Chapter 22

Emily and Kennedy entered the front room where their parents and Jack now sat. Emily wore a white chiffon dress, stopped mid-thigh, grey crochet sweater over the top and grey over the knee socks with black ankle boots. Kennedy wore a cream jumper dress and like Emily’s, it stopped mid-thigh. Black polka-dot tights, a denim jacket and red pumps. Kennedy was holding a red shoulder bag. Both wore light makeup and Emily’s hair was in a loose side braid, with a pink bow holding the ends together. Kennedy’s short, perfectly straight hair stayed down.

“You both look cute, but will you be warm enough?” Kevin asked worried.

“We’ll be fine,” Kennedy reassured him. “We’ll be inside most of the time. Shopping and visiting.”

“But we went shopping yesterday,” Emily complained making her Jack chuckle.

“But today we only need to go to one or two shops. We need outfits for tonight,” Kennedy said pinching Emily’s cheek playfully.

“Speaking of outfits,” Emily looked to Jack and her dads. “They need costumes too. That means they will have to come too.”

Jack sobered up, but the dads didn’t seem to mind.

“That’s a great idea,” Kennedy exclaimed happily, knowing full well Jack wasn’t happy.

“No, that’s alright. I can find something at home,” He tried to argue, but seeing Emily’s puppy dog eyes he soon gave in.

“Fine, but I am choosing the costume,” He said standing up.


Driving to Blackpool, Kennedy and Emily both decided to go in Kevin’s large SUV with the others.

Once at Blackpool they pulled up in front of a good sized end terraced house.

The women were surprised when they entered to find it clean and homely. Not how they expected a mens only house.

Even more surprising was when Kevin showed Emily’s to a room they had especially kept for her.

It beautifully designed and decorated with different shades of red, her favourite colour. It even had a double bed with a large oak head and footboard. Emily couldn’t help but tear up as she took everything in.

“Thank you, daddy, poppa. I love you,” She wrapped her arms around them. Jack was in his room packing a few bits.

“I didn’t expect this,” She admitted. “I didn’t even think you would still be looking for me. I expected you might adopt someone to replace me.”

“I could never replace you. You are our baby girl. My blood. You and Kennedy both are welcome to stay when you want.”

“Thank you, Kevin, Mark. Your home is beautiful. I love how homely it is,” Kennedy said sitting on the corner of the bed.

“When we move back down here you’ll have us around all the time. I am sure in no time you’ll be bored of us. Especially when your grandchildren start being born,” She got carried away planning.

“You want children soon?”

“Yes, we weren’t sure if she could, because the hormones and stuff. But we asked Pat and she said it makes no difference, she’ll have no problem. We talked about it and decided we wanted them. We are in a committed relationship and you can’t get any more committed than marriage. So why not? We both love each. I have genuinely had no crush or any kind of romantic feelings for anyone else. Only her. I want to be with her forever. She is beautiful, kind and loving.” Emily looked to Kennedy with love. “She will be a great mummy. Don’t you think?” She turned back to her dads who were smiling proudly.

“Yes, Rosie. I think any child of yours will be blessed with parents like you both.”

“I can’t wait for little grandchildren. Would we be able to look after them from time to time?” Mark asked standing with arms pressed against Kevin’s.

Emily looked to her dad, “Are you kidding? I remember how much dad loves babies and children.” He was always around playing toys and games with her and her friend when she was young.

“Dad will probably be as bad as Pat. You’ll probably be around us that much that the kids will think you’re its daddy’s,” She teased.

“But I don’t mind that. It is clear by how well you raised Jack that you were a great father, both of you. And any children of mine and Kennedy’s would be lucky to have such grandparents.”

This time it was Mark’s turn to hug her. “I can see why Kennedy loves you so much, you are an angel, inside and out. I am beyond happy that you are Kevin’s daughter and now mine.” He kissed the top of her head.

“I’m happy too. Dad looks happy with you, I am glad he is marrying you,” She told him and pulled back turning to Kevin. “And also, I don’t want either of you to worry about being affectionate in front of me… Handholding or kiss or hugging, because you are my dad and I love you, nothing will ever change that. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable in front of me.” She paused and added quickly, “As long as I don’t see you have sex, at least,” She joked.

“Promise,” They said and laughed.

The men left the room, leaving the girls alone. But they heard the dads say as they walked away, “I am so happy she accepted us. She is so brilliant, I really love her,” Mark told Kevin, not aware the women could hear. “I feel the same. But I always knew she was perfect. She always has been. Kennedy is a good girl too. They are perfect together.”

“They are,” Mark agreed with Kevin. “They love each a lot and I love you a lot.” The sound of kissing. “I love you too, Mark. I am glad you will be my husband soon. I never want to be with any other man or woman than you.”

Mark chuckled, “I can see where Emily got her sweetness from.”

They couldn’t hear anything but muffled voices after that. But both women were pleased by what they heard.


“Thank the Lord,” Jack exclaimed throwing his hands into the air.

“I thought she’d never let us leave,” He grumbled as he pulled Emily along as they went to the games shop next door.

Jack and Emily had already chosen or rather Kennedy had chosen her outfit. But she was still helping the dads find theirs. Emily and Jack got bored. Kennedy didn’t want Emily to go but agreed that she could go next door whilst they finished buying things.

“I love Dead Rising. Especially online. I loved the arena in the second one, that was great,” Jack said excited. “Never played it,” Emily said shrugging. “Steve didn’t really like me doing fun things or games without him.”

“That guy is a freak. I’m so gonna kill him,” He mumbled under his breath. “I mean you’re his sister, not girlfriend. Fucking loser.”

“To be honest, I don’t count him as a brother anymore. I just have one,” She said giving him a smile. He smiled back, “I meant to ask you, can you give me your phone number, so we can text and stuff?”

“Hmm,” She looked down and shuffled her feet. “I will, but I need to get a new phone.”

“You broke yours?”

She shook her head. He was confused, but thought about it for a few seconds and realised.

“He’s been messaging you?” He guessed right, because she nodded. “Does Kennedy know?”

“She knows about a couple. But not all. He sends me dozens. I didn’t want to worry her. I thought if I ignore him, change my phone and number, plus I’m moving soon. Then he wouldn’t bother me… Do you think I’m wrong?” She asked unsurely.

“Yes and no. I think you should tell her about the messages, but change your phone too. It’s a good idea to ignore him, but if he is as obsessed with you as I think, I don’t know if he’ll stop.” He noticed that she looked scared and so he quickly wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t worry, Em, I won’t let anything happen and neither would Kennedy. I’ll make sure your safe… Even if I have to go to Grimsby with you until you move up here,” He whispered the last part, but she still heard.

“Thank you, Jack,” She said nothing else, just hugged him, enjoying the safety of her brother’s arms.

“Why’d you split up with your girlfriend?” She asked a minute later as they now looked at the new game releases.

“She was more into my bank account than me. Plus I caught her sniffing coke. I do not do druggies.”

“I’m sorry. You deserve better than that. Don’t worry, I’ll help find your own princess like mine… Maybe without a cock, unless you’re into that?”

“No,” He chuckled. “Kendy is gorgeous and if she weren’t already with you, I couldn’t say I wouldn’t. But I’m not really a fan of the cock. I prefer pussy to ass…”

“Good to know I’m safe,” Kennedy appear behind them, she wrapped her arms around Emily and kissed the side of her neck.

“I missed you, doll. I don’t know if I want you to go away again.”

Jack laughed, “She was only gone ten minutes… Speaking of gone,” He looked around. “Where’s the pops?”

“They have gone to the office to make sure everything is in order before we go. They took the shopping with them, it’s in the car. They said for us to head to Neil’s and they’ll make us dinner at yours, before we get back on the road,” Kennedy explained.

“Alright, but let’s go to Starbucks first. I’ll buy you both a coffee and cake,” Jack said taking Emily’s one free hand and leading the pair out of the store.

“Such a messy dolly,” Kennedy leaned over to Emily and gave her an open mouth kiss, licking the chocolate from her lips at the same time.

“Much better,” She pulled back to see Jack glaring at people… Mostly men.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t know?” Jack asked his oblivious sister. She shook her and Kennedy shrugged.

He smiled, “Just me being stupid,” He said wanting to protect her from all the lecherous men who were eyeing them up. He wanted her to stay innocent and naive for as long as he could. He would protect her and he knew Kennedy would too.

“Maybe we’ll pop into the shop and get you a new phone quickly before we go to Neil’s?” They had told Kennedy about the messages. She was upset but understood why Emily did it.

“But I don’t…” Kennedy cut her off. “Just for the record, she complains whenever you spend lots of money all the time on her. It’s best just not to ask and do it anyway,” She whispered the last part to Jack. But Emily heard and hit her arm.

“I just feel like I’m using people if they pay for everything. It isn’t fair.”

“But you have no money, doll and you are going to be my wife and so what is mine is yours.”

“I wish I could meet a woman like you. Expect not my sister.”

Emily laughed and whilst she was distracted Kennedy took them into a phone shop.


Twenty minutes later and Emily had a new phone, despite almost yelling at Kennedy not to buy such an expensive model. Kennedy was hit on by the sales guy, Jack threatened to chop the guy’s hands off if he didn’t keep it professional.

Now walking the short distance to her cousin’s house they were laughing and telling Emily about old times.

“… And Neil put Kennedy in goal, he didn’t want her feeling left out because she was short. We ended up loosing because she laid on the floor with her hands on her head.”

“But the balls were flying at me!” She exclaimed.

“They were meant too. You were the goalie, you were supposed to stop them,” Jack said back amused. It was fully clear from the first time he met her as a young boy she didn’t like the game. But Neil always tried, not wanting the little boy to be left out.

Emily just laughed listening to the pair. “But I was no good at that. They would have hit me. I didn’t even want to play that stupid game. Neil made me. I was quite happy playing at home with Angie. But no, Neil had to drag me with him.” She complained, but she knew he was just doing it because he cared.

“Speaking of football, what happened to your dream of becoming a pro?” Jack turned his attention to Emily.

“I’m not going to lie. I grew bored of the game when I was in my teens. Neil still drags me to games and to play it sometimes. But I find it boring, fast.”

“Thank God for that. We hate football,” Kennedy told him.

“Don’t worry, Jack. You can come see us when you want to escape the footie fans,” Emily offered.


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