Chapter 2

Despite the horror of her family, she felt their love. She knew they cared.

The room has tiles, floor to ceiling and a couple of drains, likely to clean up easily.

“Let me lay with you, Babi?” He was rock hard, but he wasn’t the only one.

“You and daddy can lay me together in front of Bob and Sally,” She used Gail’s real name.

“Babi is in control of this one, Bubba, so you must not touch them unless she says.” He reluctantly agrees.

And she and her new brothers and father enter the room which held the screaming couple.

They screamed and begged for help. But she just laughed.

“I hate you, you stole me from the only people who ever loved me!”

“We love you, please,” Bob pleaded for help. Sally aka Gail was in hysterics, rambling incoherently. She had lost it.

Yes, Bob loved her. He loved all little girls.

Sofia had lots she wanted to say to the pedo and his wife but it could wait.

Both were hung naked on hooks, the hooks in their spines, paralyzing them.

“This is my daddy and these are my brothers,” Lifting off her dress she pulled down Tex’s pants.

She found them all sexy, but Tex was beautiful like a woman.

“Take me, big brother. Laid me and take me.”

The floor was already bloody from the bleeding couple and the idea of making love to her brother in front of them turned her on.

“You are so perfect,” He slid inside her and before she knew it, she was straddling him and Alfredo was behind her and sliding in her second pussy.

“This is why you have two,” Tex whispered in her ear as Alfredo licked down her back.

“So all the men of our family can please you.”

She moaned out loud. “Yes, I love this feeling.” She orgasmed around their cocks.

“You have brought our family back to life,” Tex told her kissing her adoringly.

“You have eight husbands who will worship you and give you children.”

“Mine first!” Alfredo growled. “My daughter, my baby first!” He grunted and came hard inside her.

“Oh shit!” Tex swore and shivered.

Alfredo stopped and glared at his brother. “You came in her!”

He yelled at his brother but Tex continued to kiss her neck as though it was nothing.

She looked to Bubba who was waiting patiently. A large swell in his pants.

Then she looked to Bob and laughed.

“Hung on a hook and you still…”

Sally had passed out, he was awake, close to passing out by the look of it, but his cock was rock hard.

Moving from between the arguing brothers, she stood and Bubba was knocking her back and between her legs in a second.

“Bubba!” She exclaimed but didn’t stop him.

The brother stopped fighting and looked to make sure she was alright.

Tex was about to pull him off when Alfredo stopped him.

“No, Babi loves Bubba. She even blew him.”

“Fuck, Bubba is so good. Haven’t you ever let him suck you?” She asked between moans.

“I’ll be scared he’d bit it off,” Tex joked.

He was a little rough, but all in the right ways. The ways that had her screaming in orgasm.

“Let me up, Bubba. We can play more later.”

He looked up at her with them big innocent eyes and all she wanted to do was ride his cock. But she was still a little scared to take on that monster horse cock.

“Promise, beautiful.” Kissing his skin mask, she suck her tongue through the hole into his mouth only to pull back a moment later.

Moving in front of Bob she slide her hand over his cock.

“Let me down, Sofia and I’ll forgive you, we can go away, just you and me.”

Sally was in and out of consciousness.

Sofia laughed and out of nowhere pulled out a small knife and started hacking at the man’s genitals. He screamed and tried to stop her.

The men grabbed his legs and arms.

“Can I borrow your machete?” The dumb giant handed it to her.

Without warning she started hacking off his legs and then arms.

“You are beautiful now, Bob.” He was already passed out and had little time left.

“Maybe I should do the same to Sally, after all she did run away last time.”

Only a couple of hacks and she sighed tired. She looked to Bubba for help.

She ignored the screams and pleads.

“Can you do it this time?” He quickly took over.

“Cutting through bone is hard. Especially for little ones. You did so well,” Alfredo picked her up and kissed her. She was naked and covered in blood but she felt good.

“She is definitely a Sawyer.” She looked to the door to see Luda.

“Luda!” She ran over and hugged the kind, large woman.

The woman chuckled and hugged her back. “I’m going to bath Babi and take her to see Mama Anne and Grandpa.”

“You boys sort out the cuts of meat.”

They all looked ready to argue.

“I know you want to spend time with her. But let me have a little while with her. Explain everything, make sure she understands.”

“I’m her daddy! I can teach her everything.”

“I love you, Alfredo. But the only things you’ll teach her is how to fuck and kill without getting caught.”

“Daddy, please? Just a little while?” She looked at him with doe eyes.

“Good, throw a few joints in the oven for dinner,” The larger woman said seeing him give in and she lead the woman from the room.

Up the stairs. “Do you live here too?”

“I have a room. But often stay at the motel, especially when we have guests.”

She lead her to a beautiful large bathroom with a bathtub big enough for a few of them.

The water was already ready.

Climbing into the water, Luda stripped off her now bloody clothes and climbed in too.

“How old am I, Luda?”

The woman smiled and proceeded to wash the girl’s long blonde hair as she answered.

“You’re seventeen as of last month.”

“I thought I was almost eighteen so it’s not too bad.”

“You were always so tiny. The family all adored you.”

“But not Anne?” Sofia guessed since Luda had raised her as her own.

“Sadly not. She is a bitter woman, she was almost fifty when she had you. She didn’t think she could have anymore. I’m sorry, but she never wanted a daughter.”

She continued to wash and take care of her niece. “She was jealous. She hates other women, she always has. She hated our mama. She only tolerated me because I have Polycystic ovaries. She didn’t think I was a threat. My twins were a miracle and you were our final miracle.” She leaned in and pressed a kiss to her niece’s forehead.

“So after you were born she sterilized herself and grandpa.”

“By sterilize you mean?”

“She used a tube to poured bleach inside her womb and cut of grandpa’s balls.”

Sofia look horrified.

“Yes, most of your brothers are a little crazy. But they would never hurt family. Grandpa still isn’t speaking to her.”

“She didn’t want grandpa giving me a child?” Luda nodded.

“I’ll introduce you to her. But be prepared, she is a bitch. Grandpa is old, but still a handsome man,” Luda smiled with a dreamy look it was clear she loved him deeply.

“What about the others?”

“None of them carry a phone. I decided to surprised them, give you time.”

Washed and dry, Luda dressed her in a beautiful floral sun dress she had never seen before.

“This was mine many years ago.”

“Thank you, Luda. You are the best mama I could wish for.” She couldn’t help but smile.

“I may have not birthed you and your siblings, but I fed you all off my breasts. You are my children.”

She held Sofia’s hand and led her up to the attic.

“One question,” Sofia paused. “I accept everything about our family. But I will not let them touch our babies.”

Luda shock her head fiercely. “No, no, no. They maybe a lot of things. But they don’t touch children. The rule is not before fourteen and only if the woman agrees. No force, no pedos. It is purely the woman’s choice.”


“You have my word, Babi.”

Half of the attic had been converted into an apartment for mama Anne. The boys still went to see the woman they considered the Matriarch of the family. But Grandpa hated her.

“Grandpa lives on one side and Anne on the other. Grandpa can walk and move around well despite his age. But he has been depressed recently. He hasn’t been able to get hard since Anne mutilated him.” He was older than anyone she had met.

They walked into a dark bedroom with the curtains drawn. In the center was a large grand, four post bed.

Releasing Sofia’s hand, Luda walked to the windows and began opening the curtains.

Sofia moved to the bed and was surprised to find a man who looked at least forty years younger than his ninety years.

Than again, Luda looked nowhere near her sixty-plus years.

He was asleep but had a sad expression. He was handsome. She was prepared for a man corpse. But this man resembled an actor from a popular eighties space series.

One of the more normal people she had a crush on.

Moving onto the bed, she laid next to him and took his hand in hers. His eyes began to flicker and a moment later his brilliant blue eyes opened. “Mama?” He asked confused.

“No, papa,” Luda sat on his other side.

“This is your granddaughter. This is Babi.”

His eyes widened and seemed to light up. “Little Babi…” Moving under the blanket, Sofia cuddled up to him.

He drew his arms around her and held her against himself.

For an older man, he was strong.

“Are you happy, papa?” Luda asked hopeful.

“Very,” He smiled back at his daughter and kissed her.

Luda told him everything which happened.

He listened stroking and looking at her adoringly.

“We will have a family feast this evening,” He announced.

“You’re coming down?” Luda seemed surprised.

“Yes. The whole family. Please arrange it, little Luda?” His daughter smiled and nodded before quickly disappearing from the room again.

“Are you really ninety, grandpa?” Sofia asked him curiously.

“Yes, does it disgust you, laying with your grandpa?”

She shook her head. “No. I am just surprised. You look so young. You are very handsome.”

“This pleases me immensely.” They continued to hug.

“Eating human flesh keeps me young and healthy. I haven’t aged in years.”

She believed him.

“You are aware I am unable to give you children?” He asked stroking her blonde locks.

“Yes, grandpa. But it doesn’t matter, I still love you.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yes. It is strange. I have always been considered strange, people avoided me. I love the macabre. My adoptive parents never made my past a secret. Gail – Sally – told me everything. I was unsure whether to believe her. But always wished it was true.”

She told him about her research tracking them down and the instant love she felt meeting them.

“I am just thankful Luda helped me. I wouldn’t have known how to prove myself.”

“You don’t have to prove yourself,” He assured her now stroking and nuzzling her cheek.

“You look just like your grandma.”

“Is that why you’re being so kind to me?”

“No, I have missed you. We were all heartbroken when you were taken. Well, expect Anne. But I suspect she helped the girl escape on the conditions she took you.”

This didn’t surprise her after everything she heard about her mother.

“If she wanted me gone so much why didn’t she kill me?”

“She tried. Nubbins – one of my sons with Luda – caught her trying to bury you alive. But he stopped her. She wasn’t left alone with you after that. Well, until the day you disappeared and everyone was sleeping.” He looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry, Babi.”

“Don’t be. I’m here now.” She placed a brief kiss on his lips and he smiled.

“Despite not being able to give you children, would you still allow me to lay with you?”

“Lay? But Luda said you couldn’t…” Her sentenced trailed off as she felt his arousal against her.

“I just needed cheering up, knowing we had a future.”

She smiled and moved, pulling off her dress. Rolling on his back, he watched in awe as she straddled him and slowly lowered herself on his hard cock.

Slowly she rocked on top of him. He was content to let her be in control.

He dry orgasmed and she laid her much smaller body on top of him.

“I love you, Babi. Thank you. It has been too long since I felt so happy.”

They kissed like old lovers and then they dressed.

“Leave Anne, she will find out at dinner,” He told her as they walked down stairs.

All signs of blood were gone, the bodies were gone and the three she had left were clean.

“Grandpa, it is good to see you are better,” Tex said his long blonde hair hung loose and he wore a pretty red dress.

“Babi!” Bubba exclaimed excited to see her.

“Thank God you are back. The cabbage wouldn’t stop crying. He thought you had gone again.”

She glare at her dad and he smiled pleased to see her too.

“Don’t be sad, Bubba,” She hugged him when he picked her up, dropping his machete. “Grandpa and I were laying together.”

She looked to the others. “Is it alright if I am alone with him for a little while?”

Grandpa said yes, but the other two didn’t think it was a good idea.

“Fine. Let us go in the neighbouring room, if I need you, I’ll scream.”

“Boys, Bubba needs her too,” Grandpa told them. She thanked him and whispered, “Luda misses you. Why don’t you go show her you got your grove back.” He chuckled and nodded.

A minute later she was in the back room alone with Bubba. The room had couches and books, but not much else.

She knew no one knew it but she intended on having sex with him.

“Have you ever had sex before, Bubba?”

He shook his head.

“Take off your clothes.”

He did as told without question. He was a mass of muscles. A giant with a huge cock.

Pulling off his mask and her dress she got him to lay on a couch.

“I am going to touch you, but if you don’t like it say stop and if I don’t like it I’ll tell you to stop. Do you understand?” He nodded and she climbed on the couch, kissing him.

He mewled and started to hump her stomach. He whimpered when she stopped.

“Do you like kissing me?” He quickly nodded.

“Did you like me sucking you cock earlier?” He nodded again.

“Has anyone else kissed you like that before?” He shook his head.

She straddled his waist and aimed his cock between her legs.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”


“Do you know what that means?”

“Babi love Bubba?” He answered hopeful and her heart broke.

“Yes, I love you.”

Slowly she took some of him inside and she swore. “You are so big Bubba, don’t move.”

He lay, his cock leaking inside her as she slid herself up and down on his shaft.

He came almost the instant his tip entered her but she kept going.

He moaned almost the whole time.

She cried out loud in pleasure as she finally took him all.

A second later the door opened and Tex, Alfredo and a third man she hadn’t seen before entered and stared in shock as she rode the monster cock.

“I love you, Bubba, you are such a good big brother.”

He grinned and hugged her.


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