Chapter 11

Her eyes widen and Kennedy took out the ring box and Emily’s hand in the other.

“Emily, doll… I don’t even know what to say other than to repeat a lot of stuff I already have said. I know this isn’t the most romantic and nicest place…” She paused.

“Okay, so this was a spare of the moment thing. I meant this to be so much more… But I got impatient. I didn’t ask you in the house because I didn’t want you to feel pressured by my parents being there to say yes.” She paused again and kissed the back of Emily’s hand.

“I love you so much, baby. So much so that even though I love being a woman, if you asked me to be a man again, I would. I would even chop off my penis if it made you happy.” Emily felt her eyes tear up.

“I can’t lose you, E…Emily,” Kennedy’s voice broke. “You are my everything. Even before we started dating I loved you. Every night I went home, I went to a large lonely bed thinking of you. I would dream of you and when I woke up I smiled thinking it was only a couple of hours before I saw you again.” She looked down to try and hide the fact that her tears were ready to fall.

“Even with my family, Clive and the gang, even at school, I could be with dozens or hundreds of people, but I always felt alone. Seeing people together, I was jealous, wandering why I couldn’t have that, was I broken? Why was it that I didn’t feel that? But it never happened. Even that girl who I gave me my first kiss, I felt nothing, still the loneliness was there. Achieving my dream of living as a woman, was great and it made me happy, but not complete. There was still that feeling in the background. But I learned to hide it.” She swallowed a sob. “But the day I returned to college was one of the best in my life, because the moment I saw my course partner for the year… The moment I saw those beautiful hazel eyes, I felt something I had never, not once felt before, I didn’t feel lonely anymore, I felt complete. I loved you from that moment, I don’t know why it happened like that, but it did and I thank God or whatever divine power bought you to me, because since then I have only come to love you more. The more I got to know you, the more sweeter and gorgeous you became. Then came the day we kissed…” She looked up and eyes were glassy with tears and both girls cheeks damp.

“My heart almost stopped. I thought for should that would be the only time you kiss and embraced me like that. I thought the moment you learned the truth…

“But you shocked me by not only accepting me and standing up for me in front of your family, but also agreeing to be my girl and returning my love.” More tears fell down her cheeks.

“The moment we made love the first time was so different, so… I never knew being with someone you love in that way could not only send pulses of pleasure thought your intimate parts, but your whole body. Your body buzzing with pleasure, like I had taken some crazy drug. Feeling my seed release into you and learn that it maybe sat in you womb inside an egg as we speak…” She smiled brightly.

“God, I would love to be a parent with you, even if I had to called daddy,” She exclaimed.

“Now you have meet my parents, they love you too and you are already part of the family in their eyes and my mum is probably booking the church as we speak. All this boils down to one simple question…” She kissed her hand once more.

“Emily Marie Roadz, I love you so much and want to spend my whole life and afterlife with you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Emily didn’t even take a second to reply. “On one condition…”
Kennedy wasn’t expecting that but quickly agreed “Yes, anything.”

Emily kneeled down as well and held out a gold ring, with a ruby and a small diamond either side. She normally wore on her right hand. Her Gran on her mother’s side gave her it before she died, her mum was mad, but there was nothing she could do.

“Will you be my wife, mother to our children and my perfect lady with a penis as I love you and know you want to be?”

“Yes!” Kennedy cried. “Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ll marry you.” They each slipped the rings on either’s left hands ring finger. Before fit perfect, as if made for them. They embraced.

“God, you scared me,” Kennedy admitted. “I thought you were going to say no.”
“Why? I already told you yes before.”
“But that was before I officially asked you and then you said on one condition, I almost freaked.” She pulled back and held her’s and Emily’s hands next to each other to look at the rings.

“Are you sure you want to give me your gran’s ring?”
“More than sure. You are my bride,” She held up the hand to her face. “See, it fits perfectly. It was made for you, Kenny.”

Kennedy grinned widely, “Do you know how adorable you sound when you call me Kenny?”
“Shh, you and tell me why we’re in here and not taking your car?”

Kennedy grins and stands up taking Emily with her. She rubs Emily cheek where her make up had ran. “Perfect. Now, how’s my make up?”
Emily looks over her face, brings up her hands and wipes away all evidence of her crying. “Perfect too.” She wrapped her arms around her.

“Did I ever tell you how perfect you were? And how I would want you to change one thing?”

Kennedy smiled, heart fluttering, “Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again.”

“Well, Miss Thompson, you are the most pretty thing I ever did see and I love your breasticles just as much as you other icles… If you know what I mean…”

“That’s good to hear because they like you an awful lot too. In fact, I sometimes think they might like you more than me. But that’s okay, because I still have your breasts and lady purse and I’m pretty sure they like me too.”

They both giggle and Kennedy walks them over to a large lime green motorcycle.

“Oh my God! Kawasaki Ninja. I love these bikes, they are beautiful.”

Kennedy seemed surprised at Emily’s outburst.
“Who’s is it?” There was other cars in the garage but she didn’t notice them.

“It’s mine, doll.” Kennedy said handing her a helmet as she grabbed one for herself and then went over to the bike and placed her purse, phone and empty ring box under the seat.

Emily hadn’t been carrying her phone or even switching it on. She knew there was no point. The only people who called her was her mum, Steve, George or Kennedy and she was always with her and she didn’t want to speak to the others.

“Really? You like bikes? You can drive motorcycles?”

“Yes, doll. I have always liked them and becoming friends with Clive, he has been like a second father to me and taught me how to drive one and when I got my licence my parents bought me it. I’m not a biker like my friends, I just enjoy riding it. I guess they do too. But you know what I mean.”

Emily smiled, “I know.”
Kennedy climb on the bike and Emily behind her, both with helmets on.

“Have you carried anyone before?” She asked nervous.

“Yes, don’t worry. I have taken most of my family at one point or another. They like going on it, just don’t want to drive it. I’m guessing you haven’t been on one?”

“No. I never really knew anyone who owned one.”
“Well, doll, you wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tight. You’ll be fine,” She reassured her putting the key in the transmission.

“Oh yeah. Try and keep your eyes open. It’s really cool when you do.”
Emily’s arms tightly wrapped around her and as the bike started up and they left the garage – which closed because of a sensor that sensed once they left, same as the gate – only pausing to open the gate, they left and her arms got tighter.

At first she was too scared to open her eyes, but after a minute she forced herself to be brave and watched in awe as the mountains and scenery passed in a whirl of colours.


After a while they arrived in a more populated area, where there was dozens thatch roof houses, cottages.

They past a few shops and a bank before slowing down and pulling into a gravel car park in front of a beautiful country style pub, The Red Lion.

She pulled over and turned off the bike. Emily noticed around a dozen other bikes including a Harley Davidson.

“Are you alright, doll?” Kennedy asked helping Emily get off the bike after she did. Then she pulled off her own helmet.

“That was great fun. We have to do it again,” Emily said happily as Kennedy pulled off her helmet too.

“Well, don’t worry, we’ll go on lots of rides together.” She placed the helmets on top of the bike for a minute. “And maybe…” She turned back and wrapped her arms around Emily’s waist and pulled her body flat against her’s.
“We could drive to the lake and…” She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Or I could bend you over my bike…” She began kissing along Emily’s jaw line and her hands cupping her backside.

“Stop it you, little perv. People are probably watching.”
“How about we ditch and go to the lake instead?”
“Stop messing.” Emily playfully pushed her away giggling as Kennedy made a pouty face.
“Fine,” She sulked, took her purse and phone out and put them in her pockets with her keys.

She picked up the helmets and anchored them to the special clips on the side.

“Don’t be mad, Ken. I’m sorry.”

Kennedy turned back to look at her and smiled, “I’m not mad, doll. I was only playing. I love you.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to Emily’s.
Again her arms wrapped around her waist and as the kiss deepened…

“Kenny, stop dry humping the poor girl and give me a hug.”

Both girls pulled apart flushed cheeks and turn to see a woman who looked a lot like Kennedy and Duane, but with longer hair, brown eyes and an inch shorter than Kennedy.

“Hello Angie,” Kennedy tried to sound annoyed, but the corners of her mouth was kinking up into a smile.

“Hello Kenny, Emily.” She grinned then rushed over and hugged them both.
“Mum?” Kennedy asking knowingly.
“Yes and no. Ashley and mum both called me bragging about you dating your friend you are always talking about and mum said something about wedding or baby or something. She was rambling a bit. She’s very excited, as is dad.” The woman pulled back.

“Hiya. Sorry about that. It is just so great to finally meet you. I am Angelina, Kenny’s sister. But you can call me Angie.”

“Hi Angie. Nice to meet you,” Emily replied shyly hugging into Kennedy’s side.
“I feel like I know you already. You are all Kenny talked about.” She smiled.
“I see why you like her, she is very pretty.”
“And she is the kindest person I know.”

“I really am so glad you are back.” Angelina hugged them again.
“I have to get back behind the bar. Phil is out with Tyler, Rosie is alone behind the bar and the pub is full. But we can catch up and get to know your girly tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. We can come to yours and that way we get to see Tyler too,” Kennedy suggested.

“That’ll be good. He really missed you and he is turning into quiet the ladies man.”

“Angie, he’s two.”
“Yes, so?”
Kennedy shock her head and laughed, “It’s hard to believe you are twenty four sometimes.”

Angelina rolled her eyes and then turned to Emily. “If I don’t get chance to speak to you again today, then I am pleased to meet you.” She leaned forward, pecked both girls cheeks and turned to leave but stopped without turning.

“The rings look good by the way,” She sounded as though she was smirking and then returned to the pub.

“Another one down and another one loves you.”

“She lots like you. But you are prettier.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Kennedy said chuckling and kissed her forehead.
“Now it’s time to meet the guys.” Emily was still tucked into her side as they entered the building.


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