Chapter 20

Kennedy and Emily stepped out of their car a moment later, to find the three men watching them concerned.

“Is everything alright?” Kevin asked.

“Yes. Let’s go inside. My mum and dad are probably waiting for us,” Kennedy said smiling, but they already knew she had been crying.

“This is a beautiful house,” Mark said trying to lighten the mood.

“It is and just as nice inside.”

As they got to the front of the house the front door came open to reveal Patricia and Richard who was stood close by just chuckling at his wife.

“Hello. Come in, come in,” She ushered them all inside. “Oh, aren’t you handsome,” She cooed seeing Jack and show them into the front room asking them if they were hungry.

Richard, on the other hand, stayed in the hall with Emily and Kennedy.

“Are you alright, Kenny, darling? You look like you were crying,” He asked walking over to them.

“I am alright. I just over-reacted,” She told him hugging both him and Emily at the same time.

“About what, darling?”

“She was worried I would leave her now I have my dad,” Emily explained.

“But that will never happen.”

Richard tightened his hug on the pair, understanding how Kennedy was.

“Why don’t you two go take a bath and get changed and join us when you are done,” He suggested knowing Kennedy needed a few minutes alone with Emily.

“Don’t worry about the others, I’ll tell them. Plus Pat is probably keeping them entertained.”

The women chuckled and Kennedy thanked her dad.

“No problem. Just go relax for a minute. I know she would never leave you. Everyone can see how much you love each other,” He said before kissing both women’s head and ushering them upstairs.

As suggested Kennedy began running a bath and the pair undressed, removing everything but their rings.

“I love you, Kennedy Thompson,” Emily said wrapping her arms around Kennedy’s naked torso.

“In here,” She placed Kennedy’s hand on her flat abdomen. “In here is where our children will grow. And here,” She moved a hand up to her heart. “Here is where I fall more and more in love with you every day. Leaving you, princess, would be like cutting my own heart out. Impossible. I need you to live.” She sat on the edge of the running bath and pulled Kennedy onto her knee.

“I can’t, I’ll hurt you,” Kennedy said trying to stop her. But Emily wouldn’t budge.

“No, you won’t.” She stopped her. “You maybe taller than me, but you are still my tiny girl and I want you to sit on my lap.” Kennedy stopped moving and looked at a serious Emily.

“Princess, you may have been born a man. But you are my girl. I don’t want you to think just because you have the dick that you have to act like the man in our relationship. We are equal. I love you for who you are, not for someone you think I want or need.” She stood back up, bringing Kennedy with her. She climbed into the full bath, stopped the taps and indicated for Kennedy to join her.

Once in the bath Emily made her sit between her legs and she wrapped her arms around her.

“Let me be the man for a while. Let me show you how much I love and adore you. My Queen, my soul, my love, my everything.”

By this point, Kennedy was crying again, but this time not sad tears.

“You really love me that much?” She sounded surprised.

“Why are you surprised? I would do anything for you. Even have a sex change to a man, if you wanted me too. If you were dying and needed a new heart, I would give you mine. I really need you. I am nothing without you.” Emily had a few tears falling too and Kennedy turned around to face her.

“I knew you loved me, but…” Kennedy stared deep into her eyes, “Never that much. I thought I loved you more. That maybe I could make you love me more in time. I never thought any woman, especially one as perfect as you could feel this for me,” She stared at Emily with the brightest, happiest smile Emily has ever seen.

“But now I see…” She cupped Emily’s face. “I see we are the same. You have all the same fears as me, because you love me as much as I do you.” More tears fell from her eyes, but she continued to smile. “I never thought this possible. But you make me feel complete in every single way. You make me so happy. You don’t see me as a man pretending to be a woman. But a real woman and I think in this last ten minutes I have fallen twice as deep in love with you as I was before. I just… I can’t even think if the words to describe how happy I am at this moment. I feel like I’m going to burst. I have the best family, I met my in-laws, who are the best too. And finally there is you… My doll.” She stroked her cheek and brushed her lips against hers.

“You know if you had been brought up with your dads, that I probably would have made you marry me as soon as we were legal?” Kennedy whispered.

“And I would have accepted that. Because we are meant to be, why else would fate bring so many parts of our lives together? We are soulmates, we were always destined to be together. Before this if my mum hadn’t have taken me away. Then I would have been able to see you grow from a sweet child to a handsome young man and finally to the beautiful princess I see in front of me.”

Emily had barely finishes her last words when Kennedy pushed her back and crushed her lips to hers.

This kiss was much harder, faster and deeper than any other before. It was as if they wanted to be one.

It wasn’t long before they felt the need to be one in other ways and the pair were moaning messes in each others arms as they swished to and throw in the water.

Until finally finding their peaks and relaxing back, still placing light kisses on each other’s lips.

They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, but in reality was only minutes. They pulled back looked at each other and laughed.

“I think that we flooded the bathroom,” Emily said between laughs.

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask mum to bring me a mop.”

“I think that was the best so far, what do you think?”

Kennedy nodded, agreeing. “It definitely was. I thought when I was cuming I might have gone blind, my orgasm was so strong.”

Emily laughed, “Yes, I did kinda lose feeling in my legs for a minute.”

They both laughed and hugged each other. “I am glad you are going to be my wife.”

“So am I,” Emily said kissing her once more. “Let’s wash and get dressed, before your mum comes to check on us.”

Kennedy laughed knowing she was right. “Yes and I just had an idea…”


After the bath, both women dressed in causal Cotton shorts and t-shirt. As it was late, there was no point on dressing up or putting makeup on. But both were more than pretty and didn’t need any.

“Kennedy?” Patricia left the front room after hearing several bangs. “Yes?”

“What are you doing?” She asked noticing her daughter was dragging their hover up the stairs. “This is a wet and dry hover, right?” She asked innocently.


“Good, thank you. We’ll be down in a minute. Make us a hot chocolate,” She called before disappearing into her bedroom.

A couple of minutes later and Kennedy came banging back down the stairs with the hover and chuckling Emily in toe.

“Kennedy, what did you do?” Richard called to her accusingly as she put the hover back on its cupboard.

“Me? Nothing,” She said innocently as she entered the front room holding Emily’s hand and wearing a huge smile.

In the room sat Mark, Kevin, Jack and Richard.

“Then what was the banging?” He asked as Emily sat on the couch near her brother and Kennedy sat in between her legs. She held a brush and sat playing with Kennedy’s short hair.

“I was hovering?”
“What did you break?” Richard accused, but was happy to see her looking so happy. The other three men looked equally amused.

“She flooded the bathroom, when she was a mermaid.” Kennedy looked back at Emily, “I did?” Emily nodded.
“I’m just a dolly, you’re the one who wanted to be a mermaid. Flopping and swishing everywhere.”

Kennedy opened her mouth to say something, but her dad got there first. “Sounds about right. She would always do that when she was little. I blame that daft mermaid movie. She would also take her dolls in the bath with her and cry when they got ruined.”

Jack and the dads chuckled, Kennedy blushed embarrassed and Emily pinched her cheek.
“Aw, pretty princess,” She kissed her nose.

Kennedy nuzzled her cheek and went back to letting Emily brush her hair.

“Yes, I messed it up. But it is clean now, so all is good,” She half-lied.

“Your parents told us about the party tomorrow and invited us to stay for a few days to get to know you better and help with Pat planning the wedding,” Kevin told his daughter happily.
“That would be good. I’d like that. But what about work and stuff?”

“Mark and me run a security business. We do all the paperwork and stuff, with the help of a few other people. But we never work out in the field so we won’t be missed. We can let our staff handle it for now. If they have problems, most I can fix with a phone call.

“Others can wait. Our daughter is our main priority at the moment. As for clothes and stuff. Home is less than an hour away. We’ll drive back and collect some bits and costumes for the party,” Kevin explained.

“Doesn’t Jack have college work or anything?”

“I work with Neil. Jeff gave us one of his clubs to run. We help out at other clubs when he is struggling, but we are based at one. I messaged Neil about coming here, he understands.

“He knows how much you mean to us. But he doesn’t know about Kennedy, being his Kennedy yet. I was thinking maybe you might want to drive down with us tomorrow. I know he hasn’t seen you in a few months. He does mention you. Just not that you… changed,” Jack told them.

“You should do it, Kenny,” Pat said re-entering the room with a tray and drinks.

“Me and your dad would come to see them too, but we’ll be busy setting up for the party,” She told her, placing drinks in front of them all.

“You sure you don’t need any help setting up?” Emily offered.

“No, Emily,” Pat said smiling at her daughter and her. “You two enjoy yourself.”

Before long Emily was falling asleep on her brother’s shoulder.
“I think it’s time for you to go to bed, Em,” He said standing up. Kennedy was about to pick her up, but he stopped her.

“You show me the way, I’ll carry her. You look pretty tired too.”

Emily was too tired to argue, her dads gave her a kiss. Jack told them he would head to bed too and the children say goodnight, leaving the parents alone.

“Wow, you really are a princess and you have dolls. I always thought Neil was just picking on you when he said you collected dolls when we were little,” He said as he entered the women’s bedroom.

Kennedy pulled back the covers and Jack placed Emily on the bed. The moment she was inside the covers, she grabbed Kennedy without opening her eyes and pulled her down with her. She shuffled about until she had Kennedy under the covers with her and then wrapped one-half of her body around her, hugging her tight.
Kennedy kissed the top and her head and smiled, “I love you too, doll.”

Jack chuckled, “I think you’re trapped for the night,” He sat on the side of the bed beside Emily and stroked her hair out of her face.
“She really loves you,” He said in a more serious tone.

“I know. I love her too. I could never dream that I would be so lucky. She is perfect.”

“I know you do. And in all honestly if someone had told me who you were only yesterday, I don’t know if I would see you the same way. But you are perfect for her. I still see my tiny little friend who would rather watch birds than play with the boys. I understand why you stopped coming.” Kennedy lay listening to him as Emily slept in her arms.

“Your mum told us about your change.” Kennedy froze worried.
“She told us you have been on antidepressants for years. That you were always sad, never smiled, not a real smile. Not until recently.” Instead of sounding angry, like a protective brother, he sounds sympathetic.

“That when you changed into a woman, you were happier but still sad. But now you look happier than she had ever since you before… But then why were you crying earlier?”

“I don’t take the pills anymore. I have been happy since I met Emily. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one. She was so beautiful, but her evil ass brother had run her confidence into the ground. She was as sad as me but just better at hiding it.”

“If I ever meet him I will kill him!” Jack growled lowly.

Kennedy continued, “I know it sounds big headed, but I made her better. She started smiling and she made me smile. She fixed me and I fixed her.
It was impossible not to fall for her fast and deep. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. But I never told her what I was or how I felt until a few days ago.
I never thought she would accept me and I would rather have her as a friend than nothing.

“I had just told her how I felt about her when her mother called us downstairs. It turns out Steve’s friend used to go to school with me. He found out the truth and with the help of some old school photos he managed to get hold of, he told Emily.
He expected her to be angry and leave me, so did I. But she didn’t care. She actually smiled and said I was cute.” She smiled at the memory.

“But then her mum and stepfather got involved and said all them things we told you earlier. She chooses me. Then we came here, I asked her to marry me. Only she turned it around so she was asking me, She gave me her grandmothers ring. She was even willing to take the groom’s role in the wedding because she wanted me to feel like a princess.” Jack smiled down at his sleeping sister, “She is a lot different than I expected. But in a good way.”

“But then today she was crying about not having any family to give her away. We decide to both walk down the aisle. Then you three came and she was so happy. I thought…” Her voice broke slightly.

“I thought she would leave me because she had you guys now.”

“She wouldn’t.” Jack reached over and took her hand. “I may have only known her a short time but it is obvious how much she loves you. I honestly didn’t want anyone dating her. But seeing the pair of you together, I am really happy you are her girlfriend. You are perfect for each other.”

“Thank you, Jack. I am glad you are her brother. She deserves someone like you. And I know… I realized today how much she loves me. I never thought she come love me as much as I love her. But I should have known. She is perfect.”

“Of course she is,” Jack said smiling. “She is my sister, after all.”


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