Chapter 6

“You’re dating Edward?” I asked Diane and she blushes nodding.

“And you and Lucas Dale?”

“Yes, she’s my dream girl,” He told her kissing my cheek making all the girls at the table gush except the very jealous Polly.

“You know she was out with another guy last week?” Polly told tales.

“Is that so?” Dad turned to her. He was holding my hand under the table.

“Yes, a sleazy guy called Luke.”

I looked at Diane who was rolling her eyes. She seems to already know who Luke was by now.

“Sleazy?” He sounded amused.

“Yes, he -“

I stopped her before she could say anything else. “Come on, Polly, you’re making a fool of yourself. Lucas’s nickname is Luke.” Her eyes widen.

“Yes, that was him.”

She stayed quiet for a while after that. We talked to Diane. Apparently she had been seeing Edward about a year but it only became sexual after her eighteen birthday.

He loves her and she, him. They were even moving in together when she completes school next year.

Polly was less than impressed. She thinks Diane is a gold digger. Then again, she wasn’t happy about her brother’s girlfriend either.

Yuna Shiro, born in this country to two Japanese parents. She is from the poor side of town and is an honor student.

After a couple of glasses of water, I was in need of the toilet.

It wasn’t far away so I went alone.

When I returned I found Polly gone, Diane was stood with Edward and a familiar actress was in my chair.

As I got closer it became clear she was trying and failing to seduce dad. But he wasn’t interested.

Instead of asking her to move, I squeeze in between her and dad and sat on his lap. Which seemed to annoy her a lot.

“We were speaking.” She clearly came after us.

“You’re sat in my seat.”

“You can take mine,” She points to a table with several other famous actors.

“No. She’ll stay here,” Dad told her.
“Amy, this is my Fiancée. You can say anything in front of her.”

She looked annoyed but then smiled. “Did you know he sniffs girls panties?”

I laugh. “You have no idea.” I remember coming home to a cum covered room last week.

“Honestly, there isn’t anything you can say which will surprise me. I’ve known Luke my whole life. I know he slept around during his separation from his wife…” She seems surprised to learn he was separated. Which wasn’t really true, but that’s what they are telling people.

Thankfully, the other people at the table had gone to mingle so they wouldn’t over hear.

“I know about the clothes and panties and everything because they were mine. He has a crush on me,” I tease and he surprises me by blushing.

“And liked to collect my clothes. But I also know you blackmailed him into sex because you caught him. But that doesn’t matter anymore because we are together.”

“Who are you? What makes you so special?” She made no secret in the media that she had a thing for him.

When asked in interviews she always implied something was between them and that he was her ideal man.

“I’m Sweetie, his ex-wife’s daughter and his Fiancée.”

She didn’t seem surprised.
“You’re just a bit of taboo. He’ll grow bored. You’re too fat to be with him.”

He growl, stood up putting me behind him.

“What the fuck did you say to my Fiancée?!”

She was scared.

“My Fiancée is beautiful. You are a ugly fake bitch who can only score roles by either sleeping with or blackmailing someone,” He snapped and led me away from the table.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I was jealous,” I said when he led me to an empty side room.

“Don’t be,” He pressed his lips to mine and held me against him.

“She pissed me off so much.” He rocked me against him.

“I ruined Edward’s gala,” I looked at him in tears.

“No, you didn’t.” He kissed the top of my head. “It was her fault. The moment she came in she sort me out. Obviously she didn’t get the message from my response to her text messages. I’m sorry, Sweetie. Don’t upset yourself, it isn’t good for you or the baby.”

I heard a gasp and both of us turned to see Edward and Diane.

“You’re pregnant?” Diane asked surprised.

“Yes, nine weeks.”

“Congratulations, Lucas. I am happy for you,” Edward walked over and shakes his hand.

“It wasn’t planned. But we are very happy.” The guys began speaking about future plans.

“Are you happy?” Diane asked me pulling me to the side of the room as the guys continued speaking.

“Very. Luke is amazing. I love him so much and he loves me.”

She grinned. “I can see. I think if we had been ten seconds later we would have caught you getting it on,” She joked.

I laughed but knew it was true.

“Just between you and me,” I whisper to her. “He is hung and pregnancy has made me really horny, all the time.”

She giggled and blushed. “We have spoke about getting married and having a baby when I finish school,” She spoke looking to Edward with love in her eyes.

“It sounded like he has the same plans.” Edward was telling dad about marrying and having children with her.

“I love my daughter, but she is a brat. She doesn’t seem to understand that Diane isn’t a replacement for her mother. I’ll always care for her mother and she’ll always be my eldest children’s mother. But Diane…” His eyes lit up as he spoke. “I started to notice her before we dated. My feelings for her are so different to those I had for my wife.”

I notice Diane’s smile faulter.

“My feelings for Diane are so much stronger. Between me and you, I am not ashamed to admit it my wife was still alive I would have left her for Diane.”

Her eyes shown with happiness now.

“I know what you mean. I cared for my ex in the beginning. But our feelings changed long ago. We only stayed together for Sweetie. I knew she was involved with my father. I have liked sweetie a while. I tried to deny it by sleeping around but I couldn’t.” Lucas looked at me with love in his eyes.

“I love Sweetie. I honestly don’t care if it kills my career, I am going to marry her.”

Edward and Lucas made plans for dinner, just the four of us. It seemed they were becoming fast friends. Not that I minded, I love Diane – in a friend sense.

Returning to the party, Polly had reappeared. But was now hanging around a famous gay married couple.

I didn’t say anything. I don’t care if she embarrasses herself.

The rest of the evening went well. Lucas donated a lot of money. A few women came over to flirt, but none as Amy had. So I said nothing.

As for Amy, she continued to glare and even approached Lucas in the men’s toilet.

He rejected her but another man saw her offering her services and offer to pay her instead.

I almost cried laughing hearing that.

Exiting the party, news had spread to the press outside that Lucas Dale was engaged to his ex-stepdaughter.

They asked lots of questions and took hundreds of photographs.

The next week was crazy. Between my truth identity being revealed and our engagement, the phones were ringing off the hook.

We ignored the calls and stayed home cuddling and having a lot of mind blowing sex.

I knew he came a lot. But it was getting crazy. I had to have a shower after each time or I’d walk around making puddles.

He is like a horny dog. Always humping me.

The following week was a busy one for him. He said I could go with him, but I wasn’t ready yet. He had two dozen television, internet, magazines and radio interviews.

All asked the same things. About mom and grandpa, about Lucas and me, and how we became a couple.

No one was more surprised than me how well received we were.

He lost a fans, but gained others.

His twitter alone followers alone had gone up several million. Insane.

People loved him. They loved us. We even had a fan page or ten.

Sixteen weeks pregnant and we were finally found out the gender.

“Congratulations, you are having a boy.”

Daddy cheered. He had been hoping on a boy. Then some girls later.

He had even given the baby a name. Boy or girl, Angel Dale.

“Fuck, Sweetie, you are so sexy,” He said back at home. He was obsessed with sex before.

But as I grew bigger, he grew hornier. The moment he got me home his hands were all over me, groping my breasts, stomach and pussy.

“God, Sweetie. I don’t think I can live without your sweet pussy anymore.”

He was still being offered movies despite everything. His only rule was our child and I had to go with him and be catered to.

He even accepted a movie with Amy Bell. He didn’t want to, but it was a good deal. He’d get to play a famous superhero. It could be his biggest movie yet.

The only down side was his character was in love with Amy Bell’s.

But after speaking to the director he had made a comprise. He wouldn’t have to kiss her, they would use a look alike and CGI to make it look like he did.

“My girl, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I giggled. “Since when does that mean anything.” He was like a magic man. He cum countless times without softening.

“Are you sure you haven’t taken a blue pill?” I joke after his fifth orgasm.

“I haven’t taken anything, you just drive me crazy.”

He even tried to give me oral when I was video calling with mom and his dad.

When I stopped him, he pushed his cock inside me. I had to stop the call and pretend it disconnected as he dove his cock inside me.

Moving me onto all fours, he pushed himself inside me once again.

“I’m yours, daddy, only yours,” I tell him. He always has me say that.
He was so possessive, he always made sure to claim my lips in front of any male we met. Except Edward, who had become his best friend. We have dinner regularly.

Most surprising was when Diane announced she was pregnant. She didn’t know until after the party and she is due six weeks after me.

They brought ahead all their plans and moved in straight away and are due to marry in a month.

We are getting married the following month, dad’s divorce will be finalised and mom and grandpa will be home. I knew they’d marry soon after.

Daddy joked that maybe he and I will have a new sibling soon. Daddy and I will technically be step siblings when our parents marry.

“And I am yours. Daddy’s fat cock is only yours.”

We have so much sex, God knows how he’ll manage when the baby comes.

We stopped long enough to have a bite to eat and for daddy to do a work out.

“Daddy, you are so sexy.” I knew I shouldn’t, especially when he is lifting weights. But I knelt between his legs, pulled on his cock and lowered my mouth round it.

“Sweetie!” I didn’t expect it but he came almost instantly.

“Oh, Sweetie…” He stroked the back of my head. “That is just what daddy needed.” He moved back to lift the weight he was struggling with a moment ago and lifts it with ease.

“I’m hungry again, daddy.” I stand up and walk to the door.

I already know I was a bit of a tease since he can’t stop at one but I really am hungry.

Dad is due to return to work around the time I am due.

He changed his plans. He’ll be returning to work early so he can that a few months off when the baby is born.

He’s starting filming the super hero movie with Amy Bell next week.

Why so quick? It is quick. Normally he has months of preproduction but unlike most of his other roles he has lined up this movie has already started filming.

There was originally a different actor in the lead role. But for one reason and another he didn’t work out and they approached dad after learning he might be willing to shorten his break.

He has to go to a script rehearsal tomorrow and in the mean time they are filming scene that doesn’t need him.

He’s taking time off for Edward and Diana’s wedding. And if the movie runs into delays and is still filming he’s told them he’ll need a month for our wedding.

We are going away for a few weeks.

As mom and grandpa, they are planning a winter wedding. Dad is even going to be grandpa’s best man.

Mom is walking me down the aisle and grandpa is being dad’s best man. It’s going to be a real family affair.

“Sweetie…” I hear footsteps entering the kitchen behind me as I prepare myself a snack.

I am just in a sun dress with no underwear since I had Diana around earlier. She is planning to take classes online too and we are going to study together when we can.

Polly has been in contact, the two faced bitch. But she hasn’t been around. She called to brag about her new beau, some car fortune heir. She said his name like I would know who he was, but I don’t remember it.

Bigger news, my other friend, Alex-Ann is insanely angry, but not at me.

James, Polly’s brother. Turns out she’s been friends with benefits from more than a year. He had a crush on me, but she thought he liked her now and they were dating.


He actually shocked us all by running away the other week and eloping with Yuna.

He actually met her because he was having sex with Alex-Ann. She was delivering food to the house for the pair.

James never slept with Alex-Ann again. It was instant love.

She even signed a prenup to prove she didn’t want any money, her idea.

Edward is happy if his children are. Polly is happy only if people do as she tells them.

For instance, James divorce Yuna and marry her minion Alex-Ann. Edward kick Diana out and force her to have an abortion so both can be forever alone. Yes, she actually told me she wanted that.

And lastly, for me to break up with dad so she can have him.

So it’s safe to say I haven’t spoken to her in a while.

“Daddy!” I exclaim when I feel a sudden intrusion.

He held my hip and thrust inside me from behind.

“Daddy loves you, Sweetie girl.”

More coming soon


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