Chapter 1

WARNING: This content is no suitable for children and contains graphic violence and gore, cannibalism and abuse.

Sofia had wanted to find her birth parents since she could remember.

It was never a secret she wasn’t the Darlings real daughter.

She was more like a sideshow attraction. They told her often how they took her in to protect her from her murdering, cannibal and incestuous family made up of three people.

She later found out her adopted mother was a rare survivor of the family. Stealing their infant child, she was the only survivor.

Apparently she had never tried report them because no one believed her. They were a rich, influential family. She changed her name and went into hiding.

Sofia always felt she was only being kept so if the family did find her, the woman could threaten her life to protect her own.

As soon as she was old enough she searched for the mysterious Sawyer family. She knew their surname and they owned most of a town in Texas.

She found the first clue to their location when she discovered a large family of the same name owned a Slaughter House and a number of other businesses in a small Texas town.

After researching the town she found a review site for a Sawyer owned restaurant.

‘The best streak I have ever ate,’ Dozens of comments the same.

The only problem was it was on the other side of the country.

Only months and she would be eighteen. It wasn’t her real birthday, but it was one her parents had given her. Truth be told, she thought she looked younger.

It was only a month before she got her chance. She and the Darlings – Bob and Gail were taking there yearly road trip.

It was Bob’s idea. Every year he took them closer and closer to Texas. To the location she alleged she was taken. Bob is a psychiatrist and thought it would help.

He loves his wife but after reading his notes in his personal diary, Sofia discovered he thought she had made up the family’s crimes as a reason to steal a baby since she was unable to have her own.

This year he was actually taking her to the town, but he hadn’t told them that. But Sofia had read it.

She couldn’t explain it, but she kind of hoped the rumors were true. The idea of having her own family, even a bunch of Human eating, raping, murders… It didn’t faze her. She is a beautiful girl but has always been considered strange, a loner into the macabre.

Her first ever crush was on Jason – the slasher movie killer. She loved the dark and what regular people classed as ugly or scary.

But she never told her parents, knowing what they would say.

Gail was asleep when they entered the town.

Sofia already knew several of the businesses were ran by the Sawyer clan. There was definitely more than three, that is if the records online were right.

They arrived at the local motel a minute later, Bob arranged the rooms and then carried his wife to their room and to bed.

Sofia had a room of her own, so she took a chance to speak to the motel owner.

She was a beautiful large woman with a kind smile.

“Ms Luda,” She addressed the older woman.

“Yes, sugar,” The kindly looking woman replied.

“Do you know the Sawyer family?”

Her smile slipped a little and she narrowed her eyes.

“Why do you want know?” She clearly wasn’t as kind as she seemed.

“I think I have some…” She trailed off when a handsome, effeminate, mean looking cowboy with no shirt in his thirties entered the office behind the large woman. His arms drew around the woman. But his eyes were glued to the younger woman.

He had clearly been listening. And looked intimately involved with the older woman.

“Tell me where the Sawyers live, please, I have to speak to them. It’s important.”

This peaked their interests. But they didn’t seem any happier.

“Take her, Bubba needs a new toy. We’ll deal with her folks later.”

“I can hear you.” They were whispering but she had perfect hearing. They watched her almost as though they expected her to bolt.

“Take me, I promise they’ll be happy,” She said hopeful.

“Oh and them pair are not my parents. Do as you wish. Just tell me so I can help.”

The man seemed surprised but smirked.

“I am Tex Sawyer and this is my aunt. You tell me now, girly and I’ll see.”

So at least one rumor was right. They definitely didn’t mine about having sex with family.

“I don’t know how to prove it. But the woman who just checked in…” She told them what she was told.

“It’s easy enough to prove of you’re little Babi,” The large woman said walking over.

“I breast feed and raised her as my own. Bend over.”

Confused, but she did as told. The woman and man moved behind her.

“I’m fucking her either way,” The man mumbled, she heard but said nothing.

The woman pulled up the younger girl’s dress and panties down.

“This scar is from Bubba,” She ran a finger a scar on Sofia’s backside. She never knew how she got it before now.

The woman pulled her into a tight hug. Her breasts are gigantic.

“Bubba is your brother. Simple but a sweetheart and he loves you. Would always carry you as a baby. But one time tried to carry his machete too and accidentally cut you. He cried for days.”

“Does that mean she has double too?” The man asked cryptically.

“Yes and no. You know her father has the virginities.”

Sofia listened confused.

“Sorry. Let me explain. I am Luda, you’re mama is my sister. She has children with our father, brother and her son. I have twins with our father. This here is Tex, your brother. And Alfredo, your brother, is your father. He will want to make love to you first. The father always breaks in the daughter first.”

She was more turned on than scared.

“So everything’s true?”

“Incest, cannibals and murder? Yes, but you’ll like it. It’s in your blood.”

“I want to kill Bob and Gail.”

“Of course, Babi.”

“I already spiked their drinks with sleeping pills.”

Tex groaned and rubbed his crotch, “The moment Alfredo has finished… You are perfect for us.”

A second later he disappeared.

“He’s going to collect them and I’ll take you home.”

They exited and walked down a path to a large house.

“I always thought I was weird because I dreamed of killing people and having sex in their blood but now I understand where I get it from,” She thought out loud.

“You are a Sawyer. My father married his mother, had me, Anne – your mama – and Drayton. Grandma died and grandpa had children with both me and Anne and she went on to have children with Drayton and you with Alfredo.

“She neutered herself and grandpa after you. But as the only fertile female you will be expected to have children with all your brothers and cousins. Are you prepared for that?”

“I love the idea… But… They won’t hurt me, will they?”

Luda stroked the back of Sofia’s hand.

“They are all big men. But adore you. They will never hurt you and will do as you say.” She leaned in closer.

“Sawyer men worship the Sawyer women. You ask and they’ll do.”

They walked into the surprisingly clean house a moment later. “Most of the boys will be out. But knowing Alfredo, he’ll be in his room. Be prepared, he has a stutter and crazy ideas, he is also a pervert.” They walked up the stairs.

“Everyone lives here?”

“Yes, Anne is in a wheelchair and but both she and grandpa will likely be in bed.”

They stopped outside a room. A man grunted and kept moaning Babi.

“Babi is your true name.”

“So he is having sex with someone, pretending they are me.”

She nodded and silently opened the door to review a buck naked man having sex with a dismembered corpse. The lower half of a woman.

Surprisingly, the man was handsome and very big. He could easy get alive women.

“Alfredo, Babi found us.”

The man’s crazy eyes snapped to her. He looked hungry, but not in a food sense.

“Get rid of Ally and clean your cock.”

The man moved fast, wrapping the corpse in the blanket and throwing it down a laundry shoot. Before going to the bathroom and standing under a red hot shower.

He came out only a minute later, still red from the heat of the water, still wet and hard.

“I am your daddy. Are you still a virgin for me?” He would scare anyone else but not her.

Wow, they were all moving so fast.

“My adoptive dad used to force his hands in my pants, but never penetrated me.”

He growled clearly not happy.

“Tex is taking them to the hooks.”

He seemed please with this and picked her up, giving her a big wet kiss.

Carrying her over to the bed he gently removed her clothes before pulling her crotch up to his face and sucking on her clit.

She screamed and pulled his hair, he seemed to love that and sucked harder until he had brought her to orgasm.

He pulled back and slipped his cock inside one of her two pussy holes.

“All Sawyer women have two,” Her aunt had told her earlier on their walk over.

“Daddy!” She cried out.

“Yes, Babi, yes.” He slowly moved inside her. He has a lisp. He couldn’t pronounce his s. She liked it, found it cute.

Luda was right, he was hammering into the corpse, but with her he treated her as though she was glass.

It wasn’t long before she was screaming in orgasm again.

“I dreamed of this,” She confessed shortly after. He looked pleased.

“Will I have your baby first, daddy?” She asked breathlessly.

He groaned and nodded his head fiercely and his cock ejaculated hard inside one of her holes.

His cum was still dripping from his cock when the door broke open and a giant man, they biggest so far, stood in the doorway. He had dark long hair, a strange leather mask on, not to mention, an apron covered on blood and a machete in hand.

He looked like one of the horror characters she had lusted after. But right now she was a little scared.

Seeing this, Alfredo stood up and took the knife from the man and scolded him as if a child.

“Bubba! Don’t you fucking dare hurt her!”

The man child whimpered, his hazel eyes shone with unshed tears.

Feeling a connection, she stood up, not caring she was naked with cum and blood dripping down her leg.

“Bubba, this is Babi. You remember your little sister, don’t you?”

The large man stared at her as though trying to work it out.

“I’ve grown. But Luda said you did this accidentally?” She turned to show him the scar.

“Babi,” The innocent gruff voice of the man said and he picked her up and made a move to carry her away.

“No, Bubba! I haven’t finished.” Alfredo took her back upsetting the gentle giant.

“You can clean her when she is done.” Alfredo proceeded to take her second untouched pussy and drove them both to orgasm.

“Now you can clean her.” Alfredo sat back beside her and watched as the large man moved between her legs and lick the blood and cum from her legs and her pussy.

“Oh, Bubba,” She moaned enjoying his touch.

“It appears someone likes your affection, Bubba,” Alfredo sounded amused.

“Just let me warn you, Bubba has the brain of a cabbage, but the body and cock of a horse. Women don’t like him. That’s why he likes to clean. But mama and Luda don’t really like it but let him do it to keep him happy.”

Bubba was teased and neglected. That’s what she had learned.

“I love Bubba’s tongue,” She said breathlessly, running her fingers through his hair and stroking him.

“Move back, Bubba.” He quickly did as told and she moved and released his monstrous cock.

She had to use both hands to grab it.

He started humping her hands instantly, clearly starved of love and attention.

“Goodness, you are big,” She said in awe.

“Told you,” Alfredo said back. “But I wouldn’t try taking him yet.” He was worried for her.

“No, not yet. I just wanted to return the favor.”

She took the head in her mouth and he shivered and whimpered. Releasing in only seconds. There was lots and it poured from her cheeks but she did her best to swallow it.

Moving on top of him, she was tiny next to him, at least a foot and a half shorter. Pulling his mask back she was greeted by a baby faced man, handsome, but with clear deformations.

“He didn’t had a nose, but he had surgery to make one,” Alfredo explained.

It looked good, but he has numerous scars.

“You are so handsome, Bubba,” She meant it. He looked at her in awe and she pressed her lips to his. Another thing he clearly didn’t do was kiss.

A lot of tongue was involved and he cleaned her of his cum.

Screams she recognized as her adoptive parents.

“They’re here!” She exclaimed excited jumping up and pulling on her dress.

“The thieves?” Alfredo asked clearly angry.

“Yes,” She helped Bubba redress. “I’m really excited, daddy,” She said bouncing on her toes. “Tex and Luda promised I can kill them.” Passing Bubba his machete, she took his hand and looked to her dad who now wore a pair of shorts but nothing else. Then back to Bubba.

“Where are the hooks?” Bubba picked her up and moved quickly from the room.

She felt like she had always been there.

Alfredo growled and ran after his younger brother yelling.

Arriving in the hall downstairs they were greeted by Tex who stood in front of his younger brother with a warning look.

“Put her down, Bubba,” He didn’t have to make threats, his tone alone said everything.

“He was showing me to the hooks.”

“Never the less, last time he carried you and his machete he scarred you for life,” Tex said making his brother whimper and put her down.

Alfredo came up panting. “You big idiot! I said stop!”

Sofia glared at him. “Don’t call him an idiot!” She slapped him and he smirked clearing enjoying it.

“In case you didn’t know. Alfredo is demented, a perverted who likes necrophiliac and his sex with dead animals at the Slaughter House he runs. You slapping him is foreplay,” Tex explained.

Instead of being put off she was intrigued. “Maybe I can watch another time, daddy?”

He smirked and nodded pleased at her question.

“He’s broken you in right?” Tex reaches under her skirt and groaned. “Two perfect little pussies. God, little sister, your never going to be alone. You are so loved.”

She smiled pleased.

“That’s why I tracked you down. I’m glad everything is true. Because I love you guys and Luda already.”


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