beneath me. He is naked. He barely wore clothes around the house anymore.

“I…” He cleared his throat and started again. I knew this was a big fantasy of his. Having innocent old me in my uniform situation on his knee after school and he accidentally slides his cock inside me. I saw him act it out with mom.

“I have been reading over the new script.” His hands move to my thighs. He innocently rubs them, making himself harder. I can feel his damp head poking the top of my thigh.

“Sweetie, you are such a beautiful girl. Daddy loves you so much.”

I turned my head slightly to look at him and smile. “I love you too, daddy. You are very handsome too. All my friends have crushes on you.”

“What about you?” His voice a bit breathier.

“What?” I felt his breath on my neck making my nipples stand to attention.

“Do you have a crush on me?” I can feel his breath on my ear.

“You’re my daddy.”

He places a kiss on my neck making me shiver and I rub myself against him once, moving his erection closer to it goal.

“Yes, but daddy has a crush on you.”

My pulse speeds up and I look at him in the eyes.

“You do?”

“I do,” His hand moves around my waist. “I’ve wanted to be your boyfriend since you first started becoming a woman,” He admits and I try to play the innocent girl still.

“But daddy, we can’t.” I raise my backside as if to go, but his arm around my waist pulls me straight back down and one to his hard cock.

“Daddy!” I gasp and he moans my name.

“I’m going to make you a real woman, Sweetie. Daddy’s going to fuck your little pussy until you scream and fill it with cum.”

“Daddy,” I whimper and he lifts me up, bending me over the table.

“Shh… Let daddy take care of you.” Reaching inside my shirt, he pulls out a breast and uses his other hand to rub my sensitive nub.

“Daddy… What if mom comes in?”

“She can watch and cry as I take my daughter as my new wife.” He moans and groans, kissing my neck.

I felt him shoot inside me, but again he didn’t stop. I came, he came. I don’t know how long it lasted but I was dripping by the end.

“That was so good, Sweetie. Thank you.” He took my lips into a kiss and held me against him as though he never wanted to let me go.

“I love you. Really. And I can’t wait until tonight and the whole world knows it,” Dad told me excited.

A number of women had called and messaged him and he gave me free rein of his phone so I knew he wasn’t cheating.

When he told his agent, they were shocked but accepting. As far as they know, I am his daughter by marriage only.

He was prepared to loose some roles. But was confident he’d make it through fine.

He said if need be he was prepared to retire. He loves me that much that he would give up on his dream career.

“I’m nervous. I don’t want to embarrass you,” I admit.

“Why would you embarrass me?”

“What if I do or say something wrong? What if you get bullied in the news because you’re dating your creepy, ugly stepdaughter?” I started telling him my worse fears and then I started crying.

“No, Sweetie,” He kissed me. “You are beautiful. Don’t cry.” He didn’t know how to stop me crying. He looked worried and just held me in his arms.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I think it’s pregnancy making my silly. I keep having silly ideas. I’m worried you’ll realize the actresses and models are better than me and start cheating again behind my back because you don’t want to hurt me by breaking up with your fat, ugly, daughter, wife.”
I am in tears.

“Never ever. You are the one person I have always loved. I could never do that to you. I love you so much. I’m worried that I’ll take you to sets with me and you’ll fall in love with one of those younger actors. After all I am much older than you.”

“You’re kidding? You are more handsome than any other man. But not only that, you are my soul mate, daddy, husband and father of my child.”

“Children,” He corrected. “I’ve been thinking and I want more children with you. Our own little family.” He started getting hard again.

“Sorry, the idea of you having my children, your nipples dripping with milk and your belly round…” He start me on the edge of the table and pushed himself inside my still wet cavern.

“Dad!” I gasped. “We can’t, we have to get ready.”

Dad wasn’t going to be the only big star, turns out Edward Reece – Polly’s dad – is very well connected.

It was getting TV coverage on a popular network and some of the biggest stars were attending. Only my dad was probably the most popular, even before his recent divorce.

Polly had sent messages bragging about having a chance with him now. She really thinks it. She even told some of our other friends that my boyfriend was flirting with her.

She is deluded.

“I’ll be quick. I’ll cum and we can have a bath together.”

I went to get a wax yesterday, it was one of the rare times he let me out alone. But only because he drove me there and met me afterwards.

He said next time he’ll get her to come to us. He loves the smooth results.

“Every time with you is like the first time. You feel is good.” He moans into my sensitive neck.

Not surprisingly he didn’t stop at one. No, he came twice. He is unbelievable. I read online that it is incredibly rare. Even he told me he has never done it before me.

“Mmm…. I love how much you make me cum. If that’s not a sign we should have more babies, then I don’t know what is.”

I can’t help but laugh.
“Seriously, how do you cum so much? It must have happened before me.”

“To be completely honest, I more often than not had to fake my orgasm. I couldn’t make myself cum once a lot of the time.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Ask your mom, it happened a lot with her when she wasn’t role-playing.”


Dad’s eyes are glued to me. I am wearing one of the dresses I brought last week. It is a figure hugging, backless, off the shoulder, long sleeved red dress, that stopped just below the knee. With it I wore a pair of golden stilettos to give me much needed height. I didn’t wear a jacket since it is to hot outside.

Both my hair and makeup was done by a professional who my mom uses.
I had dark eye makeup and red lips, my hair styled in a pretty up-do, keeping my long hair out of my face.

My dad is in black tie. Every girls wet dream

“If we wasn’t in a hurry…” He looked me over again. “Give me a second…” He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of me. I moved to look what he was doing and saw he was typing a message. ‘Doesn’t she look stunning?’ He had attached the picture of me and set it to Grandpa and mom.

I am nine weeks pregnant, but still barely have a bump. I look like I just ate a big meal. I’m sure Polly will make a comment but I don’t care.

I look beautiful, if I do say so myself.

“You are beautiful.” He ran his hand over my tiny bump.

“I’m so lucky,” He smiled like the cat who got the cream.

“I should call you Luke, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, probably for the best. But only when we are in company, other wise I’m daddy.”

“Okay, daddy.” I bat my lashes and we hear a car horn.

“That’ll be our driver.”

He had hired a car to drive us. It was normal for when he went to events. But normally he either attended alone or with mom, sometimes with grandpa. This is a first time for me. Everyone is going to find out I am Sweetie Candy Dale.

The drive was short, but felt like forever. I grew more nervous as we get closer.

I am was almost hyperventilating by the time we stop outside the venue.

From the crowd, security and press outside you would think it was a movie premiere.

“I’m with you. I’m not leaving you for even a second,” He tried to calm me down, taking my hands in his.

“And if it gets too much, just tell me and we can go.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

Our car had pulled up and the driver is waiting to let us out.

“I’ll get out first, then help you out. You stay with me.” The car door opened, he sent me a wink and climbed out. The camera flashes and girls screaming began almost instantly.

He leaned down slightly and held his hand into the car for me.

Legs together, I remember what my mom told me once about climbing out of a car in a skirt.

Taking a deep breath, I smile at dad as he takes my hand and helps me out. “Perfect,” He mouths. He brings one of my hands up to his lips and kisses the back. The cameras are going crazy.

“Follow me, Sweetie,” He tells me quietly.

He had already decided we wouldn’t speak to anyone on the walk in, but it didn’t stop him sending everyone that pantie wetting smile.

The few times I glanced at the crowd I was being glared at by some fan girl.

“You’re with me, nothing will happen,” He reassures me.

People were shouting questions, but he ignored them, walking with his arm around my waist the whole way.

Entering the building, we shown into a large hall where there was already hundreds of people.

Many I recognized from television. I even saw Polly’s brother with a girl I attended school with on his arm. He seemed too taken with her to notice anyone else. I’m glad for them.

Everyone seemed to look at us as we were shown to our table, right at the front.

“I’m so nervous,” I whispered as we approached the table where several people, including Polly, her father and Diane are sat.

Diane? I didn’t think she was invited.

Polly was too busy glaring at her to notice our approach.

“Why don’t we head to the bathroom? I could make you feel better,” He said suggestively. I am horny all the time. Apart from that and the bloating, I had no symptoms of pregnancy.

“I wish,” I mumbled and he started looking for an escape but it was too late. Edward Reece noticed us.

“Mr Dale, it is a pleasure to finally meet you,” He greets him as we approach the table. My friends both look up and stare at him, not noticing me. They were too in awe of their idol. I could see ideas and plans flooding Polly’s mind.

Edward looked to me and smiled, but then his eyes widen slightly when he realizes who I am. It was then Polly and Diane notice me. Their reaction is similar.

We all sat at the table, not surprisingly I am on side of dad, Polly on the other she is openly glaring at me.

“This is my Fiancée, Sweetie Candy Dale,” Dad introduces me.

“I go by Lisa Hunter for school, because my real name gets too much attention.”

“Well, this is a pleasure,” Edward takes my hand and kisses the back.

“If I can asked, I thought Sweetie was your daughter’s name.” He had clearly done his studying.

“I’ll tell you personally before you read it. Sweetie is my daughter by marriage only. She is my soon to be ex-wife’s daughter. Emily was already pregnant when we met and married. We have been unofficially separated her years. But only recently filed for divorce because I fell for and want to marry Sweetie.”

“It is nothing to do with anyone else. I, myself have recently found love in an unexpected place too,” Edward admits.

I notice Diane blushed. He is a handsome man in his forties. He was widowed years ago. But hasn’t dated since to my knowledge.

“I would love to talk more later, but I have to greet more guests right now.”

We were left alone with Polly, Diane and the silent guests who were just staring at dad it was creepy but he didn’t seem bothered.


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